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  1. Sceptical about the value of putting monks through gnawholes. wholly within 6" is very restrictive for a block of 40. In games where you are able to have gnawholes in an 'objective relevant' position, your opponent will often be able to block them if necessary.
  2. Grey Seer - Frenzy Engineer - Vigordust, Warpshield Warpseer - Suspicious Stone Furnace 3x20 Clanrats 2x40 Monks Cannon Cogs Vortex Congregation of Filth Battalion I managed to dodge FEC and DOK. FEC wouldn't be so scary as I've Frenzy and screens, but priority would be important. DOK I think is a very hard matchup full stop, Morathi shrugs off tons of wounds, and even a few witch elves will tear through monks, plus they're more resilient. Sniping the general would be key. I did play Stormcast but probably had too many bodies. I managed to dispel my own Vortex with Master of Magic then recast it onto their main shooting which was clustered together in cover. My opponent who was a great guy, also probably focused on the Furnace/Warpseer too much, as opposed to the monks. The Furnace and Warpseer throughout the event took a disproportionate amount of heat, and any advice I'd give to people playing against a monk heavy list would be to just start chipping away on those blocks asap, even with 1MW/d3MW spells even though it feels like a waste. Getting the monks below the Skaventide horde bonuses is a big deal. In each game I played defensively, I was against pretty aggressive combat lists in 4/5 games which was in my favour. They had to come across the board quick or they'd get chipped down by Vortex and Cannon, which let me get even a single block of monks into 2/3 units on occasion, and their busted warscroll does the rest. Toughest game was my game 5 versus Slaanesh as they made both monk blocks strike last. Luckily in the previous round I'd been able to keep my furnace alive thanks to hot dice and my Warpseer safe so their damage combined with a few magic phase and shooting MW meant my blocks survived the double pile-in and cleaned house.
  3. No, for my 2nd artefact I went for Vigordust injector for +1 to hit and +1 to charge on monks, so I'd have +2 to move from cogs and +4 to charge from injector/cogs/monk banner. On reflection, I rarely needed those bonuses. By having enough of a ranged threat people tended to come to me (partially due to the matchups I had), so I'd maybe have gone for the reroll prayers artefact on the furnace instead of injector. Cheers! Yeah you have to. Even without Death Frenzy, monks are so so cheap and they can delete almost any unit in the game. Furthermore, their frontage is so large that you can comfortably get them into multiple units and just blow people up. I'm certain monks will go up, as they are probably the most egregiously overpowered facet of Skaventide, but I'd be surprised to see any compensatory buffs or point reductions given how the wider community feels about Skaven atm. The Furnace I really just took to get my drops down, but it provided very handy battleshock immune and a decent mortal wound output. It was also quite an effective screening drop. Given its large frontage you can use it to deny a flank charge on to your monks, and its cheap enough to throw away if you need to.
  4. Cheers! I won't go through a blow by blow of my games, but I got a few favoured matchups (big monsters) that provided good targets for my cannon and vortex, as well as solid battleplans (no relocation orb or burning objectives). Over 5 games I played versus 6 Dragons, 3 Bloodthirsters and 2 Keepers of Secrets, which is ok for Skaven, as we've got screens for days. I think the list is tight, and there's not too much I'd change. Congregation of Filth I took mainly to lower the drops, which paid off in a couple of matchups as I was able to dictate priority. Most Skaven lists are closer to 10-11 drops so it should pay off in a Skaven mirror too, which was the initial logic. Plague Monks are insanely undercosted and Death Frenzy just turns them up to 11. Skaven are ultimately just extremely strong and have an answer to most things, plague monks definitely need toned down/increased points, but I'm not complaining - I've waited a long time for Skaven to be good! I tended to deploy in a tight ball in the middle of the table with a long clanrat screen at 1" spacing, with the monks in a tight bunch just behind. I tried to use the Plague Furnace to take up space to block double pile-ins or serious movement shenanigans from getting into my monks by flying over screens, which it was good for. The ball of plague monks then went off in a hand-grenade like direction in T1 or T2, spreading from a tight ball to a wide line with cogs where possible, leaving them with an 8" move and +3 to charge. The amount of distance you can cover with those bonuses and a pile-in is pretty nuts, and it was relatively straightforward to tag multiple units. Warpseer was good bait in a lot of games. Left deliberately out of position to try and draw a charge and he didn't die in the whole tournament (partly thanks to some lucky rolling). His scry-orb also won me my game 5 by killing the last summoning hero for Slaanesh, so don't forget that - I often do.
  5. Plague monk list was mine, had a really fun tournament. happy to answer any questions
  6. Hi can you put Phil McGuinness down for this please? ta
  7. Soulscryers are pivotal to how our lists work, you could make an argument that Tidecaster's table flip is equally central to many lists.
  8. Can you sign me up please? Phil Mcguinness
  9. If you read my post properly, I mention that the the runner-up of the tournament had no games against Daughters, Stormcast or Nagash, I'm aware Terry played some tough lists. I think the point stands that if you finish 2nd without playing Sacrosanct/DoK/Nagash, that is a softer tournament. And yeah I think Terry finishing 3rd/7th on GameScore is awesome, power to him!
  10. I like it but I think you are losing some plaguebearer survivability with the small units. They are mainly tanky because of their -1 to hit, which you need 20 models for. How about this: LeadersGreat Unclean One (340)- Plaue Flail & Massive BileswordGreat Unclean One (340)- Plaue Flail & Massive BileswordRotigus (340)Battleline30 x Plaguebearers (320)20 x Plaguebearers (240)Units30 x Bestigors (300)BattalionsThricefold Befoulment (120)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 128
  11. I actually think Terry's thricefold list was about as competitive as thricefold can be. I don't know who he played, but bear in mind that the runner-up of the tournament had no games against Daughters, Stormcast or Death/Nagash. He played a vanilla Nighthaunt list and beat 5 variations of chaos. Not taking too much away from the winner, who of course played DoK, but it shows its a relatively soft tournament where you can place second without facing any of the 3 hardest lists in the game (Nagash, DoK, Sacrosanct). Thricefold is gonna be low on bodies and damage output, given how much has to be invested in the 3 big lads. I think Terry probably made the right decision by focusing on board coverage so he wouldn't autolose some of the most common Battleplans, big kudos Furthermore, as AoShorts mentiones, Based on gaming score alone, the top 5 would have been: Ben Savva – Daughters of Khaine Robert Sedgeman – Death Gary Percival – Sacrosanct Chamber Nick Thompson – Order Chris Myhill – Order But by all accounts Terry's Thricefold was incredibly painted
  12. I think a huge amount of the power of Evocators is their synergy with Gavriel to guarantee the charge. Not sure they are hot stuff without that
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