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  1. Onslaught Returns 2020 This will be a 2-day Age of Sigmar event running on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July 2020 This tournament will be held at Common Ground Games, Stirling (@CommonGroundSco) Tickets 40 tickets are available across both days. Cost will be £35. This covers your games and lunch (and it's lovely at CGG). some very nice trophies and cool swag on arrival. These are on sale Right Now Please send £35 via PayPal Friends Payment to M.28_rennie@yahoo.co.uk with names of those bought for. Purchase of a ticket will confirm your place on the Entrants list. Names will stay on the Reserve list until payment is made. Refunds of tickets are only available until Fri 3rd July 2020. Accomodation Obvious and convenient choices are Premier Inn and Travelodge very close to Common Ground Games and the train station.There are also local B&Bs close to Common Ground. Attendees Mark Roberts Scott Smith James Chalmers Jack Carruthers Alan Mandelson Leigh Martin David Jack John Connelly John Baylis Stefan Craig
  2. We will also be using table top to so please sign up. https://www.tabletop.to/warpath
  3. If a one day tournament with Scotland’s finest is what your looking for then warpath!! Payments also open and some cool prices and gives for all to enjoy. Details in the pack.
  4. Sign me up please Matt Rennie money sent
  5. Event Title: Warpath at Common ground games, Scotland singles eventEvent Author: Lord-of-Scotland Calendar: Events UKEvent Date: 10/08/19 10:00 AM to 10/08/19 06:30 PM The Scottish Fanatics are happy to announce Warpath 2 the path to war ! an Age of Sigmar tournament! We are hosting a 1 day Singles 2000 points AoS event on the 10th of August. Venue is the awesome Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland. Signup on Facebook, Scottish AOS WhatsApp, Twitter and TGA. Will keep a list of entrants on TGA. Will update the post when a pack is available and we will spam everywhere soon once we have something set up for tickets. Will be £16, including lunch on the day and prizes! First game begins at 10:00am *****IMPORTANT***** As we all want to grow the hobby and encourage people to join in we are going to offer a free ticket to first time Tournament attendee - so the the first first timer who signs up gets free entry. Any queries contact thescottishfanatics@gmail.com Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui31fs4reudfkf6/WarPath 2 v2.docx?dl=0 Sign ups are now open 1: Jack Carruthers (Paid) 2:John Connelly (Paid) 3: Mark Roberts (Paid) 4: Steven Ramage (Paid) 5: Adam Martin (Paid) 6: Leigh Martin (Paid) 7: Craig Deakin (Paid) 8: Grant Fraser (Paid) 9: Ben Carlin (Paid) 10: David Nemeth (Paid) 11: Kat Fekete (Paid) 12: Phil McGuinness (paid) 13: Jamie Ferguson (paid) 14:Scott Smith (paid) 15: Alan Lipowski 16: Liam watt (Paid) 17: John harper 18: Jonny forde (Paid) 19: Kev low (Paid) 20: 21: Christian white (Paid) 22: martin Kershaw (Paid) 23:John Craig (Paid) 24: Sean McKechnie (Paid) 25: Greg summers (Paid) 26: Paul Di Duca 27: Craig Graham (Paid) 28: David Jack (paid) 29: Martin kershaw (paid)
  6. 1: I have seen them in 1 list From blood and glory. 2: he has played with thralls even using them on the GW stream. He is one good player. Scottish masters was won with 30 trall list, and 2nd crim bobo. There been better results.
  7. Yeah it does one job very well there’s room for variation. let me know how it does.
  8. Even les was using a unit of 30. And they win you games. theres a list there someone just needs to do it.
  9. And yet all the highest placing lists in UK tournaments have 30 thralls in and the players swear by them being critical to the lists
  10. Hello you have everything that I run in my tournament list currently which is a little bit different from the normal lists but I like. Realm: Hysh Enclave: Fuethan Volty, general. Mainly for his command ability tidecaster,Spell: Steed of tides. Artifact: Aetherquartz brooch soulscryer, cloud of midnight 10 thralls 2x6 morsar eels shark turtle Akhelian corps 1900 Start the game with 3 command points and just play round you opponent till your turn 3 drop a bunch of command points on volty ability for +1 attack on the eels and turtle on anarage about +7 attacks on them. That’s what I’m currently playing, it’s good fun
  11. it should be good fun to play. yeah I will probably take the shackles as well
  12. thanks for replies I'm thinking this as my list. Idoneth Deepkin Fuethan Akhelian King (240) - General - Command Trait : Born From Agony - Artefact : Cloud of Midnight Isharann Tidecaster (100) - Artefact : Coral Ring - Lore of the Deeps : Tide of Fear Isharann Tidecaster (100) - Lore of the Deeps : Arcane Corrasion 10 x Namarti Thralls (140) 6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (320) 6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (320) 1 x Akhelian Allopexes (140) 3 x Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (140) Akhelian Leviadon (380) Akhelian Corps (100) TOTAL: 1980/2000
  13. what do people think of the Akhelian Corps battalion??
  14. they could have made a typo I would not be the first time I believe.
  15. I was in a situation the other day where I had made the charge with 2 of the dice but it was just the bare minimum I needed but if I could re-roll the third dice to try get a longer charge or would I have to discard one then risk the re-roll?
  16. Just a quick question with the runeson on magmadroths command ability and how it works with the VB Horn. which happens first do you get to re-roll the dice first or discard one then re-roll if needed?
  17. I think it has been mentioned before somewhere and I loved the idea of a cavalry unit on something like mini Magmadroths. just to add some speed
  18. hi I'm planning on taking this list to a tournament and just wanted to know what people thought about it. Rune Farther on foot - General -80 Rune Son on Magmadroth , Javelins - 240 RuneSmiter-Forge Key- 80 RuneSmiter-Forge Key- 80 Grimwrath Berzerker- 80 BattleSmith - 80 30 Vulkites- twin hand axe- 330 30 Vulkites- Picks and Shields - 330 30 HearthGuard Berzerkers- poleaxes- 480 10 Auric HearthGuard - 200 Any Comment is welcome
  19. Hey 90 vulkites will give anyone trouble, the trick will be to keep you magamadroth alive most of the army’s I have face have gone out there way to get rid of it. pesonaly I’m not a big fan of battalions and just expect the fact I’m going second. And take More units for them to fight though. with relics: ash plum sigil and the obsidian coronet would be the 2 I go for.
  20. that's fair with the RuneSon the javelins good, and the Shadesspire dwarfs are so cool the main one is being my general takeing the place of the normal RuneFarther. might see where I can fit the others in as well, lead a VB unit maybe Most of the time I'm taking Exemplar just so useful. and Grimnir is just cool also my 2k army has a block of 30 in it and just keep a Hero near by 5+ armour and 4+ mortal/ wound is good, I'm generally going to tunnel mine and then keep buffing them with the RuneSmitter to re-roll wounds.
  21. If you are wanting to run the Forge Brethren then I think its a good list lots of small units to do different things with. I only have 2 questions with it, what's the job of the runeson here?? whenever I have used him I never got anything out of him, also he's not buffing the army. if he's for killing things would the Grimwrath not be a better choice for the same points. 2: is the fury of the Fyreslayers really necessary ?? yes with the RuneFarther as your general you basically have a 8" pile in while near him but personally 5" is fine and take either Spirit of Grimnir or Exemplar of the ancestor. but apart from that I like it, I would keep the battlesmith for that save re-roll, if you do change something maybe just take another runesmitter and tunnel some VB.
  22. with removing the half inch rule that's what they are asking for
  23. This is the conversation a few guys around me had, nowhere does it mention los. so yes from what I understand because its an ability you can hit a model behind the unit and he could be behind a wall and u could still hit him.
  24. if they leave there Hero's to close could be a might be a nice character snipe/just getting some mw on them.
  25. The start collecting box is a great deal, also get one of the best units a runesmiter. the 30 man block of vulkites is really hard to kill with there beserker fur with picks and Sheilds potentially mortal wounds on the charge
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