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Favourite Verminlord


Favourite Verminlord  

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  1. 1. What’s your fave

    • Lord Skreech Verminking
    • Verminlord corrupter
    • Verminlord Deciever
    • Verminlord Warbringer
    • Verminlord Warpseer
    • Warpgnaw Verminlord

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The new skaven book got me so excited I’m getting a verminlord to replace my old metal model on the field. So what’s your favourite verminlord and why?

If I have to choose it’s warpgnaw because of its unique pose. But the warpseer rules are looking very tempting 

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20 hours ago, Skreech Verminking said:

Mighty Skreech Verminking is the best.

praise Us-us and maybe we will let you all scurry-live, or even take-give you a place as new pet-thing!


mighty we are!!




Didn’t you even vote on yourself? Still 0 votes for Skreetch 😂

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