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Faction support tiers

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Couldn’t find something that quite answers this so thought I’d try posting. Apologies if I missed any good resources that already exist. I’m considering getting into the game and am in the picking a faction stage. I’ve read up on playstyles, decided what I think looks cool, and have it somewhat narrowed down. 

But what I’d really like to understand is if there are clear tiers of which factions are most supported by GW. It’s obvious that Stormcast are, but beyond that, is there a clear set of factions that are highly supported(tier 1), some that are mostly supported (tier2), and some that are at risk of not getting much in the way of new models/books/etc (tier 3)? I want to avoid picking an army that isn’t going to get any love in the future. 

Thanks in advance!

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Current we're looking at something along the lines of Stormcast/Khorne as tier one (three battletomes each by now I believe)

Everyone else with a battletome is tier 2 (be it AoS2 or AoS1 tome)

Everyone with allegiance abilities in GHB tier 3

Everyone else tier 4

And then anything relegated to legends is gone.

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The following have all currently have up to date (AoS 2.0) books but don’t expect huge amounts of new models for them in the immediate future...


Legions of Nagash


Flesh Eater Courts


Maggotkin of Nurgle


Beast of Chaos

Blades of Khorne (new book announced coming soon)



Idoneth Deepkin

Daughters of Khaine


Gloomspite Gitz


I think it’s almost certain the following will get new books this year or next at latest, at the very least they are ‘safe’... unless it’s a major release when they get their new books you might get new spells, terrain, a hero or two but their core model ranges exist.


Disciples of Tzeentch 

Something of Slaanesh (this will possibly a big release later this or next year with new models)

Everchosen/Slaves to Darkness/Darkoath (again will probably be a big release with new models).



Beastclaw Raiders/Ogors (possibly separate books but may get rolled together)



Kharadon Overlords

Fyreslayers (possibly rolled in with Dispossessed)



of the remaining I think Bonesplitterz are prob safe (worst case they get folded into some kind of combined Orruk army with Ironjawz).

It’s the order ones are where it gets tricky.

its generally assumed there will be 2 brand new Aelf armies released at some point in the next year or 2.

the existing Aelf ones will either get folded into those or just as likely folded into some grand ‘Free Cities’ book with some combination of the Ironweld, Free Peoples, maybe some Duardin. So just tread carefully there.

we’ll also probably get something random and vaguely unexpected (something for death maybe either an expanded Soulblight or DeathRattle or Deathwalkers) and something totally out of the blue.

in terms of what is competitive though I’m sure others will be able to advise and it does change but LoN and DoK currently seem to be the beat sticks but this will change.

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