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accessories and gubbinz galore


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Hello guys! I am trying to hunt down some gubbinz to make playing AOS a bit easier.  I already have two 3" measuring plastic things and one 6" measuring thing, but I am looking for a 9 inch measuring one as well, and have no clue where to hunt one down. a clear one would be nice.

another thing I'm looking for is a wheel for both the tides of death from idoneth and for counting victory points, turns and command points, all of which would be very nice to have just to keep track of the games. note that I did not get the cards for idoneth yet, so if something like that is in the warscroll card set I will pick those up


thank you!

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so I finally broke down and bought the warscroll cards, which gave me a bunch of tokens for spells and high tide and stuff.


and, also what I realized would be helpful is a sort or card that I could print out and laminate that shows spots where dice goes so I can just use dice to keep track. I know I can just write it on a scrap piece of paper or something, but I want something with more... pizzaz. is there a good pdf or something I can use that anyone knows of?

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