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  1. Note I think Sleboda I'm not trying to discount your worries in general. I was thinking last night I did earlier in this thread actually point out that at least 1-2 people on this forum have said they would lie to the TO about what happened on the tabletop if they thought it would give them a leg up against their opponents. But internet edge cases aside I think intentional cheating is quite rare - or at least should be. I am also aware of cases where cheaters have been caught at large scale events - but with lots and lots of personal games at high level competitive play I have never seen it. I've got best general and overall awards at multiple 30+ player events and have finished top 5 as well multiple times over the years. I'm a strong believer in "community is the important thing, prizes aren't why we are really here. " That reflects my world view and ideas about what adults playing with toy soldiers should be about. And what seems to be the path people who have long term successful careers in this gaming system have taken. The folks who are hyperfocused on winning at all costs tend not to have a long career in the hobby. I'm also very much a pragmatist - it's really hard to delineate and specifically prescribe extra rules about all the ways people can be a ****** and cheat at Warhammer.
  2. I only run one large scale AoS event a year and one large Blood Bowl event a year. Irun some smaller 10 person or so events every now and then. Running Da Boyz (I run background administration for all the systems) is more then enough work we had 270 total registrations this year. If you are travelling to the US for an event go to one of the big three however NOVA, Adepticon LVO as those are premier destination experiences. But in case anyone is looking for a NE USA event dates for next year are set http://www.daboyzgt.com/
  3. I run what is as far as I know the largest AoS tournament east of Adepticon and north of NOVA in the US. That's been the case throughout the AoS era. We had 72 registered and roughly 69 play this year. I've been active on the Warhammer tournament scene prior to AoS regional and nationally for about 25 years. We had roughly 340 games of AoS played at Da Boyz this year in the singles event alone. We had two games where the TO staff or a player voiced a concern about possible sportsmanship issues. In neither case did the player who might be a victim of poor behavior from the opposite side of the table think it was a significant issue. Now it's possible someone had a worrisome game and didn't tell us but we haven't heard it from them and we specifically ask them about each opponent after each game in writing. That ratio is pretty stable throughout the five years I've been the head TO for Da Boyz. Once I've had a serious complaint about behavior. Just once. Tournaments are generally great experiences in AoS (and in WFB before it.) Tournament players are mostly there for fun times meeting new people and challenging themselves. Tournaments means you meet new people - that is usually a great thing, but rarely a bad thing. I don't think the likelihood of getting a bad game is any higher then a random pick up match with a new opponent at your local store. You kind of know whom to avoid in your local gaming store, you may not have that information or choice in a tournament situation. There are almost certainly people out there willing to cheat at AoS but those players would probably be willing to cheat when you play them in a random store game as well. It's worth noting participant behavior may be effected positively in a tournament by the presence of disincentives for bad behavior like a code of conduct and/or formal sports scoring. That's not available in a pick up game at your local store. That's a reason I try to make it a significant component of scoring for the overall winner at Da Boyz. Not all events use a sports score - not all TO's or players believe in it. But I think it encourages good behavior, Most of my thoughts above are based on the experience of the majority of players at the GT level of play where most people have already worked out their angst about "being the best toy soldier player EVER!" Maybe it's different at the local store level but not as far as I can recall for many years or certainly in my better recalled experience in the last few years. I recognize that at the highest tables in a big event the angst might be higher. It's still the case most folks even at the top tables are there to have fun . Have I had tense games on a top table in round five where I think my opponent was being less kind then I would be - yes but pretty rarely. Have I had games where I thought my opponent was cheating - really in all these years of play I can't recall a single time. (Maybe I've forgotten something but I really don't recall it and I've played a lot of games of a lot of systems!) I'm in agreement however with Forrix that large prize cash prize pools seem to bring out worse behavior in competitive game systems.
  4. I think it's just worrying about the possibility rare player willing to cheat. I know at least one of the players worrying in this thread (Sleboda) and I can tell you he gives great games and is a pleasure to play against. Fundamentally it's a game system that competitively can be easily subverted (loaded dice, mis sized rulers, nudging models forward when your opponent isn't looking, slight of hands on this dice roll, mis counting objective points, 'misremembering' complicated rules, purposefully forgetting which units do not benefit from a battalion specific bonus etc.) It's a game - we should all be having fun with it. Despite the name it's really not War with life and death on the line.
  5. I'm with you on my responsibilities as a TO mostly but with the number of battletomes with potentially abusable (through slight of hand or honest error) am I going to make a pre event announcement about each one of them? "the next 30 minutes will be our advice on how to avoid accidentally cheating on 30 different potentially abusable rules." AoS is a very complicated game system and there are almost endless opportunities for cheating or fudging for a competitive player willing to break the rules. We've seen folks on this forum say they'd subvert the TO's explicitly stated rules if they thought they could get away with it to get a better score overall then their opponents.
  6. Joe I get your desire to have it on the TO's, but it's probably not feasible to have officially specified specific guidelines on documentation for every armies abusable mechanics. This may be the one we are thinking about now but there are others potentially many others. As it stands most players don't read the pack - even very experienced players. That being said I think a cup or a coin flip are very good ways to handle this. Gary
  7. We've done it in the past starting at low point values and with open ended self matching rather then a set opponent schedule. It's a great way to build the community in the store as it's less of a commitment then 2K prescheduled games. Rules written by another Da Boyz club member Kevin G. He is fine with sharing online. ------------------------- Age of Sigmar Escalation League v1.1 Overview The goal of an escalation league is to gather new players, train existing players, and have fun while building up your army. Events will occur weekly, with an ascending point level, giving players time to build, paint, and plan their core force. Game Formats: There are three current ways to play Age of Sigmar—Open play, Narrative Play, and Matched Play. For the escalation league we will be using the Matched Play format. When selecting your army you must choose an allegiance. All units (or warscrolls) in your army must be a part of that allegiance, or be allied to that allegiance. As you build onto your army each week, you can add new units or swap out existing units to learn how they work within your army but only as long as they stay within your army’s allegiance. Pitched Battles: The first 4 weeks of the league will involve army point sizes of less than 1000 points . Weeks 5-10 will be 1000 points and larger and will be using the Pitched Battle chart below. You must follow the format listed on the chart when creating your army lists for those weeks. (image below is from the 2017 Generals Handbook. Values may change when the new handbook is released.) Warscrolls: All unit rules and statistics are detailed on the unit’s warscrolls. Warscrolls can be found in your army’s battle tome. If you do not have access to a battle tome or do not have warscrolls for your units, you can download warscrolls for each unit at the Games Workshop website. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Warhammer. Schedule Primary league day is Tuesday with play from 4:00pm until 10:00pm. If a player misses a league day they can organize additional matches with opponents for any day of the week, space permitting, to make up their games, Just let the organizer know ahead of time. Every week, matches will be played at a given point level. Point levels will increase every two weeks, except for weeks 1 and 2, giving players plenty of opportunity to acquire and paint new models. The method used to build your army will escalate as follows: Weeks One: 500 Points Leaders: 1 required (no named heroes allowed) Battle Line Units: 2+ Other Units: 0-1 Artillery/Behemoths: 0-1 (This means only 1 can be taken in total. So if you take 1 behemoth then you cannot take an artillery unit) No unit can go beyond the minimum base unit size listed in the Generals Handbook. We are doing this to encourage army building and to avoid "mob" armies getting an unfair advantage. You may bring one piece of terrain as part of your roster. Malign Sorcery Spells will not be used at this point level. You may purchase a unit smaller than the standard minimum size at a prorated cost. This is to help players buying a starter set with an odd number of models get started in the game. After the league hits 1000 points we will revert to standard unit sizes. (Example: Sylvaneth start collecting set comes with 16 dryads. The generals handbook lists Dryads at 10 models for 100 points. So the first unit of 10 models will cost 100 points and the second unit of 6 models will cost 60 points) Weeks Two: 750 Points Leaders: 1 required (named heroes allowed) Battle Line Units: 2+ Artillery/Behemoths: 0-1 from each category (You can take a maximum of 1 behemoth and 1 artillery unit at this point level) No unit can go beyond the minimum base unit size listed in the Generals Handbook. We are doing this to encourage army building and to avoid "mob" armies getting an unfair advantage. You may bring one piece of terrain as part of your roster. Malign Sorcery Spells will not be used at this point level. You may purchase a unit smaller than the standard minimum size at a prorated cost. This is to help players buying a starter set with an odd number of models get started in the game. After the league hits 1000 points we will revert to standard unit sizes. (Example: Sylvaneth start collecting set comes with 16 dryads. The generals handbook lists Dryads at 10 models for 100 points. So the first unit of 10 models will cost 100 points and the second unit of 6 models will cost 60 points) Weeks Three and Four: 1000 Points Follow format for Pitched Battles (Vanguard) Weeks Five and Six: 1500 Points Follow format for Pitched Battles (Vanguard) Weeks Seven and Eight: 1750 Points Follow format for Pitched Battles (Vanguard) Weeks Nine and Ten: 2000 Points Follow format for Pitched Battles (Battlehost) Force Composition Rules This league will be played under the Age of Sigmar 2nd edition rules and follow the Matched Play profile in the 2018 Generals Handbook. Players should be using unit statistics and compositions from their army’s battletome/warscrolls, as applicable. Unit sizes and point costs should use the most recent available source (e.g. 2018 Generals Handbook). Armies should be built using Pitched Battle points. Command Points for units as detailed in the rulebook. Army Selection All units in your army must share a Grand Allegiance or Faction keyword (e.g. Order, Chaos, Destruction, Death, Stormcast, Nurgle, Ironjawz, etc…) and must follow all build restrictions based on your chosen faction keyword. Players are encouraged to try out different lists and builds within their army from week-to-week. This is an opportunity to try out new units and tactics. There are no items, units, abilities, or powers that are banned. However, players are encouraged to build fun lists and not “min/max” type lists designed for competitive tournaments. We reserve the right to ban items, units, abilities, or powers as the league progresses if they seriously hamper the fun nature of the league. Players that are found to be disrupting the fun, casual aspect of the league may be asked to change their army list or cease future participation. Models Models should be WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) as much as possible. “Primary” weapons should not be “proxied” It is not necessary to model every minor item or secondary weapon on a figure Any WYSIWIG deviations should be pointed out to your opponent prior to your battle. As not everyone may be familiar with the weaponry of other factions, players should point out to their opponents what weapons are carried by their models. Organizing the Battle Battles will be determined by the league each week prior to Tuesday and posted in advance. The Triumphs table will not be utilized during the league. Terrain rules will be in effect during the league. Players roll off to determine terrain types at the start of each match. Realm of Battle rules will not be in effect for weeks 1 through 4. We will most likely work in the Realm of Battle rules in larger format games and once players have had a chance to learn the core rules and how their army’s work. It will be up to players to schedule games with other league players. We will not be assigning matches. Scoring League Games During the duration of the escalation league, players can play any number of league games per week but only the first 2 league games played each week will count towards your league points. You will earn a number of league points based on the degree of your victory as outlined below. Major Victory (as outlined in the scenario): 4 League Points Minor Victory (as outlined in the scenario): 3 League Points Draw (if no scenario objectives are met): 2 League Points Loss (as outlined in the scenario): 1 League Points Players can score additional league points if the following objectives are met: Your starting general kills your opponents starting general (Only once per game): +2 league points Your kill your opponents starting general with any unit other than your starting general (Only once per game): +1 league points If you show painting progress from the previous week. +1 league point per unit If you play a league player for the first time: +1 league point Score sheets will be provided each week. Painting Standards While there is no requirement to paint your models, the purpose of the escalation league is to encourage players to build and paint their armies over time. Depending on the number of league participants, at the end of the league players will vote on the best looking army. The player with the highest votes will be awarded a prize. The purpose for painting is not to judge a player’s skill or ability to paint. At a minimum, models should be painted to a basic tabletop standard. This standard is generally considered to be 3 colors minimum, not including primer. Colors can include shading and highlighting, but this is not necessary. Bases should be finished with sand, gravel, texture paint, grass, or other appropriate basing materials. Bases do not need to be identical and should show a common theme or style. It is acceptable and encouraged to have more elaborate basing for character models to show off their uniqueness in the army. If you are new to building your models and painting them, many players who have been in the hobby for awhile would be glad to teach you how to paint and base your figures. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on how someone did a certain effect or what materials they used. Remember, no one starts out a professional at painting miniatures. What to Bring Each Week Miniatures (obviously!) Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition Rulebook (print or electronic) Battletome or Warscrolls (print or electronic) Any supplemental material being used (2018 Generals Handbook) Measuring Tape or Range Ruler Dice Wound Markers to keep track of model wounds Two copies of your army list (for yourself and your opponent) Score sheet (provided by league organizer) Players are encouraged to bring any other materials appropriate to their army that they may own such as magic cards, wound trackers, counters, etc… Please be sure to bring all of these materials that you need to play each week—in most cases, the store cannot loan materials to players. Fees and Prize Support Registration Fee: $10 All monies from league fees will be used as prize support at the end of the league. Players are expected to pay the initial registration fee at the start of week 1-2. Prizes will be awarded in the form of store credit at Millennium Games. Total awards will be determined at league end based on the number of participants. Depending on the number of participants, awards will be given for: Best player (player with the most league points at the end) Best painted army (judged by the players) Favorite opponent (judge by players/sportsmanship scores)
  8. Do you have a source? First I've heard that they were that far along on 9th edition WFB.
  9. I started playing WFB in 1990 so i've got a real love of the setting as well. I personally don't think they could have done both side by side and have AoS take off as the commercial success it is. But that's supposition on my part as well. I do think there is strong evidence GW thinks the AoS core rules premises were a huge success - 40K core rules are now based essentially on AoS - the last time that happened was first edition 40K. I do think they could have handled the transition much much better then they did however!
  10. As mentioned I've played in a Veterans of Foreign Wars location in the past. It was great. I didn't organize it but I think it's basically calling and asking do you allow non veterans to rent space for an event or game night? Helps of course if you have an in somehow. Many libraries have common rooms as do some YMCA's just a question of a phone call or visit.
  11. Agree with Overread and Moldek. The key is to get folks out and enjoying time with each other ('becoming friends') it's the friendships that brings people together long term not the gaming system. I'm playing Blood Bowl a lot in the last three years because my best gaming friend didn't ever make the switch to AoS. We live in different states and I wanted to spend time with him on the road going to tournaments. Thus I started dabbling in Blood Bowl, then running tournaments now I'm running three a year and really love the game. It wasn't the game system that drew me in - it was my buddy playing it and me wanting to hang out with him. Get a good group together playing games regularly and 'the cream' of the gaming crop will rise to the top. I think AoS is a great game if folks are willing to give it a try. Get them playing together and I think it will hold up well against a game that when next released will have been 8 years or so out of production. Heck try 8th ed WFB and see how you feel and then invite them to do the reverse.
  12. I agree compared to the total pool of players it's pretty rare. But if you phrase it in terms of who are the rules designers/miniature painters and other 'face' people of the company and how they got there it's actually pretty common. Just thinking about the interviews of employees I've seen over the years I think the majority started as either fans of GW or fans who became low level employees and worked their way up. Tuomous Pirinen was a fan who went straight into a rules writing job. So if it's your dream - there are indeed ways of making it happen just recognizing (much like pro sports) there are a lot of people with that same dream who don't make it to their goal one way or another. Being willing to relocate to England is also a factor. Also worth noting lots of the rules writers (Gav Thorpe, Ant Reynolds) are happier to switch to being a fiction writer for GW for whatever reason (pay?)
  13. It does happen. Probably the best way to do it is to get your foot in the door in a low level position and keep applying for higher level positions over time Jeremy Vetock did it that way to my understanding starting with a GW Canada redshirt job as did Duncan in the UK (though he is not a rules writing position.) Our forums own Sleboda went from FLGS employee to IT (I think) at GW to writing articles for White Dwarf.
  14. Agreed and the rules interactions are pretty intricate in WFB - and FAQ's might have changed the meaning of the written rules quite a bit in 8th. For example Unmodified Leadership for Spirit Leach I think went through 5-6 different official FAQ interpretations over the lifespan of the edition with widely varying effect on the game for what was a common spell effect. It wasn't just the amount of rules it was how hard it was to figure out what they meant - and the layers of nuance added in FAQ. AoS 1.0 was pretty straightforward that way. AoS 2.0 is significantly more rules heavy and interaction heavy (terrain placement with faction terrain for example) I hope they push the needle back towards clean and simple rules that don't require reading FAQs for the average player to know what to do with common situations.
  15. I'm reminded of this great post on a Blood Bowl forum - highly applicable here I would guess http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=45807&sid=060feefe690f8225a36fcfe408241d64
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