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  1. gjnoronh

    Escalation leagues Rochester NY

    There are now two more escalation leagues launching. One at Warhammer High Point and one at Just Games. Check them out if you are in the region. https://www.justgamesrochester.com/ https://www.facebook.com/WarhammerHighPoint/
  2. gjnoronh

    Events USA: Da Boyz Grand Tournament Rochester NY

    Just under a month left on the early registration discount. Get in now and save yourself some cash.
  3. Tournament Location: Rochester NY for 2018 will be 5257 WEST HENRIETTA ROADHENRIETTA, NY, 14586UNITED STATES Date: First half of November for 2019 November 9-11 Name: Da Boyz Grand Tournament Contact: http://www.daboyzgt.com/
  4. gjnoronh

    Brand New Tournament Organizer

    The advice above is excellent! Peak at large scale packs and steal what you like. You don't need all the detail but you will need some and you can adjust it to make it your own. Mine is up here: http://www.daboyzgt.com/fantasy/
  5. gjnoronh

    New York State Grand Tournaments 2018

    Crossroads is close to closing it's AoS registration as the hall is getting full. If you are going to get in, you'd best get in now. Their TO plans to likely shut down pre -registration in the next week I believe. As of today with over three months left Da Boyz AoS is one short of last years final head count and climbing fast. I'm hoping to double it.
  6. gjnoronh

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    Whether you call it a tournament or not if you want to include narrative elements try out the We Are the Neon website. https://wearetheneon.com/ A Narrative one day event is a great way to introduce folks to a more structured but not hard core tournament setting AoS
  7. gjnoronh

    Events & Bolt Ons

    While I understand your point and agree that high degrees of randomness turn off highly competitive players I'll just point out that in Football it's a truism that playing foot ball in January in Buffalo or Chicago is very different then playing in a dome in a playoffs. Some teams aren't built to compete in those conditions (timing passing offenses), some are (run heavy teams.) Even in the modern era of pass heavy football there are still some teams that live more on the run (i.e. Seattle, Buffalo) then the pass. There are certainly teams that deal with crazy weather more then others. My point being, in our analogy the rules change a little bit on what you want to call on offense at 3rd and 4 in a blizzard vs a dome. Some teams (the Patriots) are built to compete in almost any environment - e they are built in away that gives them a lot of flexibility to adjust to the weather (and opposing defense) as needed. Part of that is being a highly cost/productivity efficient team. That analogy probably carries true for army builds and how they deal with the realms. That being all said I understand your point. The degree of randomness in AoS already turns off many 'competitive' players (double turns!!!) where we draw the line depends on the player I think. I'd argue that dice based games tend to have a pretty high degree of randomness inherent. To the OP's point as an event organizer I'm still trying to get my head around the realms and the pros and cons of including them. The points Dead Scribe raises are valid concerns as are the opposing ones raised in this thread. I'm watching closely in these first few months to see if folks enjoy them or not in competitive settings.
  8. Talk to me about the Chaos War Mammoth. I haven't seen one fielded yet.
  9. Now updated! Don't make the mistake I almost did by using the above older link. https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_Basesizes_en.pdf
  10. Yikes thanks heavens! Appreciate you pointing that out. Admittedly I checked the base size thread here instead of pulling it from the website directly.
  11. I also highly recommend looking at the Narrative Event approach when mixing up your events https://wearetheneon.com/ For the NEON event I ran in March I had a number of awards beyond just winning on the battlefield. Killing opponents generals, slaying behemoths, best theme, best sportsman, best painted. I use best sports, best painted awards in my competitive events and my largest award is the 'overall' which includes paint, sports and battle. I also offer a best general award for the players who just care about the tabletop results alone. Including those awards will tend to shift player behavior from 'most broken' to coolest looking most fun to play against.
  12. I'm working on rebasing my khorne daemons finally. The impetus to do this is the required round basing for the NOVA open AoS events in August. Bloodletters are coming along nicely but i've now started to turn my attention to Flesh Hounds. The problem is the AoS 2nd ed base chart and the current box packaging are mismatched: "Flesh Hounds 60 x 35mm" on the new base size chart https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_base_sizes_en.pdf 50mm rounds is what they are currently sold with https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Flesh-Hounds-of-Khorne Of course I've purchased a bunch of 50mm rounds but thankfully checked the chart before I started rebasing - which I was planning to do this weekend. What are the chances the new chart is 'wrong' and they will continue to be on 50mms? I think the 60 by 35 will be better looking for mine (the older 6th ed metals) and also probably better in game terms in terms of getting models into combat. Of note I use the same models for 40K when I play (somewhat rarely) But I want to pick 'the right' base and definitely do not want to ever have to rebase them again. Any specific thoughts? Obviously I could go with either, or with the one I like the look of the most. Just don't want to have the 'wrong' base size downstream.
  13. gjnoronh

    Events USA: Crossroads Grand Tournament

    Registration continues to move apace. If you haven't been to a large scale two day tournament before Crossroads is a great place to get started. I'm running Blood Bowl at this event but I highly recommend it for AoS Players as well. Bring your own beer, great mexican restaurant that the whole tournament hits Saturday night, fun guys. It's a great event.
  14. Up to you but I think the register in person thing is probably going too far personally. You want more bodies at your tournaments not less. Set rules that deal with the problem behaviors. Once that's done how they register isn't going to matter. The tournament I run uses the rules found on the following page: http://www.daboyzgt.com/fantasy/ Feel free to crib anything you like. As a general point also make sure you have enough terrain on your tables. Gunline armies do better with less terrain and scenarios that reward defensive play.
  15. This is a tough issue. The issue of maintaining and building a community. Your questions about the problem player have been addressed by others. Write a rules pack for your events that specifies what you expect and deals with issues that seem to be problematic. I don't have an easy answer to the more general question about building a community. My approach has been: 1) Ask your players what they want to see happen in the store, and make sure to survey those that don't participate regularly in, in store events -You may have to vary what you do. Sometimes it's a tournament sometimes it's a several month escalation league, sometimes it's open play. Different things attract different players. I think right now in the post AoS2 release time frame an escalation league is a great idea to get new players started 2) Set up a time to be there in the store and make sure you and a few other players are there every one of those times. Maybe it's a weekly league night. Maybe it's a once a month open play day. Pick the interval and the timing and make sure if someone shows up looking for a game they are there. 3) Recognize you aren't going to capture everyone playing in their basement - just keep building with the ones who want t o be part of your larger community and make sure everyone knows what a great time you are having. A Facebook group or the like with weekly pics of people playing in the store can be pretty motivating.