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Blades of Khorne, Daemon or Mortal?


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About to start building a Khorne army (love the theme of 'in your face' warfare but have had conflicting views on whether to go Daemon, Mortal or a mixture of both?

I was thinking for a 2k point army maybe a mix would be better...

What i'm thinking for a start...

Mighty Lord of Khorne


Slaughterpriest x2

Exalted Deathbringer

Blood warriors 10x2 ?

Boodreavers 20 ?  

Wrathmongers x5   (For fun)

Murderhost battalion ?

Would it be better to scrap bloodreavers and have some bloodletters?  or both?  Bloodthirster rather than Mighty lord of Khorne?


All advice appreciated as i'm rather confused which direction to take.



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None of the units you have listed can run in the Murderhost Battalion (or did you mean your list includes a maxed out Murderhost?).

Agree with the above; the exalted is trash whereas the Aspiring Deathbringer is handy.

However if you do run Gore Pilgrims then a 3rd priest will do more for you than either Deathbringer. 

Daemons and mortals work well together. Heroes like Bloodsecrators, Bloodstokers and Slaughterpriests can buff either unit and you can never go wrong with a bloodthirster. 

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Exalted Deathbringer reflects d3 mortal wounds on a successful save roll of 6+.  So buff him to a 2+ by stacking bronze flesh prayers, put a reroll 1s buff on him, then charge him into a giant horde with no rend like skeletons and watch him demolish the unit as he does d3 mortal ones for each save of a  4+?

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I'd put the reavers in min units of 10 to use as 'screens' to protect your good stuff. Also they make good blood tithe points wheb your opponent slays them xD

Which brings me to my second point. The way I play, I bring mostly mortals and use blood tithe to summon in Bloodletters or the occasional Blood thirster, depending on what the situation calls for... But it's usually dropping 20 bloodlettersto either hold or take an objevtive. Which is why I love bringing a few small units of reavers. Not only can they run up and keep your other stuff safe. They can nab early vp on mid-table objectives before they die. 

I'm not a huge fan of the mighty lord, he's good but I love the Juggerlord, great stats and a solid command ability, especially for Blood warriors who wound on a measly 4+ (their biggest downfall imo). 

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