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  1. I plan on running a block of 40 ungor raiders for bowmen, and im looking for a shield wall in front of them. Should I go with Chaos Warriors or Gors with shields? The gors provide more bodies and wounds while the warriors have the ability to shrug mortal wounds, so its really a toss up to me. Im either running 10 warriors or 30 gors, both 200 points either way.
  2. how easy is it to convert Ironguts from Mournfang pack orcs? The Ironguts kit isnt available atm so I wanna try to make do by using the 2 handed from the mournfangs and gluttons.
  3. How viable is a heavy calavry army with the new battalion to give them all MW splashes off of charging? Ive been thinking about making a list using a load of knights and chariots.
  4. It might work, but often times ive found that Bestigors just outright do better than Gors in every single situation. However, you could probably make it work! Just dont actually use your Gors for charging in, use them for objectives.
  5. I have, they're probably the best faction to use them in, especially since you get the battlion's reroll stuff.
  6. The Flock is actually not best used as a leadership debuff, but instead as a moving wall. What you can do with it, is place it in front of your own guys (say your herdstone Shaman or your bowmen) and when need be, just move up to the flock to make it fly away, further up the board to keep protecting you from charges. I'd say the Gors are fine, but weak overall. You're better off going for some Ungors, or a Chariot. It's unfortunate, but their best use is literally just to shield wall against other aggressive armies, due to their shields being really good. 10 wounds and a 4+ for 70 points is very efficient, but their melee is pretty awful. Leadership mods in AoS do work, and they can work to hilarious effect vs elite armies like Ogors. And lastly, do watch out about Bullgors. They hit like a ton of bricks, but they die just as fast. You'll find that's the case for a lot of your army, actually. In my games, i've won based purely on the fact that Beasts can hold objectives really early, and really well. They don't slaughter as well as Khorne, they aren't as resilient as Nurgle, and they don't do hordes as well as Skaven. Play to your strengths, which primarily is your raw speed.
  7. I've got a small collection of Skaven and im looking into starting to flesh it out into a full 2k list. Just for fun, no tournaments. Would Moulder be a viable choice? It seems like Skyre and Pestilen get all the toys, while the other 3 languish. Especially Escher and Moulder. Would it be better off going just for a generic 'Skaventide' army and just avoid Clans entirely? I'll note that I really don't own much /besides/ Moulder at the moment. 60 Clanrats, some ogres, some packmasters, a hell pit abomination and a handful of other misc. stuff from the Isle of Blood box.
  8. If you take the Tzeentch battalion, all your Beastmen that keyword on top of all the buffs. By doing this, it lets you use the DoT book, with units from BoC. This is used pretty often for Slaanesh and Khorne, but is just fine for the other two gods too.
  9. Its refering to deployment. Whoever finishes deploying first goes first, so people use battalions as a way to reduce the amount of things to deploy. A battalion "drops" all at once, so if you have your entire army inside of 2 battalions, you have a "2 drop army", and have a far better chance of going first.
  10. If only if were still a kit thats around
  11. What sort of units would make for a good Beasts of Chaos chariot conversion? Im thinking of using the Gorebeast Slaves to Darkness one, and just slapping some spare Gors atop of it. Same price, but with a plastic kit
  12. Ah, yeah sorry I forgot the dice probability changes when you add in more dice, not as simple as a 1d6. Fair enough!
  13. How is it 60? 7 is exactly half on a 2d6 roll, and in AoS its not as if you have that inch like in 40k, its half an inch meaning you gotta roll exactly the distance.
  14. Firm debates aside, are Chimeras good? They seem like a gigantic glass cannon. Are they better off being summoned around turn 2-3 with Allherd since their +2 charge effectively makes it 50/50? Or should I utilize their 12" fly to get into combat on turn 2 (turn 1 if I go second and my opponent moves up the board) at the risk of ranged and magic blowing it away?
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