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Slackest Dwarf around...........


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Greetings from Australia! 

Names Brandt, from Sydney, Australia. Started playing Warhammer Fantasy just after the End Times started. Had a military deployment so missed out on most of the drama for AoS. Have re-based all my Empire on rounds, then they turned into Free Peoples. Army is themed around elite regiments from the Empire Heraldry and Uniforms book. Core theme is Averland (with Von Kragsburg Halberdiers, Marius Lietdorf) then Sterntower Marksmen (Wissenland), Ironside Handgunners (Nuln) and Deathjack Archers (Stirland). I initially started as a Necron player when  I was a teenager but always wanted to play Fantasy but didn't think I would be able to paint the more intricate Fantasy models. Now a bit older and wiser and really enjoying the customising side (love doing custom bases and kitbashing). 

Looking forward to contributing and being part of a like minded community.

Cheers guys.

PS: I've added some photos to show what I'm all about.





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Hi and welcome to the grand alliance forum :)

Really nice to see Free People's - some of the old Empire models were lovely and good to see them getting an airing.  I was in a similar boat - mostly played 40k/30k etc as I was a bit daunted with the prospect of the number of models I needed for a fantasy army, AoS has certainly changed that!

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