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Aetherquartz Brooch & immediately spend that CP



Hi folks!

Quick question: If i get a CP back via the aetherquartz brooch, am i able to spend that regained CP immediately for the same command ability? EG i spend it for a megabosses WAAAGH!, roll a 5+ for the brooch, then WAAAGH! again using that CP, then roll the dice for the brooch, get a 5+, get the CP back, spend it again for a WAAAGH! and so on and so forth?

Thx in advance and greetings from bavaria,


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22 hours ago, Skreech Verminking said:

Wow well your skills in rolling 5s must really be good

Actually it wasn't that kind of an unbelievable thing.. I played Bloodtoofs, so you start with 3 CP (1 regular, 1 for Bloodtoofs and 1 for Ironfist). Combat started in round 2 where i spent all CP for Waaaghs, that was 4 dice, i rolled one 6 in that, so that was already 5 bonus attacks. I regained 2 CP from the 4 Waaaghs, spent them, got another 2 Bonus Attacks, rolled the 2 dice again, regained another CP and rolled a lucky 6 for another 2 bonus attacks. Then i failed on that one for the 5+. Was i lucky? Sure. Was it unbelievably lucky like surviving 5 rounds against hand of dust? Surely not. ?

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