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Help with Reaver Themed Army


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Hey there,

Just getting into AoS, and was looking for a fast/mobile cavalry force, since they seemed both the most fun to paint and the most like how I'd be interested in playing, at least to start. I therefore eventually decided on mixed order as the place to start, and reavers seemed like the right battle line to me. I'm therefore looking for help in constructing the remainder of a list to get to ~1000 or 2000 points for mostly casual play. I wouldn't mind winning a game here or there, but mostly want to just be competitive in a fun environment


So far I have

1 Celestial Hurricanum

3x5 Reavers

3 demigryph knights


Its kinda a weird start to an army. I'm thinking its missing several things, notably an Anvil (?more demigryphs, some stormcast seqiotprs?), a hammer (dragon knights?) and some more buffing and heroes (archmage? Knight azygros?). One challenge I keep facing is that all the cavalry is so broken up its hard to make a single faction list to reap the benefits. The swifthawk agents don't really have anything besides the reavers, as all the flying chariots seem pretty weak for their points and the spireguard seem just less good than either a true melee anvil or a shooting unit. The free peoples have a lot of interesting synergies but seem pretty static. Any thoughts on what complements reavers the best? I've even though of converting some namarti reavers to run as human skinks for some screens to let the reavers keep shooting. 



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Hurricanum seems an odd choice. Even with its alright speed, it will rarely be able to buff more than a few units. Its damage is solid, but not quite worth the points unless you maximize that +1 to hit aura.

A few units or route to consider:

Order Draconis: The Dragonlord is one of the best combat characters Mixed Order has. Dragon Blades are very solid, and their battalion is good and well priced. Definitely worth considering all 3.

Stormcast: Both the Dracothian Guard and Palladors are pretty fantastic for their points

The Eel cavalry: Though I don't know a LOT on them, the Deepkin's Eel Riders are NASTY. Highly recommend, though their aesthetic may not be your thing.

An Archmage on Horse is a great support caster for cavalry, and his Dragon rider forms are also solid.

An all cavalry list can have problems, especially against SERIOUSLY tanky lists.Also, having some cheap, tanky units yourself to absorb charges and camp backfield objectives is also solid. Freeguild Guard with Sword and Shield are beautiful for that.

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I was thinking something like


Allegiance: Order

Archmage on steed

Dragonlord w/ quicksilver potion

Dragon Noble with banner


5x Reavers


5x Reavers


10x Dragon Blades

10x Dragon blades


1510 points. Would this be at all viable as a cavalry themed army? Plan would be to shoot screens and screen myself turn 1-2 with the reavers, and then go for the kill with a massed cavalry charge the 2nd turn (pop both horns for +2 attacks, +1CP for reroll hits. for 40 lance attacks with each dragon blade units, hopefully crushing a flank.


3 questions:

1) None of the free cities allow for both reavers and dragon-blades right? The high-elves are permanently split up when it comes to free cities? 

2) Is this at all viable?

3) Can you use faction specific battalions in a grand alliance: order army? I was thinking the dragonhost might be interesting in this kind of army. It would speed up the list by a whole turn, too. 

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1) Hammerhal would work. Not great, but bettet than nothing.

2) Order Draconis is pretty solid right, mostly due to the Dragonlord and the battalion. 1510 is awkward, as 1500 isn't a common point value and you are over anyways. I'd add in another Dragonlord and thr Draconis battalion. Maybe squeeze in some more nights?

3) Definitely. A battalion would keep its allegiance, but you are grand alliance Order, so you can mix as you please.

Another thing to consider: The Malign Sorcery artifacts. The Doppleganger's Cloak from Ulgu is AMAZING with Dragonlords. And with the Battalion, you can right the Cloak AND the Potion for a NASTY combination.

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