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AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos discussion


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Since the battletome is "almost out" (preorder in 6 days), we can think seriously about our gors, bestigors and other nice big monsters.

here the preview:



We can just speculate now, but regarding to the warscrolls, one can see that  there are in this armys some super cheap units and MANY elite units, most of them beeing monsters with different tastes.

Lets have a look at the new upcoming Start collecting: one monster+2 battleline units+shaman. If you are in the horde like clan player, 3 boxes of this SC gives you a solid backbone to your army: 30 bestigors will be solid hitters, 30 ungors for shaff or bows, 3 shamans seems usefull in this magic powered army and.....tada 3 big monsters: that is the reason I like 3 boxes.

I'll build 2 cygors and one ghorgon. The later is a big center piece heavy hitter. But the most of fun comes with the 2 cygors. Why 2? Because I want them as a mobile artillery line heavy hitters. 2 cygors throwing rocks, supporting your heros, monsters  and troops. That is fun and then, smashing after a devastating charge....hummmm tasty.

There are somany different monstars to continue this army...I don't think that I'll go the tzangor route. Not enough beasty to me.

But adding some nice minautaur hero or a dragon ogor shagoth leading a unit of dragon ogors, that sounds good to me.

Add the 3 endless spells which look nice (but who knows if they are efficient?) and a decor  and your army is ready to smash!



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I'm really looking forward to see the warscrolls and possibilities we will be offered regarding dragon ogors. 

The Shaggoth is definitely one of my favourite minis out there, and I'm definitely considering bringing him to the table. 

I really wonder what dragon ogors will be worth. Anyways, it's a really exciting time !

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