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  1. I was about to start converting a whole army of Stormcast Vampires ... But with all these rumours around soulblight .... I'm lost again 🤣
  2. Could you link the Rumour Engine that could be Soulblight in your opinion ? I'm genuinely interested ! Back in the days Vampire Counts were my favorite army. I just love the lore and it really inspire me. In terms of what I'd like to see ... plastic Blood Knights, Abhorash Indeed ... Some crazy necromancians ... and that would be a good start !
  3. Do you think we're going to see more previews before the pre-order hits for Slaves to Darkness. I feel like we know quite a bunch and very little at the same time. Like : other new units ?
  4. Are they different from the chaos dwarfs we know ?
  5. What if .... the "giant" referred to a new plastic version of the Chaos War Mammoth ?? With Slaves to Darkness releasing soon ... A man can dream 😍 And man ... that thing is ... GIANT !
  6. Not much going on lately here it seems 😅 Has anyone tried more lits with the Syll'Esske battalions ?
  7. Which past ? We're talking about a world with demons, magic, and all sorts of things like that. We should probably stop thinking about Warhammer in terms of what is logical or not, given that nothing is logical at all given the context.
  8. I don't know about Ad-Mech Really ... On the last rumour engine you can see some kind of rope in the background. It's not very technological to me. It seems highly connected to the rumour engine with planks. My money is on AoS, and possibly a new faction or Warband !
  9. @CB42 among others have been very successful lately using the depraved drove battalion. So yes, there is a goat style Slaanesh army, and it's very much competitive.
  10. Could it be changes that will prevent "broken" combos with the new Slaves to Darkness battletome maybe ?
  11. As anyone played or analyzed the new Ossiach Bonereapers battletome ? How do we fare against them ? Are there things we need to be careful with in terms of list-building if we face the new kids on the block ?
  12. Pretty excited about the StD release announcement, and that chaos chaos Lord in particular. With updated rules, are there any particular StD units we should look after that could be interesting in a Slaanesh army ?
  13. So excited for this StD release ! I'm definitely going to buy the Battletome, at least to see how this could fit my Slaanesh army. This new chaos Lord looks fantastic ! Great job GW ! 😍
  14. Bienvenue ! Tu es de quel coin si ce n'est pas indiscret ?
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