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Chaos Shooting units - Updated 12/10/16

Terry Pike

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@Terry Pike Nice chatting with you at Adepticon. Hope you got home with your "claymore" through our (USA's) very handsy TSA :P 

Wow what a great thread! Glad  @Num bumped it!

With the new Nurgle Battletome, I have been playing with the Soul Grinder. With the Feculant gnarlmaws it can now Move, run, shoot and charge! The main downfall is still its randomness. But with 16 wounds in an army with plentiful combat debuffs, and ways to heal..I think it is overlooked by most nurgle players. I will be experimenting with it more. In my first game with it against KO, my opponent conceded on turn 2 or 3 so not much info there. It was able to move VERY quickly up the table, target support heros behind the lines and then charge into combat. very nice multi target threat!

My first game at Adepticon was against a full legion of Azghor army. He had 2 magma cannons and 2 iron demon war engines. I fielded a mortal nurgle army and shooting is my main weakness (multiple combat hit debuffs.. no protection against shooting) So I made a beeline for this artillery and made it my number one target priority. In the two turns  those magma cannons were REALLY strong. And with the war engines rolling 4d6 shots each turn they were alive he had put a HUGE dent in my army and really affected my game plan to try to dance around that long range! 

The magma cannons doing 3-6 mortal wounds 2/3 of the time it fires at 24" range is really good! I think a pair of them makes it more consistent but im unsure of the points cost so I dont know how much of an investment this is.  The war engine I was slightly less impressed with. It has lots of shots but half miss then 2/3 wound..meaning only 1/3 of the shots get through. It does have -2 rend which can be helpful against monsters and stormcast. And the fact it can tug the other artillery around means mobility is not an issue. 


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