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AoS Night 27 July (the dedicated monthly AoS night) 4+ games


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It's the last week of the month, so come on down to the South London Legion for a mega night of AoS. At least 4 games of AoS going on, with a variety of levels of experience in the room. All newcomers welcome. We'll be playing both 1,000 and 2,000 point games.

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So there were 4 games last night:

  • Order vs Stormcast Eternals
  • Seraphon vs Khorne Bloodbound
  • Seraphon vs Bonesplitterz
  • Stormcast Eternals vs Khorne Bloodbound

I played in the first game against Craig.


We opted for the first Battleplan from the GH. This encourages defence and bunkering (or hyper offence alpha striking if you're feeling bold).


We played 1,000 points. This was the first outing for my mixed Order list:

  • Celestial Hurricanum with Mage (General).
  • 2 Fulminators
  • 10 Har Ganeth Executioners
  • 3 Waywatchers (Battleline)
  • 3 Waywatchers (Battleline)
  • 3 Waywatchers (Battleline)

Craig took his Stormcast:

  • Lord Celestant (General)
  • Lord Castellant
  • 2 Fulminators
  • Gryph Hound
  • 5 Retributors
  • 5 Liberators (Battleline)
  • 5 Liberators (Battleline)
  • 3 Prosecutors

Both armies were bang on 1,000 points, so there was no Triumph Table roll.


Craig deployed in a line with the Liberators on Guard Duty.


I deployed the Fulminators facing Craig's ones and the Hurricanum in the middle.


Here's some Seraphon facing off against Khorne Bloodbound!


Close-up of the Fulminators.


Battleround 1

I finished deploying first and made Craig go first.

The Lord Celestant led the line.


Craig moved up aggressively.


I advanced my centre tentatively, but threw the Dracoth Knights forward knowing that they needed to charge for full power.

The Celestial Hurricanum knew something about full power.... Only 2 mortal wounds.


The shooting felled 2 Retributors (but not the maces).

The Fulminators blasted a Prosecutor with their ranged attack and made the charge. They chopped down one of the (rogue) Fulminators and took 2 wounds in return. 



My aggression failed to pay off as I didn't get the double turn. Craig took advantage - throwing his army across to take on the Fulminators.



Hammers from the Lord Celestant and the Starsoul Maces made short work of the Fulminators. In retrospect, Craig should have split his forces here, possibly even retreating and running his Fulminator away so that it could advance on the rest of my army.


In my turn, I shot off the Retributors and the Lord Castellant.



I won a double turn and advanced into range of the objective. I failed to drop the Fulminator however.




Craig attempted to turn things around. The Lord Celestant and Fulminator split up. The Celestant went off to melt 3 Waywatchers.

The Fulminator shot some wounds off the Celestial Hurricanum and made a charge (avoiding the Executioners). One unit of Liberators threw themselves forward into the Executioners.


Craig (on my correct advice) decided to attack with the Liberators first (since otherwise they wouldn't do any damage before dying) even though this risked the Hurricanum taking the two wounds off the Fulminator to kill it. The gamble paid off - however, the Liberators only killed 1 Executioner thanks to Mystic Shield.

The Celestial Hurricanum fluffed its melee attacks against the Fulminator (two 3+ saves - Craig made both). The Fulminator knocked a further 4 wounds off the Hurricanum. The buffed Executioners cleaned house.



It then came down to initiative. Had Craig won, he could have shot at the Hurricanum (if he was very lucky he could kill it in the shooting phase and then charge the Executioners). However, I won it and Craig conceded, as I would be able to wipe out the Fulminator and the Liberators easily and get 5 models on both objectives.

A major victory for Mixed Order.

Khorne vs Seraphon filth.



Khorne vs Stormcast



So that many models and they all have at least 2 wounds....


Big pile up in the middle.


Dog on dog action.


The Temple Guard Wall largely held, but Bonesplitterz prevailed. The Big Stabbas are horrendous with the D3 mortal wounds on death.


Khorne retreated to prevent a major victory for the hated Stormcast.





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Another fun game last night @Nico Learnt a lot about playing Stormcast.

Prosecutors continue to be a massive disappointment. The mobility is badly needed though. 

The problem with taking on you Celestial Hurricanum head on, is that I would have to go through your executioners, and they would have held up my forces at least one turn, allowing the CH to ply all those mortal wounds to whatever I threw at it. With SCE I'm limited in number of models :)

Having a unit of Judicators would have helped immensely :)

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I played against Matts Seraphon with my Bonesplittaz. We rolled blood and glory (no2 I think) and a 2000pt game. Both army's were 2k bang on so no bonus reroll table.

Now I have to admit here that I read the deployment/set up immensely wrong and split the table into 6 2' X 2' sections. The 4 objectives were placed in the centre of the 4 corner squares and our armies deployed within our central square.

Matts Seraphon (from memory)

3x 10 Saurus Guard

10 Chameleon Skinks


Skink Priest



Eternity Warden


My list

Icebone Warclan

Wurrgog Prophet


Snaga Rukk

2x Maniak Weirdnobs

4x 5 man Maniak Boarboys

Teef Rukk

2x 4 Big Stabbas

Brutal Rukk

Savage Big Boss

5 Boarboys

10 Savage Orruks (spear & shield)


I finished deploying first and gave Matt the first turn. He was out of range to do pretty much anything so he castled everything in the centre of his deployment zone excluding the skinks (reserves) and the Bastilidon & 1 unit of saurus who went left to claim an objective.

Then bonesplittaz then went and after a fairly uneventful hero phase (most spells/abilities out of effective range) the army surged forward with vicious intent. A unit of Boarboy Maniaks charged the bastilidon.

And proceeded to kill it before the beast could strike back!!

Matt then won priority (which he did for the rest of the game!)

Turns 2 & 3 saw the bonesplittaz Boarboy units complete some suicide charges into the saurus mobs to try and kill a few (which they managed by killing 3 I believe) before being mercilessly slain in return. However the big Stabbas had then arrived into threat range. So instead of being charged Matt charged both Stabba units 1 with a 10 man saurus unit the other with a saurus unit and the eternity warden. The eternity warden bellowed his fury and inflicted 4 wounds on the Wurrgog prophet. However the Savage Big Boss then piled in and missed with his attacks but his ability to chain activate saw the big Stabbas kill 3 saurus. In the other combat the saurus activated first and killed 2 Stabbas who killed 6 in return from there death throw and the remaining 2 killed 3 leaving the champion of the unit suddenly all alone. Time had ran out at this point so we quickly diced what would happen and the lone saurus failed his battleshock and fled. The Maniak weirdnob moved and ran into range of the now unguarded Seraphon objective. Claiming. It for GorkaMorka and giving the bonesplittaz a minor victory!

The pictures are from the end of turn 1. See if you can guess where the Bastilidon used to be [emoji6]

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