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Organising battleplans

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Hey guys,

I came across an interesting problem the other day: organising and finding battleplans. I had forgotten half my army and wanted to find a plan suitable for an army that was outnumbered  (luckily I had the ironwarp citadel book on me from warhammer world and the first scenario was perfect).

There are so many of them out there in so many various types of books that it has become impossible to remember where each one is or what sort of game it is.

Wouldn't it be great if the geedubs bought out a book that was solely battleplans and indexed/labelled by type E. G. Castle assaults, outnumbered assaults, city fights, outnumbered last stands, heroic interventions etc. 

In the meantime anyone know how I can help myself remember where each battleplan is stored?

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28 minutes ago, Longstrider said:

On a related note, is there a way to print from Epubs? I'd like to have a stack of scenarios that I can riffle through and pick out at random without having to faff around navigating files on my tablet.

Get an epub to pdf converter.

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