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Brussels based Brit here. Got into WHFB around late 2nd, got out sometime after the 3rd... Now nearly 3 decades later it appears I've been sucked back in.

Randomly walked past the GW store in Brussels and on a whim popped in and bought the Sepulchral Guard, thought it might be fun to paint. Turned out it was, bought some Spirit Hosts and some more skeletons as they looked fun (and not too hard to make look ok) too and then came back from holiday to find my wife had bought me the Soul Wars box. So now amassing some kind of Death army and have enough models to keep me going for months on end.

Saying that I do like the look of the Beastclaw models and the flying Dwarves so might pick some of them up too at some point.

Much more interested in the narrative side of the game and to be honest god knows how often I'll actually get to play but 28 or so years after having last put paint to lead (and I WAS TERRIBLE THEN) really enjoying immersing myself in it all, actually finishing some models for once and letting my imagination run wild with ideas for ridiculously over complicated GM led campaigns (plus have to say really impressed with how Games Workshop is being run at the moment)

Anyway, hello!




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