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Alarielle - Living battering ram


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So i recently purchased Alarielle the Everqueen and played my first game with her this week.

Then i came across a situation i found unclear and i was surprised to find no previous questions about this... nor any FAQ.


So her "Living battering ram"-rule states that when her charge ends in 1" of a terrain feature, every unit within said terrain feature takes D3 mortal wounds.

The way i read this is my units also take mortal wounds and seeing as i aim to always keep my battelline units inside my wyldwoods that usually means if i charge something my own units are always going to take mortal wounds...

Is this the case and if so, doesnt that make her quite the nuissance for your own army?


I'd love some feedback on this

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Correct, she will do mortal wounds on a charge to even your own guys (though not her, since it says "each other unit").

It does make her somewhat of a nuisance to your own army sometimes.

That, the reinforcement-only stuff on her warscroll, and hitting on 4s with the antlers keep the sylvaneth players I know far away from running her on the tabletop.

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Some folks like to speak ill of Alarielle. But I think she's smashin' lady; brung  mother flowers an' that.

One time she nailed me head to the floor. To be fair, I had transgressed the unwritten law. She also nailed my wife's head to a coffee table.

She's a cruel God...but fair.

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