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Skirmish Warband


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We are currently playing an AoS Campaign in our warhammer club.  For our next event I need to build a  50points Warband and for the finall Battle choose a Champion.

The Champion can be any 120 Points Hero, or an Infantry Unit that would cost 120 point as a (theoretical) single model. Heroes that cost 140 points also go, but they loose a wound.

My current tendency goes:


Allegiance: Death
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (24)
1 x Spirit Hosts (8)
3 x Hexwraiths (18)
Total: 50 /50 Renown
Wounds: 14


As Champion I am thinking of either a Morghast Archai or a Vampire Lord (Flying Horror).
The Vampire Lord would loose one wounde and be only 4 Wounds but could heal himself. Unfortunatelly I can't get a spell from death lore :( Else I'd have gone totally for Vile Transference.

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I will start today a Skirmish campaign too. 

My Hero will be a Vampire Lord with Wings (10'' Movement) for 28 Points. He will carry a baleful Tomblade (Heals on 6+ Wound Rolls) and as command ability i will choose +1 to Wound in 6''. So he will heal on 5+ and can heal other Units within 6''.

1x Hexwraith (6)

1x Black Guard (5)

1x Vagheist (11)

Total :50:50 Renown

13 Wounds

Sure Vile Transferens would be fun, but i assume that the Baleful Tomblade will be fine too.

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