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  1. One might think to ask GW who actually oversees the faqs they do.... Another FAQ specifically stated that gravesite healing works even if it your enemy's gravesite.... But oh it doen't work for your own allies.... That is just silly.
  2. I see them rarely in lists these days, but I think they are not too shabby in terms that they either debuff or draw fire on them so in both cases saving other units from getting targeted. downside is you have to get them to where you want. Gravesite Summoning might work well, but is situational. In any case combined with Neferata, and or Artifacts and or Look out sir, they can help keep a squishy hero alive or a unit...
  3. Combine a VLoZD with his Command Ability with a 6pack of Spirit Hosts (or even 3 for that matter), mix in a bit of Van Hel's and watch the meat grinder.... The I usually get a MW Output between 8 and 15 out of 3 Spirit Hosts if all 3 survive to the second pile in. That said, the Mourngoul even nerfed still makes people go "oh f*** a mourngoul", so combined with a bit support from other Nighthunts he will nicely draw fire away. I went: Nef, Mourngoul, Prince V once with a bit of skellies, wolves, spirit hosts, normal Vampire Lord and a Necro once against Sylvaneth with Allarielle and Batallion. The mourngoul and the spirit hosts were enough togheter to keep Allarielle from doing anything else than run away and heal. Prince V brought the hurt, killed Drycha in one Breath n'charge and went on cleaning up while Nef happily stood there and debuffed and threw around spells.
  4. Which actually can be a rather nice advantage.... I really like to use van hels and the Dread Knight CA from the VLoZD on Spirit hosts. The combination can easily field 10+MW per Combat Phase. With a -1 to hit they only hit on sixes, so you get to reroll all but the sixes which again gives a higher chance on MW.^^
  5. Not sure how competitive that one would be, but I really would love to see the combination of those heroes fall into an ememy line with Nef just standing back casting and debuffing while the Spirit Torment and the Guardian of Souls add some nice support for the mourngul and the chainrasps: Allegiance: Legion of Blood LEADERS Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400) Necromancer (110) Spirit Torment (120) Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) UNITS 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) BEHEMOTHS Mourngul (300) - Allies ENDLESS SPELLS Prismatic Palisade (30) Aethervoid Pendulum (40) Soulsnare Shackles (20) TOTAL: 1940/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 100
  6. Especially with +1 to hit from . Or imagine the threesome of him, Neferata and a Lord Executioner on an enemy hero. Sweet -3 to hit.... Combine it with OD and you can bring a +2 to hit model down to hits on 6....^^
  7. That's exactly why I think there is more to come for Nighthunt in terms of defense. Endless Spells alone are massive MW bombs, and with these in mind I would be surprised if they made the Faction so vulnderable against it.
  8. I am sorry if I offended you, that was indeed not my intention, nor was it to tell people to "shut up". The essence of my post, and I hope I at least got that partially out and understandable was that I do not think that at this point we can savely say how strong or not the mourngul in the final meta will be since we do not have the data. I might have been a bit to emotional about it^^ Still this is MY view on the whole Mourngul Situation and this of course I invite people to discuss with me as well (which why I was happy that Nevar shared with me his thoughts). Indeed my post was really not to put anyone down, but rather to encourage positive thinking. Or rather just being relaxed and see whats coming. Then, if the Mourngul still is not a nice option again for playing, I will gladly join in cursing the very name of Games Workshop because I really like the modell, and I really want to see it back in the playfield without sacrificing efficency in my list.
  9. Hehe, it is 1:14 AM here in Germany at the moment, so my excuse is being a bit insomniac (might just be the full moon) and not wanting to keep my Girlfriend awake by me tossing and turning. Yeah pure Nighthunt before was really tough to play. Though Death is becoming more and more cosmopolitan in how you want to play it, with so many different Allegiancess to choose from. It is just a pity that you can't ally the Mourngul to LoN, that would just bes so nice. Let's wait and see what the NH Battletome brings for your ravenous friend then
  10. Hehe I like that sentiment as well as the pun. And yeah a VLoZD is way more solid and bitey than the mourngoul, though 140 points more expensive. If we put him to similiar models I think we need to compare him more to the Terrorgheist or the Riderless Zombie Drake. I think in that comparison his kit is not too bad. I do get you, I really do. I think my post might sound a little harsh because from all sides I feel these days that you either hear: "I am so happy because this is OP" or "Meh they nerfed us so baaaadl". And I was never a friend of either extreme. To me updates like this (AoS 2, Malign Sorcery etc) are a reshuffeling of the deck and all get new cards. They might be similar but the strategies we were used to from the last round no longer apply in the same way, and that is so immensly good. Adapting to changes, making even a bad hand work out for you by just being a lot more clever than everybody else in the room. That is what I truly love about such games. But sorry, I went off topic here ^^ I felt sad too when LoN came out and I realized, the model I had really liked and just 3 weeks earlier fully painted with a rally nice base was now no longer legal if I wanted to play something competitive. That did suck, but in the end I put him on the shelf, gave him a pet on his ugly head and told him "your time will come again little guy". He currently stands next to my nice kitbashed Necromancer on Nightmare who also fell pray to someone with an evil pen
  11. And here we go again.. Please don't take this harshly but do we all want OP units? I at least do not, because I really hate to win because I just bought the Faction with the most badass models.... This is not fun, it is stroking ego. So yeah he is no longer the bundle of steroids that he used to be. So yeah other units can put out more dmg. BUT, and here it again starts to become interessting... Have you taken a look at the wound characteristik of your Mortarch or the other heroes? Good Lady Olynder has 7 if I remember rightly. That is not much. So why did GW do that? And no let's not go into a "GW is evil and they have no clue" some people with loads of experience tried this out for quite some time. So Assumption: Models like Lady Olynder are meant to be on the same level as the other Mortarchs both in Survivability and Dmg/Utility Ratio. Now I am not overly good with statistics and maths, so I go with the logic I get from being a salesman Conclusion: With the Output of Mortal Wounds by many spells, 7 wounds without more than ethereal makes em really squishy so there is a high chance of something else evening out the scales most likely from the Allegiance "Nighthunt" itself. This would also affect the Mourngul then. Further Conclusion: The Mourngul is STILL way more Tanky with inbuild regen and way more wounds. There might be an ability that will negate Mortal Wounds easier like a stat 5+ save or who knows what. We shall see anyways. So for the Moment, since all we can do is speculate: Final Conclusion: Let's leave the whinings and mehs for the point when we have conclusive data and rules to go on^^
  12. Let's be fair. Back in the days you brought one Mourngul to the table and your enemy was sad, you brought two and hard worn verterans cried. I also think he falls nicely in line with what we have seen in Nighthaunt so far. Put him behind a line of Chainrasps, let him debuff kill and heal. I also wonder a lot why people only see the single warscroll.... See the whole picture. The mourngul back in the days was a standalone tank that shredded through your enemies battlelines, healing himself by killing. Now he is part of a faction with allegiance abilities and mechanics, which he wasn't back then. Also consider the buffs. - Place a Spirit Torment close to him and he heals 2d3 per round (if anything was killed, but if you haven't him where he can kill stuff you are doing it wrong anyway). - Command Abilities which let him reroll or add 1 to hit. -4+Plus save with -1 to hit will make him still pure horror high rend hero killers.
  13. Ìt still is a five up save even for Nurgle..... Still if you have a bit unit of Plaguebearers throw a sun of shyish into them, that will negate their save.
  14. So once you reach one on your rolls that means a unit that hasn't any way of saving against mortals is still wiped out. But if it has the enemy has to roll saves until he either saves or the unit is wiped?
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