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Warfront - An Age of Sigmar Map League

Nuno M

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Hello folks.

I decided to share this piece of rules kit that I developed for our local games store, to solve the problem of getting all players together on the same day for a Map Campaign. We've all been there, and it's complicated.  Hence, after a couple years figuring out how to best solve it (and being inspired by Firestorm!), I came up with Warfront.


This is a Map League/Campaign for a gaming group/store, where every game played, even random one-off games, can count towards the overall advance of each Grand Alliance as they conquer territory along the map. Even better: each new game can benefit from the bonuses accumulated by previous games from players belonging to the same Grand Alliance: either previously established garrisons on the map or Spoils collected from previous victories. All very easy and straightforward: 1-2 pages of rules. All you need is some corkboard, some coloured pins, and presto!


Winning battles grants the winner control of the map region and Spoils markers, or if they win a Skirmish battle they can choose to earn Intel markers or destroy the enemies' fortifications. Players keep track of which territories their Grand Alliance controls, and how many Spoils and Intel markers they have accumulated using the coloured pins. Fortified and Garrisoned map regions, as they are developed by winning players, are further marked with extra white/transparent pins (these are places with defensive earthworks or full-fledged forts, respectively).

Warfront is also very customizable: the ruleset is meant to be so simple it should work for every map you can come up with for your own gaming group, or even work in multiple systems. It is truly more a logistic framework to organize players than necessarily a rules supplement. The easiest and laziest way to insert narrative into your games. :) 



I have done two maps: one adapted straight from the Firestorm Box set (Flamescar Plateau), and another from the Shyish map for Malign Portents (Southern Innerland Marches of Shyish).



But any map released in any Age of Sigmar publication can be turned into a Warfront map: just draw Map Regions lines across it and presto! Just make sure you include 25+ regions, and scatter a few "Permanent Regions of Entry" for Grand Alliances: realmgates serve perfectly for this, in order for armies to be able to always attack across the map and prevent one Alliance from dominating too much too fast.


Hopefully this still comes in time for people to run some crazy map battles for Dread Solstice, on their way to Nagashizzar! :D


Enjoy, try it out and feedback is more than welcome.

Nuno M,

Warhammer Narratives (WHFBNarratives@blogspot.com)


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Thanks folks!:D

I did try to develop some simpler Map Campaign rules back during 8thEd, based exactly in the Gen. Compendium ones (their random event tables were awesome). I was in fact still trying to do so until some months ago, before Firestorm launched! :P

But the rules would always end up looking too convoluted. The 'Blood in the Badlands' released during 8th actually simplified a lot of things and that's what I was basing my turn-to-turn framework on. But the one thing remaining was always the problem of players getting together every turn, and resolving all battles before the next.

Hopefully this may help solve that. Plz let me know if you try it out, and how well it works for you.

Hmmm... And now you have given me the idea of introducing all those random tables events back into Warfront...9_9 just the tables, rolled once before battle. 

I guess all that work won't go to waste!



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