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Fimir Dirach Balefiend


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Theory, the fimir driach balefiend is the destruction hero we're getting with malign Portents.

Ok so a couple of things coming together to make an (outlandish?) Theory.

1) Unusual and less common races, one for each faction.

2) Strange disappearances. 

3) The warscroll builder says that fimir Warriors are Battleline if a fimir driach is your general.

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10 hours ago, Warboss Gorbolg said:

I think that Fimir have too much darknesss/baggage to be featured in AOS by GW.  I would also like to think that GW will give us something more creative than fimir if they're coloring outside the typical Destruction lines.

They don't necessarily have to go down the deep dark thing Fimir have had going for them in the past.

But overall, I personally would like to see in future more factions like Fimir making it into the game. They're a bit on the unique side, and are a created race rather than a 'different take' on Men, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Goblins.

But that being said, I would like GW to 'round out' some of the existing factions at the same time as bringing new races/factions into the game.

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