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  1. Fridge_Opener

    Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    But he doesn't have 60 of them, nor does he have the gitmob shaman
  2. Fridge_Opener

    Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    The issue with the list is the lack of rend across the board you've no way of dealing with armour outside the boss and you've only three attacks (or four, off hand can't remember for that weapon) hitting on threes so you'll never get through seraphon or chaos warriors or sigmarines etc. Also moonclan are better than gitmob so since points wise they fit I'd put them in instead
  3. Fridge_Opener

    Success/Failure of the Mushroom King

    That's kind of how I was reading it, his spell is also uninspiring but at 80 points can't go too far wrong
  4. Fridge_Opener

    Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    I've found that gutbusters have potential against most lists they just don't have enough speed. You have the staying power to hold onto your objectives, you've the alpha strike deterrent in grot hordes, you've better shooting than people expect (scraplaunchers and leadbelchers who are also strong in combat) and your characters are solid!! You can do well against most armies if you play the mission well but the issue is players of equal standards will beat you more often than not with tier 1 armies! You just don't have the speed to get the major in knife to the heart for example and some match ups can be auto lose games depending on the scenario. I've found they're an army that you need a couple of games (where you could get really smashed!!!) to get a feel for it but after that it really slows down for you and you can hold your own. w/out a codex we won't be placing in tournaments anytime soon but such is life!!
  5. Fridge_Opener

    Success/Failure of the Mushroom King

    How have people been getting on using him? Love the model but haven't found a way to work him into any lists that I want to play. How have people found him? Just so there's no confusions I'm on about the Destruction Herald from Malign Portents....not an n64 reference
  6. Fridge_Opener

    Heat 1 Warhammer World

    Yeah man I came i think 50th or so which put me about midtable. Ah yeah the list has changed a fair bit since. The thundertusk effectively did nothing so I cut him, I've dropped the tyrant too for a second butcher and am planning on running with a troggoth hag for the foreseeable. I'd change most things if I'm honest but the only thing I really want is for allegiance abilities and artefacts so the army feels more ogory!!!
  7. Fridge_Opener

    Heat 1 Warhammer World

    No I run gutbusters allegiance (with destruction traits/artefacts) so belchers can be battleline as ogors need to in 9-12 to not be useless with their no rend, no shooting and relatively slow movement with ironguts being too pricy in my opinion. I've found the tyrant reads better than he plays for my type of list as inspiring presence will essentially do the same thing for me. Mystical and damned terrain are super important for this army due to the poor to hit and/or to wound rolls of the list so I have to play the terrain game to. I've been running double cauldron most recently and have invested in a troggoth hag which will be getting a run out in six nations anyway let alone whatever tournaments pop up before hand. With what you've listed mate (BCR, gutbusters and IJ) your only battleline is ogors and they just suck sadly!! Playing full destruction I'd be looking at wolf riders or moonclan grots as my battleline for different reasons
  8. Fridge_Opener

    Heat 1 Warhammer World

    Just hitting up with my review of my five games at the first heat last month!! My list was: Heroes Tyrant, leader, nothing left standing and battered talisman Butcher and a cauldron Huskard on Thundertusk Battleline 6 Leadbelchers 6 Leadbelchers 3 Leadbelchers Artillery Scraplauncher Scraplauncher Other Gorger 40 grots 20 grots So game one I played a Death army (see pic) which like mine was a "non optimal" list and it was Total Conquest so I was extremely glad to see my opponent knew the measurements as that map is a mindfuck to look at!!! His list had a vampire on a terrorgheist, arkhan, mortis engine, wolves, and a few varities of crypt ghouls/flayers. So he gave me first turn and I rushed up onto three objectives with my unbreakable grots standing heroically in front of his beautifully painted army to go up 3-0 and effectively did nothing else with most of shooting out of range. His turn was a solid indicator on how the rest of the game would go dice wise with Arkhan curse of years lifting a full belchers unit and then him getting the double turn had me on the backfoot from there on in. Highlight for the rest of the game was a terrorgheist on one wound rolling trip 6 against my thundertusk to whack 18 mortal wounds into him!!! I could say that he got his major win because of crazy dice but I can't help but feeling that him outplaying me was also a factor!! major loss against but cracking game Game two was scorched earth against a kroak on a balewind list (or 100 summoning points as its technically called) with ripperdactyls, some saurus guard, astrolith bearer and bastiladons. Essentially turn one for both of us was our 40 man units running at each other in a battle that would decide the fate of the realm!!!!! actually it had no bearing on the game whatsoever except for his skinks killed two more grots in four turns than grots killed skinks so the moral victory was his! The game essentially came down to the gorger and grots razing two objectives and his ripperdactyls and batsiladon razing one of mine. While he killed more of my stuff than I did his, I managed to get the minor so was going into round three 1-1. So game 3 was knife to heart against a Murderhost list that the lad painted in the two weeks before the event to an unbelievable standard, two bloodthirsters (one whip, one soon to be soul destroying axe), herald on jugger, some flesh hounds, horde of bloodletters, two smaller squads, two cannons and I think two jugger units. Really wish I'd gotten some pics of it as it was gorgeous but game three you're tired and just want to have food a few beers. So he murderhosted up the board turn one and smashed into my grot line nearly wiping both grot units with the horde and some juggers with a cannon buddy, while giving my leadbelchers on one flank enough room to pile into the cannon and punch it in the face. My turn one I countered wiping his horde, some juggers and throwing a snowball into his general (in hindsight should have hit the other one). I got the double turn and was able to put him on the backfoot removing most of his chaff units and then overplayed it by pushing forward with some leadbelchers and a gorger to his objective. If I had been smarter I would have played for the minor but thats just not me!!! Essentially the next three turns were us beating the heads of each other before his bloodthirster, with the axe of no mates, made a clutch roll of four sixes and exploded my butcher, two scraplaunchers and three leadbelchers to swing it from a minor to me to a devastating major to him Probably the best crack game I've ever had!! So then going into day two I had one major win and two major losses but three great games Game 4 was against an ironjaws list in Gift from the Heavens, he had Gordrakk, warchanter, grot shaman, twenty ardboys, two units of three pigs and a unit of six as well as two spear chukkas. He gave me the first turn so as not to waste his hero phase 15" move so I moved the grot line beyond halfway and camped, his turn one he charged pigs into me wherever he could triggering a double attack after my smaller unit was wiped. I was able to pile in and with leadbelchers and grots wipe out a smaller pig units securing a flank for the game essentially. The gorger had popped up and made gordrakk chase him so that he couldn't abuse the spear chukkas, who neutered my thundertusk very efficiently. I won the turn two priority and took it which was big as my belchers opened up into his big pig unit taking them out of the game with his anti-clutch roll of a six on battleshock taking them down to one guy (he should have ran too but I forgot the bellower ability). We both had our objectives fall in safe corners where the other effectively couldn't get too. We both did nothing effective till his double turn bottom of 4/start of 5 where he got Gordrakk into the fight and smashed up my tyrant/scraplauncher and smaller leadbelchers unit. The ardboys then encircled the centre objective with the game essentially coming down to him being up by eight points with me needing to make a 9" charge with the leadbelchers into his ardboys (which they did, anything less would have pulled gordrakk in) and promptly bet seven layers of shite off them for the win. We talked about it after and we both reckon had gordrakk gone a different way with his turn 5 charge he would have had it, sound lad and another great game. This put me on 2-2 going into round 5 with qualification on the line So round 5 was against a gent playing skyborne slayers in Battle for the Pass. I deployed as defensively as I could with him taking turn one, dropping and shoving twenty paladins into my face, one unit had anti shooting swords and the other maces as well as ten libs. His two venators whiffed against my thundertusk and my grot line held for the most part. In my turn my leadbelchers whiffed just as much against his prosecutors although a snowball did lift his staunch defender general, the prosecutors took a level of shifting that my list wasn't capable of sadly. I got the double turn but he had my hedged in well enough that I couldn't threaten the centre objectives so he was going to be scoring nicely while his prosecutors maced my thundertusk up good and proper!!! We called the game halfway through turn 3 with me having killed sword paladins, some libs and his leader while the rest of his list looked menacingly at my single surviving model.....a tyrant ruling nothing So I finished the tournament going 2-3 and having played against three new armies which was worth the trip alone!! The English hobby scene is humbling with the standard being enough to have since made me repaint/base my entire army!! As an aside you might be thinking I didn't learn any of my opponents names but not knowing how willing people are to be discussed on such forums nameless they shall remain. Hope you enjoyed the read and talk soon Ad
  9. Fridge_Opener


    Hey, So this blog is going to be updated weekly (or better) depending on how productive I've been!! First thing I'll be getting up is my review of the first heat in WHW last month as well as my hobby goals for the year!! Chat soon Ad
  10. Fridge_Opener

    Deathrattle 2k

    The battalion requires three skellie units, three thirties?
  11. Fridge_Opener

    Deathrattle 2k

    Heroes Wight King on steed - leader Wight King Wight King Allied leader - Arkhan Batteline Thirty grave guard with axes 20 Black guard 10 skeletons 10 skeletons 10 skeletons Legion of Death Battalion Not sure on items and traits but I feel it's the bare bones of a mid table death list, never played deathrattle before so what do y'all think?
  12. Fridge_Opener

    Allied Heroes Rampaging Destroyers

    Just something that came up in conversation with one of the lads recently so thought I'd get the communities opinion. Since allies lose all allegiance abilities as per the generals handbook do allied Heroes allow you a roll for rampaging destroyers? I've been playing it as a no but several opponents have told me to do it
  13. Fridge_Opener

    Destruction at LVO 2018

    Thats not my quote love a good gutbusters though
  14. Fridge_Opener

    Destruction at LVO 2018

    I like this lad, big fan of playing what you think is cool rather than what is the new hotness
  15. Fridge_Opener

    Destruction at CanCon 2018

    No man I really like your list!! It's a bit different from what people expect from ironjaws to with the hag. I think there is a lot to be said with playing loads of games with 80% of the list decided and you just tweak that last bit. I'm planning on picking up the hag now to try with my gutbusters