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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone, 

I thought I would take a moment to introduce and share a little about myself. To start with I live and am from Michigan in the U.S. Specifically the southwest corner of the state. I live about 30 minutes from Lake Michigan. As far as the hobby goes I have been involved in tabletop wargameing since 1996. I started with 40k as that is what my uncle played and he was the one to introduce me. I moved over to fantasy about the time the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. 


My first army was Dwarves, and I still have a Dwarf army. Though very little of it is done as I was in the process of updating it when End Times happened and had sold off most of my old stuff. Other armies that I have include, Skaven, of all types, Bloodbound, and Storm cast Eternals. The storm cast look like they may just become a grand alliance order army. The Bloodbound are almost done(for now) as all I have left are a unit of skull crushers, lord on Juggernaut and slaughterpriest. The skaven are on the back burner as I have more then enough of them done to play with. I hope to be able to do a Fyreslayer force at some point.  I am loving AOS and am all in on it. 


Anyways that's a bit about me, sorry if I went a little long there. I have heard nothing but good things and am looking forward to connecting with others who love this game and hobby. 

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