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Hello I want to share my army list for the tournament 1500p, hope you can give me your feedbacks :)  Of course the Overtyrant is joined!

Destruction allegiance,

Overtyrant, general, ravager, battle brew - Ogre Kingdoms 160p
Bruiser Standard Bearer - Ogre Kingdoms 140p
Butcher w. cauldron - Gutbusters 140p
Butcher w. cauldron - Gutbusters 140p

12x Ogors w. pairs clubs and blades, battleline - Gutbusters 400p
3x Ogors w. iron fists, battleline - Gutbusters 120p
10x Orruks w. bows, battleline - Greenskinz 90p

6x Yhetees - Beastclaw Raiders 240p
Gorger - Gutbusters 60p

Have you seen how Bruiser Standard Bearer's lastest update? His Banner of the Great Maw does great... choose a point on the battlefield within 18", roll a dice for each enemy units within 6" of that point, 4+ then that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.. FTW!

Overtyrant?! Yeah he is badass since the warscroll has been updated! with ravager will make him a lot better, take a check on my previous topic "Overtyrant is better than Tyrant".

The reason to bring two wizards with cauldron is: Cauldron's abilities do well, can cast his unqiue spell Great Maw and the other cast Arcane Bolt for the extra mortal wounds or Mystic Shield.
An unit of 3 Ogors with iron fists, they are doing to be dead yeah but they can just run close to the enemy, stacked by Mystic Shield, maybe also in Cover so they have save 3+, Iron Fists increase by 2 so 4+ instead of 6 for doing mortal wounds!

Six Yhetees can just run forward into the strong enemy and distrupt that, just don't forget to use Overtyrant's bribe to subract 1 hit on the enemy unit, that makes very hard to hit on Yhetees.

10x Orruks is the only option to defend for heroes or go for the objective.

Later, there will come a big cheese - TWELVE Ogors, reroll 1s to hit, reroll to wound if models are more than 10, if Cauldron does the good job, they can increase to wound for Ogors OR heal them..

I mean 12 Ogors for 400p instead of 6 Ironguts for 400p is a good reason to pick up.

Gorger with 60p can be wasted for point BUT that makes enemy gets more targets, less hit on Overtyrant, Butchers, Bruiser and Ogors!


I love my army list, now one thing is how my dices will do.. a bad or miracle day ;) 


Sorry for my grammar but hope you understand me!

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