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Khorne Daemons by Hwd


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Hey all,

Haven't posted a WIP here before so be kind!

Bit background before I dive in... I've been wargaming for most of my life, the heydey of which was 5-10 or so years ago where I, along with my mates from Pigmar, hit the tournament scene for Warhammer. While I never had much success on the tabletop I occasionally turned heads with my pig themed empire army, and always had great fun traipsing around the country, meeting people and playing warhammer!  Since the advent of AoS I have moved away from warhammer and dug into Blood Bowl and Necromunda a lot but this is all about to change!

I really want to get into AoS, and to get back out into the tournament scene. To this end I will need an army which I can take to tournaments, which means switching to round bases! While I love my empire army I an reluctant to re-base these a) because there are a shed load of models to work on and b) because I love the way it looks all ranked up, which needs square bases.

My Khorne daemons however I have no such qualms about, hence this plog and the (hopefully) not too slow march to a round based army in time for the London GT in May next year...


Enough waffle, time for models!

Obviously in re-basing the army I have the opportunity to change the bases and to this end I have done a few quick scheme tests, which should hopefully be attached to this rambling post!

There are three options;

1 - Brown earth, green water and grass flock - this is how I base pretty much everything so has the benefit that if I ever get round to making a board then the daemons will match

2 - Agrellan Earth with tufty stuff - Love this stuff and have used it a lot recently

3 - Grey earth / stones, pools of blood and snow flock - this is how the army was originally and I think it kinda works against the cooler reds on the models


What do people think? Like any option in particular or has anyone got an alternative option I could try out?





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And to follow up, a quick blast from the past!

By which I mean some old photos of the army... Since these were taken I have fleshed out the army to include


2 Heralds 

60 Bloodletter

6 Bloodcrusher

15 Flesh hound






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Cheers guys! 

I am also leaning to keeping the original basing scheme... dunno why but I think it helps to make the bloodletters 'pop' on the bases more?


Hopefully my order of 32mm bases will come through the post today so I can make a start on the great-re-basing! If not it will be a bit of painting time on my Empire instead...

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So the 32mm rounds arrived last night and I made a good crack at getting the first unit of 20 bloodletters bases done... that was until my glue ran out! D'oh...

Off to poundland at lunch to pick up another batch of cheapo glue for basing


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Cheers MOMUS! Today I managed to get the hounds stuck down and the base rims painted black... Not a lot of progress but for most of today I have been printing my work portfolio for my chartership interview in a few weeks..! LOOONG day of sitting around waiting for the office printer to get on with it!

Anyway, next up for this lot will be snow on the bases, which I think really helps to lift the models, and breaks up the bases a bit more


Piccies when I get round to it...




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Got my first game of AoS with these boys tonight! 

Gonna try out this 1k list



20 Bloodletter

20 Bloodletter

3 Bloodcrusher

5 Flesh Hound

5 Flesh Hound


I'll post some piccies tomorrow, wish me luck!

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Cheers Tickle!

So apart from entirely forgetting how long it takes to set up and play games that aren’t my beloved blood bowl, last nights game was AWESOME!

I was playing against my future doubles partner, so the game was very friendly and fun and very much a voyage of discovery for us both. He ran Nurgle, with a mix of daemons and not… I messed up and forgot about how charging worked in AoS so he got the charge off and it looked a bit hairy, until I opened the portal of skulls on the bloodsecreator and the boys got very very angry!

Love the combo of this combined with a herald to help with re-rolling 1’s. Even more I love his “I’ve fought so my mates get to do that now too” ability, which took my opponent by surprise and allowed me to effectively neuter his blightkings before they could swing…

We were playing a scenario were we needed to capture two objectives to get a major victory and once I had punched a bit hole in his centre and tied his flanks up in combat, it was pretty straightforward to spread out and grab both…


Didn’t get many piccies, but here her are before the messy combat in the middle began!


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