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Terrorgheist vs Zombie Dragon


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You don’t heal d3 sounds at 5” from the king.

I want to try the Dragon because I think he’s better against hordes.

7 attacks with the claws with 2damage each are better then the TG one’s and the breath attack is always useful, event for sniping characters, whereas the TG one is useless against death and deamons.

The two of them won’t be always 5” far, so I don’t think my TG would heal every turn.

Did someone try it? 

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I believe general consensus is the Terrorgheist is better if it is used on its own and not as a mount for a hero.

Ive watched a bunch of battle reports on line where the Terrorgheists infested ability " the one where when he dies he explodes and does D3 mortal wounds to every unit near him" does more damage to the enemy then 3 rounds of fighting did.

For FEC the dragon was a better mount for the ghoul king but now with the price increase for the king on dragon they are on the same level.

Also has anyone noticed that the profile for the Terrorghiest under the "beasts of the grave" faction is different than the one on the "flesh eaters court" faction?

I was wondering if anyone had experience running both profiles and which one is better?

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I think that with the new horde meta, the Dragon COULD be a bit better:

-the breath attack is very good for dealing with blobs (auto hits) and heroes.

-the claws are way more effective and deal more damage.

It needs testing, but I think you could go away with it (since I already have a TG).
I'll try it and use the  TG if it does not convince me 

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All good points.  Its really down to what you think you need.  The unmounted Terror and Dragon are both good for differant reasons. 

Have you considered magnetising the head/neck part like a few people do so you can run either one?


(Fyi side note for the kit, I highly HIGHLY suggest magnetising the wings and the rock that one wing is attached too to pull it on/off the base for ease of transport or using pins on the wing joints for a more permanent fixture)

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I collected death because of the TG model and run a 2k list with Manfred giving the TGs D6 damage attack a much better chance of getting off because of the re-rolls of 1s to hit and wound. Also it does get worse as wounds go down.


I also use a squad of 5 black knights to meat shield for the TG as they as fast and come back which is handy for objective grabs. I follow the TG around with either a banshee (because I love the double screaming) or a vampire Lord. The vampire Lord is handy because of so many reasons, self healing, fly's, great damage, debuf spell etc. 

The other half of my army is 40 skeletons and 15 hex wraiths which is so much fun. 

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