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  1. So long story short I was gifted the following 3 boxed games. 1. original age of sigmar big box release with khorne and stormcast. 2. Silver tower big box 3. Shadow over hammerhall big box there is so much stuff in these boxes I don't know where to begin. It breaks down to roughly. 3 khorne heroes, 5 blood warriors, 30 blood reavers, korgorath 2 tzeentch heroes, 18 arcanites, 6 tzangors, a few horrors and some familiars. 5 blight kings. Sorcerer lord could I combine all that into an army or concentrate on the khorne bits?
  2. Yeah it's not a bad idea. Just make them a bit more deathy. Add some skulls and tomb stones.
  3. This is one of things on my project list. I really think all you need to do is get the slightly bigger base that the varghulf comes with and then just use the bits that come in the varghiest/crypt horror kit and mix them up a bit. Reposition the wings to be out stretched, add a bunch of the extra spikes and horns that come in the kit. The bigger base is important though. It will make it " counts as " legal
  4. Jgregs

    Hex Wraith tactics

    Yeah I'm sticking with just the 5 I have for now. If they get a point reduction in GHB 2019 and grimghasts get an increase I will probably get 5 more.
  5. So I finally got around to building my 5 hexwraiths to add to my growing nighthaunt army. Now I know they aren't the best unit in the nighthaunt list but I really like the models. I've got a few ideas on how to run them but could use some input from players who have used them before. 1. Unit of 5 that lurks in the backfield. Waits for the enemy to crash into my front line then leaps over that enemy unit to get the movement attack and goes after vulnerable heros and or artillery. 2. Unit of 5 just set up in the underworld. 3. Unit of 10 backed up by a KOS on steed with midnite to
  6. Wow, you went all in on chainghasts. Would really be curious to see how they do. Maybe drop the lord executioner and get 10 more chaninrasps.
  7. In my 1000 point list I usually run the mounted knight of shrouds with the ruler of the spirit hosts traight as my general. Mostly because I like to bring a big unit of spirit hosts.
  8. Im now seriously considering adding in an allied ghoul king on terrorghiest. Ive always wanted to make a legion of blood fear based army work, this is the list I'm thinking about now. VLOZD - 440 Ghoul king on terrorghiest - 400 vampire lord - 140 necromancer - 110 2x tomb banshees - 160 40 skeletons spears - 280 10 skeletons swords - 80 10 skeletons swords - 80 5 blood knights - 240 5 dire wolves - 60 Total 1990 I can use the ghoul kings command ability to summon in a unit of 3 crypt flayers on turn 1. I would then
  9. I bought a box of these models that had everything in the photo except the chariot decades ago. I never painted them so I salvaged as much as i could. I put some spare black knight bits on the horses and put a bucket load of spare skeleton sword arms and heads on the skeletons. They came out pretty good. The sculpts actually fit in better with the current line of skeletons than the ones that came out in the early 2000's
  10. After reading all the new rules previews I'm thinking about running the following list. ghoul king on zombie dragon ghoul king on terrorghiest 30 ghouls 10 ghouls 10 ghouls 6 crypt horrors 6 crypt flayers total 1980 then with every command point I get I'm just going to bring on a new Varghulf with the zombie dragon kings ability.
  11. Booooo! oh well I might then just substitute in a Vampire lord instead.
  12. So after watching a bunch of videos and reading all the rules previews I've cobbled together a 2000 point list that I think takes advantage of all the changes. Grand Host of Nagash: Hero: VLOZD - general - Lord of Nagashizzar - 440 Necromancer - 110 Wight King - Ossific Diadem - 120 Knight of Shrouds - 120 Battle line: 40x skeletons - spears - 280 20x grave guard - great weapons - 320 10x skeletons - swords - 80 Other: 6 spirit hosts - 240 5 black knights - 120 TOTAL - 1830 + 3 command points 150 = 1980 My strategy is
  13. Here is a pretty good bat rep using death march at 1000 points.
  14. Here is a pretty good bat rep using death march at 1000 points.
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