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  1. I collected death because of the TG model and run a 2k list with Manfred giving the TGs D6 damage attack a much better chance of getting off because of the re-rolls of 1s to hit and wound. Also it does get worse as wounds go down. I also use a squad of 5 black knights to meat shield for the TG as they as fast and come back which is handy for objective grabs. I follow the TG around with either a banshee (because I love the double screaming) or a vampire Lord. The vampire Lord is handy because of so many reasons, self healing, fly's, great damage, debuf spell etc. The other half of my army is 40 skeletons and 15 hex wraiths which is so much fun.
  2. Thanks for sharing your goals! I split mine into 3 months, 1 year and 3 years goals. I have been planning my collection for the long term. Collecting death focusing on Mannfred and hallowed knights focusing on Gardus. Apart of the collection is the old world books about sigmar and Mannfred, new age of sigmar books and of course models. The best part about this method of collection is that it will always have relevance and meaning to me and hopefully my kids if they want to read the lore and then use the models. Two armies means it can always be played even if in 20 years AOS is long long gone.
  3. I don't think GW are using old world style cities. They on the surface might be dark dirty cities, but they are still full of high fantasy.
  4. Is there a WDR or DER calculator or formula I can use?
  5. I won a recent tournament with a death list. It was only 1200 point. Skellies x 40. 10 zombies. 2 vampire Lords, 10 hexwraiths and 5 hexwraiths. 60 points for summoning zombies onto objective.
  6. I have found that the matched play battle plans are not always suited to a 4 by 4 so my playing group does change the number of objectives sometimes. Other than that we are stuck in the matched play rut, mainly because it is so easy to roll a dice and have the battle plan chosen where we all know the rules and think it is fair. Some times we start going through the campaign books to find a good one but then end up just playing a matched play battle plan anyway.
  7. I started a Death army because I loved the Terrorgheist. But now Mannfred is my favorite model by far.
  8. I love your army!! So so cool. I want to get all of it but can't afford it. Would you sell me one terrorgheist shipped to aus for £30 with the undercoated zombies thrown in? My location is South Australia Flinders Park 5025. Thank you
  9. I have Neferata and vampires from Mortis engine
  10. Wow that sounds good. I don't like the vloat model but will change the the horse men and skelly to zombies as I do want zombies and they can combined after deployment right? How do you play the hexwraiths, do they rush up and charge the enemy's alpha unit? Also how do I keep the TG alive to do some damage?
  11. Yeah I was thinking matched play. I wanted to make it suitable for any of the 6 matched play battle plans. The necromancer would cast his spell on the skelly horde to give them double pill in and attack and also follow the horde to give them 5+ ward save. The other necromancer is for range arcane bolt to target enemy hero's and a back up in case of the first being targeted and taken down. The mounted vampire Lord would follow the hexwraiths and use it's command ability to give them an extra attack with both their rend weapons 4+ then 3+ and their horses attacks. Giving each model 6 attacks. This vampire Lord would also give them 5+ ward. The other vampire Lord would give them mystic shield. The Mortis engine would be used to buff the mages and for ranged support. It would also add more healing to the vampires and TG. The TV would be used to hang back behind the hexwraiths and counter alpha. Can also take buffs if other units not going to be able to use them. The skeleton horseman x 5 and warriors x 10 are a tax which can be used to hold base objects with the back up vampire Lord giving them the 5+ ward save and some damaged output.
  12. Hi Guys, I am trying to make a list which is competitive. I currently have built, Necromancer (120) Necromancer (120 Vampire Lord (140) - General Command trait ruler of the night. Vampire lord on Nightmare (140) - Tomb Blade. Hexwraiths x 15 (480) Mortis Engine x 1 (180) Skeleton Warriors x 40 (320) Skeleton warriors x 10 (80) Skeleton horsemen x 5 (black knights used as tomb kings horsemen) (100) Terrorgheist (320) Let me know what I should change or how I could play this army. Thank you!
  13. Mikester is right, they seem weak against tough opponents unless you use the grandblade. I have dual-wielding swords Hallowed knights because I like the look. I prefer the war hammers and shields in game play.
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