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  1. My group made the game much more exciting and faster by speeding up how quickly the hostiles spawned. So when they died or ran the card would immediately be replaced with a card face down and when a face down card was next activated they would come on the board. This i believe made the hostiles come in faster because don't wait until their turn to replace the card face down. We also limited how many destiny dice each player could use to one (excluding the last player), made it harder.
  2. I think Pistoliers are a the best choice, even 20 of them. Most games of AOS start 18 inches away or 24 inches away. So it is very possible you can get in range turn 1 because Pistoliers move 12 inches. If you play Temptus Eye they can move an extra 3 inches in the first turn The run/retreat and still being about to shoot is good for the Outriders, but it is not worth it compared to the damage potential from the Pistoliers. The ability to shoot, charge, shoot, then still getting to attack in combat means each Pistolier gets 8 attacks the turn they charge! So that unit of 10 Pistoliers
  3. I wish, I have been waiting to buy them for ages. The came back in stock but then sold out straight away. 😔
  4. Back in feb/march this year I decided I was going to collect a new army. I decided on a cities of sigmar army because I loved the flagellants models. 3 months later I had spent $$$ and effort to painted up 30 hand gunnners, 40 flagellants, the Celestial Hurricanum with battle mage, 2x battle mage, free guild general, 30 crossbowmen, 20 phoenix guard also painted up some shadow warriors and the soul scream bridge. Went along to a grand tournament in Australia. I ran the hallowed heart list with a strategy of using the soul scream bridge to gain movement, Arcane channeling with sear
  5. I have built 40 hand gunners recently and there were not enough helmets. You have to use the hats with feathers. I actually cut many of the feathers off. I didn't mind leaving a few.
  6. I played my first cities of sigmar game last night. I took the hallowheart list below. I found it difficult to go for all the objectives at once. I could only really contest 2 objects and the game had 3 per side. I did table my opponent but they won on objectives. Something I am thinking about is how I play the objectives with cities. Anyone got advice? Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: HallowheartMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersBattlemage (90)- General- Command Trait: Warden of the Flame- Lore of Whitefire: Warding Brand- Hallowheart 2nd Spell: Ignite Weapons - Mortal Realm: Hysh (-1 to hit
  7. Why do you say hand gunners are only good in groups of 10. I haven't played with them but was planning on getting a unit of 30 and using a soul scream bridge to move them directly where I want them. I was also looking at running a unit of 30 crossbows in the same army to hold my objective and have the range to deal damage while doing so.
  8. Wow that is amazing! I am impressed, have you been to any tournaments with that list? Have you had any trouble against lists that shoot or battle plans which require you to get lots of different objectives? I am worried that Phenix Guard will be costed higher once the new GHB comes out, I have not yet purchased 30 of them because of that and COVID-19... My collection of a cities of sigmar army has been really slowed by COVID and I really don't think GW will open back up when they said they will.
  9. How do do you use them if the other player is going to be screening everything? I was thinking maybe they will be good against OBR because they do mortal wounds and I avoid the 3+/3+ save.
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