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Battleplan Template?

Mr. White

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I'm interested in making a few Battleplans of my own. Does anyone know of a serviceable, non photoshop, template? Cheers!



Try here:


Need blank battleplan template pdf




[mention=134]HobbyHammer[/mention] created the one used in this thread:


Custom battle plan ' The Hunt'




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These links aren't working for me.

 Opening on your mobile device and selecting "view on the web" opens the a link to the discussion threads.


(I use Tapatalk and they open directly in the app.)


Alternately, search for the Post titles on the forum. I used "template" and "custom battle plan" as my search terms.



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On 2/25/2018 at 8:44 AM, flemingmma said:


Behold an easy to use word document divided into three columns for the purposes of creating neat and nice battleplans

This is however without ornamentation


How did you make it so that the space for the map took up 2 of the 3 columns? 

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