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Shadespire targeted at US gamers?

Ollie Grimwood

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Looking at GW sales over the years (sad got that I am) it's clear that although GW does have a decent customer base in the US when compared to the size of population they never captured the attention like they have in the U.K.


It seems to me that Shadespire is a dedicated attempt to engage the US market both in marketing and at a design level.


Marketing wise it seem that GW are trying to very much target US events with their reveals/demos of this game. This does seem to be a departure from their usual approach which has in the past had AoS released on Traitors day*.


The game itself seems to be more targeted at a US audience in it design. It looks to be American Football to Aos' Rugby. Shadespire appears to have a much more fixed form with set moves, strategies and actions in the manner of American Footballs plays. Also the very early mention that it is designed be played competitively is a big departure from GWs usual approach. Lack of competitive focus is something I've noticed as being levelled as a criticism by US Wargamers frequently.


What do people think? Have I missed a GW announcement that confirms on denies this? Seems like a clever move by GW to me.


* just my little joke, please don't take offence , I'm a grown man I should be able to resist but I can't



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GW has been taking back ground for a while now, insofar as they are moving back into the spaces they vacated with the closure of specialist games, for example.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, etc.
Shadespire is a step into an arena they haven't tried before - a game designed from the ground up to be competitive and played as such.
I don't believe it is deliberately aimed at the American market - it's just that the American gaming market was already heavily geared toward competitive tournaments.
Similarly, the UK doesn't have much in the way of big conventions - the US does. It's only really been since the last couple of years that GW admitted that social media existed and that trade shows and conventions outside of Games day existed, so it was always going to happen that big reveals would begin to coincide with US events as well as UK ones.

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Not me! I go where the narrative takes me. I'm carving out a tiny (battle board sized) table where  surviving humans take on the waves of change that the story will offer. Visiting bands from Silver Tower and Hammerhil will sweep thru. Grail Knighs, Stormcast, or Seraphon will pop in to help.  Other. Armies  of Evil (based on story progression) will intrude/wreck face. It's kind of a mix of a communial RPG and an emergent GW narrative.

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