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I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place.

The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams.

The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne.  I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. 

The Order day summary is here.

The Chaos day summary is here - this covers the interviews but not the game itself.

The summary of the Jervis Johnson interview on Destruction day is here.  It is really interesting in that it goes into the background of the development of General's Handbook 2017.

Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game.

And for anyone concerned about such things, I have no advertising on my site and am just trying to collate a useful resource for the community. 


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I've added a work in progress page for today's Order stream: https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-warhammer-live-twitch-order-day/

I haven't had a chance to watch all of it, so if you have any tidbits that should be added, let me know.  I'll then update the page and give credit :)

I've also updated the page with all the links to official information on the General's Handbook 2017 to capture the latest Warhammer Community articles, Tyler's review and Chris' Ironjawz thread.

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