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Found 23 results

  1. For discussion about lists and standout units in the new handbook. I'll go over my initial thoughts of what stands out to get the party started. The allegiance ability is amazing. Five free lightning chariots per game (assuming a 2+ roll) with no range restrictions and no need for the priest to be nearby to cast the prayer. The lizards seem to now be amphibians because this is some SLIPPERY shenanigans. If Slann roll double to cast, add 6" to the range of the spell. Slann can unbind from anywhere. Croak at 450 is about right. The command ability can save your life. The frog's spells are great on a Balewind Vortex with an Astrolith bearer, hitting the entire table with mortal wounds. The command ability can be used to fix a bad roll on the allegiance ability. Or any bad roll. Engine of the gods is worth taking alongside a Slann. Rolling four and choosing three almost guarantees you can select the 25" mortal wound blast. I rolled 40 times in a row and missed it twice. Furthermore, if you use Kroak's command ability, it's totally feasible to roll triple sixes, even moreso if you cast the Starseer's spell which allows you to increase a single die roll for a unit by +1 (you can also give this to a slann via command trait). Getting this is probably an auto-win, as you get an entire extra turn of scoring. Knights are great now. 5+ save ignoring rend -1. Might be as good as liberators since they are fast and can march for double speed. The firelance battalion, at only 100 points, is a screaming deal and you could easily build a list around these guys. All the Saurus are good. A Saurus heavy army could be led by the Oldblood on Carnosaur, giving every hero within 20" 2 extra attacks to one of their weapons. Skinks are ridiculously good for 60 points. 40 wounds for 200 is absurd. They will go down to battleshock, but that still means some powerful unit directed enough attacks to do 20 wounds at 200 points! An incredible trade that can give you an advantage. I will be buying more skinks. Artillery is possible. I like Salamanders. I like the idea of a summoning list using Kroak or a Slann. Bring out whatever you need to get the job done. I would take a slann and give him the ability to come back with d3 wounds if I am worried about the opponent sniping him off first turn. The strength is the versatility. So many warscrolls with battalions and heroes now pointed appropriately means the Seraphon have all the tools to get it done. Chameleon skinks remain amazing. They can set up right in the opponents face and are pointed well at 120. 3+ save in cover is thematic and very powerful. The threat of summoning these in can cause all sorts of problems for your opponent. Eternal Starhost remains the standout. Command Traits: Slann: General can re-roll one on cast. Very good. Can take the spells of the skinks. Also great. Free 200 point starseer spell. Teleport 2 units per turn? Amazing. Saurus: Use both inspiring presence and the command ability. This is awesome. Throw your unit of 40 skinks or 40 warriors in to stay. Re-roll saves of 1 is also nice. Skink: These are odd. I will probably never run these. Using celestial rites twice is ok, but a skink general may just get shot off quickly. What is everyone's favorite artefact? They all seem good. Mortal wound spam remains a problem. Does anyone like Kroxigor? The jaws ability is cool and could slay a hero, but that's a bit too situational for me. Dracothians tail: An amazing battalion. Single drop with two artefacts. Now we have a reason to paint those knights from the SC boxes. (Does kouteq count as a named character? can he take artefacts?) Fangs of Sotek: Very cool as well. Two command abilities. Use the Slann as normal and use the oldblood to buff your saurus heroes. What's everyone looking to run?
  2. until
    AoS Tournament in Ath, Belgium on the 25th March. 20 Spots. 2000pts - GHB2017 - 3 Games. 3 awards for the 3 best Generals based on Victory Points1 Slaughterer award based on most KP1 Painting Award
  3. Hey all, I thought it would be a good initiative to collate the community's rules questions regarding the General's Handbook 2017, the accompanying FAQs, and Forgeworld and Compendium warscrolls. I do this partly from self-interest in that I am running a tournament in mid-September and want to flush out any issues before the tournament. I don't want this thread to be a home for complaints, negativity, or subjective commentary on the value or wisdom of particular rulings. Rather, a collection of neutral questions seeking clarity regarding particular rules wordings, potential new FAQs, and even typos. In short, be constructive. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for the community. So, what questions do you have? I'll update this first post with the questions as they are submitted (I also started a Facebook post in "Age of Sigmar Fans", but will be collating all the questions here). UPDATE: I've also released a show on the new FAQs over at AoS Shorts - you can find the episode, transcript and resources here: https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faqs/ Cheers, Dan QUESTIONS Picking your army / allegiances Can you use one allegiance for selecting your battleline units, but then use a different allegiance for the traits and artefacts? This was a practice in GHB1 but seems less clear on the wording in GHB17 Is there a reason why some factions have an allegiance that is different from their faction name? For example, Disciples of Tzeentch (Tzeentch allegiance) and Blades of Khorne (Khorne allegiance). Allegiance abilities and mixed-faction battalions If I have a Sylvaneth allegiance army, with a Gnarlroot wargrove, can the Order Wizard in the Gnarlroot wargrove by the General? Do units in a mixed-faction battalion, which have been selected from a different faction that the battalion itself, count for the minimum battleline requirements in matched play? or are they like allies and don't count? If so, which allegiance abilities, command traits, artefacts, spells can the wizard access? Page 117 of GHB2017 says that (by way of example) the Stormcasts in Guardians of Alarielle do not benefit from any SYLVANETH allegiance abilities because those units themselves don't have the SYLVANETH keyword. While they may not be able to "benefit from" the ability, can they still take a command trait, artefact or spell? The Sylvaneth battletome says that any HERO in a Sylvaneth army can have a Sylvaneth command trait/artefact etc (noting however that the wording for the Sylvaneth spell lore is more ambiguous as it refers to both a WIZARD in a Sylvaneth army and a SYLVANETH WIZARD). Allegiance abilities and named characters Are named battalion characters, such as Zogbak Realmrippa and Zectoka, which are based on the standard warscroll for that unit, allowed to take command traits and artefacts? Allies and battalions If a units in a battalion have a choice of allegiance (for example, Everchosen or Tzeentch with the Fatesworn Warband), and you select Tzeentch as your army allegiance, do you pay for the battalion out of your main faction points, or your ally points? Mounts On page 117 it states that "command abilities or magical artefacts can only be used to affect attacks made by the hero, and have no effect on attacks made by the their [sic] mount unless specifically stated otherwise". Was this meant to say command traits, given that it is in the Allegiance Abilities section, or is it addressed to matters such as Battle Brew on a Stonehorn? NB: the German version of GHB2017 refers to command traits, rather than command abilities. If a command ability or artefact affects "a model", and that model is a mounted hero, does the ability/artefact affect the mount? or must the ability/artefact explicitly say that it affects "the mount"? Is Mighty Lord of Khorne's/Khorgos Khul's dog treated as a mount? Or another weapon? Is the Grot Warboss's Gobba treated as a mount? Or another weapon? Is the coven throne regarded as a mount? If so which attacks are considered to be affected by command traits? The vampire and hand maidens or just the vampire? Under-strength units Does "minimum size" refer to the minimum size on the Warscroll, or to the minimum size in the Pitched Battle profile? Previously Under-strength referred to the Profile and minimum size referred to the Warscroll, but the Pitched Battle Profiles page also refers to "minimum sizes units" in regards to the Pitched Battle Profile. (In which case an under-sized unit will always be less than minimum size.) Stormcast Do Stormcast Prayers work on allied units (despite being Allegiance abilities)? They do not specify a keyword. Sylvaneth Are the rolls for Drycha's Squirmlings "hit rolls", given they are a shooting attack, such that they could benefit from an ability allowing you to re-roll misses? Seraphon Skink starseer in Ghb2 has risen to 200pts but doesn't have an asterisk next to it. In Azyr it's 160 How does engine of the gods work with matched play? I.e. On scenarios where you score at the end of your turn. If you make an 18+ on the engine of gods roll chart, do you score in that extra free turn as well? Also, do your buffs that last until the next hero phase mean the next battle rounds hero phase or imply that you will indeed have to rebuff in the proceeding (free) turn phase? I.e prayers or mystic shields etc. Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, It states that you can summon units included in the battalion using a summoning spell. Is this summoning spell restricted to the number of models mentioned in the augmented spell description. Example: can I summon a 40 unit saurus unit or would I be restricted to the maximum unit size described in the spell 20 saurus models. Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, can cast any number of summoning spells that summon SAURUS units to the battlefield, as long as each unit he summons comes from this battalion. Does this mean that you pay the points for the units and than you put them aside and than you can summon them or does this mean that you have to pay points for the units, deploy them in the table top, save some reserve points and than from those reserve points you can cast any number of summoning spells as long as you have some of the deployed units on the tabletop Daughters of Khaine Does Cauldron of Blood's Bloodshield ward save stack, ie can a unit get it more than once if in range of multiple Cauldron of Bloods? Pestilens If you give a Plague Furnace the Liber Bubonicus artefact, can the furnace use both the Pestilens prayers and its own? Clan Pestilens echoes of great plagues trait talks about prayers cast by pestilent priest. If verminlord corruptor has gained access to prayers through command trait or artifact, is he for all intents and purposes counted as being "pestilent priest"? Command trait and the artifact do not state whether verminlord receives priest keyword or not. Skryre Q:// can warpstone shards be used to double mortal wound damage output such as warpfire throwers, warfare protectors, spell castings etc...? Ironjawz Is the Weirdnob Shaman always the closest unit to himself for Power of the Waaaagh? Does the Weird-nob count as the "closest Orruk Unit" for the purposes of suffering Mortal Wounds on a casting roll of a double? When do the suffered Mortal Wounds on a double come into play? Is it any time that the Weird-nob casts, or just when there are 20+ Orruk models nearby? Or does it kick in at 10+ nearby Orruk models? How do the Ardboyz Shields work exactly? Specifically, at what point in the wounding/damage process are the saves taken? Do the Shields save against Wounds before Damage is calculated? Like for d3 or multi-damage weapons? And do the Shields work against Mortal Wounds? Disciples of Tzeentch Does Arcane Suggestion (Drop your weapons and It's Hopeless) last until the start of your next hero phase like other debuffs? Q: For the Glean Magic spell of the Curseling, you roll 2D6 and have to roll "equal to or greater than" the casting value of the spell being learned, which corresponds to how a casting roll is described. Does this 2D6 roll count as a casting roll? Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince is included in the Slaves to Darkness Pitched Battle profile, but does not have the Slaves to Darkness keyword. Does this lack of keyword in any way limit or impact the selection of Daemon Princes, or their roles regarding Command Traits or Artefacts, within a Slaves to Darkness army? Zombies How does the rule 'merge' work? If there are conditions applied to one unit which merged with the other do they now both apply to the merged unit? If these are contradictory how do I determine which apply? Is a new unit created when the units merge? If so, is the new units merged size considered the starting size for that unit in matched play? Does setting up an Auric Runesmiter and their selected unit count as one drop or two? Thoughts? Opinions? Forgeworld Skin wolves generate additional attacks on an 'attack roll' of 5+. Is this meant to say hit roll? Q: Exalted Greater Daemons are not named characters, so do they have access to traits and Artefacts? Open Play What is the "Order of Precedence" for Storm of War Twist card vs Lord of Change "Mastery of Magic"
  4. As most of you are probably aware by now, the GHB2017 has come and with it have come massive changes to the compendium warscrolls. Since almost every Bretonnian warscroll has seen multiple revisions, I thought I'd go through each warscroll and note everything that's changed for our favourite fantasy knights. Note that this is not a thread to complain (whether complaining about GW killing Brets, or that Brets shouldn't exist in AoS); this is simply a helpful thread so those affected can easily see what's changed for their armies without having to comb through the compendiums, and a friendly place for people to discuss strategies/thoughts/uses for Bretonnians under the new rules. With that out of the way, there are a few army wide points to be made before running through the changes to our warscrolls: All our units have lost the FREE PEOPLE keyword (and no longer interact with it); it's been replaced with the BRETONNIAN keyword. Our own synergies are mostly intact, but there's no longer any synergy with Empire/Freeguild forces. Bretonnians are not available as allies except to Stormcast Eternals. Apart from this you have to run a GA: Order allegiance to use them. Points and unit sizes have remained the same as they were for all units under the first GHB (for better or for worse). There are no longer any points listed for our two battalions. Both were pretty awful so this isn't much of a loss. So what's actually changed at the warscroll level? Well... quite a lot actually, ranging from subtle changes in wording to major overhauls. I'm going to run through each warscroll one by one and note any changes from the previous version: King Louen Leoncoeur: First off, Louen's been renamed to a generic King on Hippogryph (meaning you can take more than one, and he can take items/traits, which is a definite plus). His crown's ability to negate battleshock now affects BRETONNIAN units. Both his crown and command ability now have a 24" range rather than being army wide. Other than that he's the same. The Fay Enchantress: No longer unique and renamed to an Enchantress. Her Chalice of Potions now allows her to re-roll a failed cast once per turn (rather than auto-casting one spell if you rolled a 2+ on one D6), and only stops working if you roll a 2 on the re-roll - it also no longer prevents the spell from being unbound. Her "Spiteful Glance" now works at the start of the combat phase (rather than before she attacks) and you only have to equal (not beat) an enemy's bravery to deal a mortal wound. She can now only heal herself for D3 wounds in the hero phase. Her spell only affects BRETONNIAN units, and only adds +1 to hit for their melee weapons (it's no longer +2 for a NOBILITY unit). The Green Knight: No longer unique and renamed to Sacred Protector. He's now summoned in the movement phase rather than the hero phase, but is otherwise the same. Bretonnian Lord: He now adds +1 to hit rolls for his lance on turns he charges rather than gaining +1 to wound rolls and +1 to damage. In addition, his "Courage of the Bretonni" special rule (preventing NOBILITY models within 10" from fleeing on a 4+) has been completely removed. Paladin: Renamed to Noble Champion. This warscroll is missing a save value in the PDF (but presumably it's still a 4+). He no longer has a shield special rule (which previously granted +1 to his save if he didn't charge that turn). His flavour text still mentions a shield though... His "Heroic Blow" ability (dealing D6 mortal wounds on a 3+ instead of his usual attacks) has been removed, but he now gains +1 damage against DAEMON and DEATH units. He also gained the "Virtue of Empathy" special rule, which lets PEASANTRY units within 6" use his bravery for battleshock tests. Paladin Standard Bearer: Renamed to Noble Standard Bearer. Now makes 4 attacks with his sword instead of 5, but it gets +1 damage against DAEMON and DEATH units. His banner has been changed to let you re-roll battleshock tests for NOBILITY units within 12". His "Follow Me to Glory!" special rule (letting NOBILITY units re-roll charges) has been removed. Damsel of the Lady: Renamed to a Damsel. Otherwise identical. Knights Errant: Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. In addition they no longer have any bonus for being in a unit of 10 or more models. Knights of the Realm: When in a unit with 10 models or more, they now re-roll ones to hit rather than gaining an extra attack with their lances. Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. Their "Virtue of Knightly Temper" (granting +1 bravery if a FREE PEOPLE HERO was within 8") has been removed. Questing Knights: Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. Otherwise unchanged. Grail Knights: Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. The "For the Lady!" ability (granting re-rolls to hit) has been removed (though note you can still give them re-rolls to hit via the Enchantress). Additionally, their lance attacks now gain +1 damage against DAEMON and DEATH units - this is independent of, and in addition to their charge bonuses. Pegasus Knights: Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. They can no longer pile in and attack twice if they charged that turn. Their musician now lets them roll 3D6 (rather than 4D6) and pick the two highest when charging. Battle Pilgrims: They no longer gain the NOBILITY keyword when carrying a reliquae. Men-at-Arms: They lost the relic bearer upgrade, which granted them an unbind. Their banner now lets them re-roll battleshock tests instead of adding to their bravery. The "Virtue of Empathy" special rule (which gave them +1 to hit if there was a PALADIN within 8") has been removed. Peasant Bowmen: Have been affected by all the same changes as the Men-at-Arms above. In addition, they now lose their braziers and stakes if they move or are attacked in the combat phase. The stakes now deal D3 mortal wounds to a unit that ends a charge within 3" of them (before you rolled a D6 for each model that finished a charge move within 1"; on a 6 its unit took a mortal wound). Finally, the champ now makes fewer attacks during an Arrowstorm. Mounted Yeomen: Their banner now lets them re-roll battleshock tests instead of adding to their bravery. The "Virtue of Empathy" special rule (which gave them +1 to hit if there was a PALADIN within 8") has been removed. Their shields now let them re-roll saves of 1 if they charged, rather than adding 1 to save rolls. Their musician only lets them add 1 to run rolls now (it added 2 previously). They can't run anymore when making their free move before the game starts. Field Trebuchet: The "Virtue of Courage" (which let the crew ignore battleshock if a PALADIN was within 8") has been removed. If shooting at a unit it can't see, it now suffers a -1 to hit penalty. And that's it! As you can see, there have been a LOT of changes, large and small; hopefully this post makes some of them a bit clearer! Feel free to post feedback, point out things I've missed, and give your own thoughts on the changes to our army and where you're planning to go with Brets from here. I might follow up with some tactical thoughts and first impressions, but this post is ridiculously long already so I'll leave it there for now Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you have found this post informative or useful - may the Lady's blessing always be upon you!
  5. So it's been a month since the Generals Handbook 2017 came out. I gave an initial battle report in my last blog entry, and now on the eve of my 3 week holiday, I figure now is as good a time as any to write down some further thoughts. Since my initial battle, I've managed to get in another 3 games. 2 of them were using the Matched Play scenarios, while the other one used the Open War cards. I've been using the following Free Peoples list during these outings: Game 1 - Sylvaneth - Battle for the Pass The first of the 3 games was Battle for the Pass vs Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth player dumped a Wyldwood on what would ultimately be my objective , and being an army with battalions outdropped my army easily (Either way he would've out dropped me). Deployment finished Overall this game went pretty smoothly for me, as my opponent deployed pretty far back (Given we needed to reach objectives in the mid-field). His Tree-Revenants went after my cannon, but bounced off the crew and were shot down by the cannon in return (Due to being locked in combat, couldn't move into range of something better). By the end of my turn 1, I already had control of both side objectives and was ahead on points. The Freeguild Guard race up to get control of the objective, while on the far side the Pistoliers do the same Ultimately it took too long for my opponent to get up to the side objectives. I had left a Gryph Hound and Greatswords back to prevent my opponent teleporting onto the Wyldwoods on my side of the board, so the Sylvaneth had no easy way to catch up on points. Eventually Durthu did get into the fight, smashed aside the Freeguild Guard, Demigryphs and Handgunners before being bought down. Durthu about to smash the Demigryphs, but on the far side the Griffon has dispatched of the Scythe Hunters The counter-attack was ultimately far too late. Durthu was felled by combined firepower, while the Ancient did finally control the objective the Freeguild General on Griffon had managed to demolish the rest of the army and even stole control of the enemy objective on the last turn. While the Freeguilds took heavy losses towards the end of the game, it was a resounding victory overall. The Ancient takes the side objective, but in the background the Griffon is busy gobbling down a Branchwych Game 2 - Wanderers - Open War The second game (played the same day) was against a Wanderers army. The Open War cards I remember was that we had diagonal deployment, the objective was to kill as many enemy models as possible (doubling that number if you slew the enemy general). I believe the twist may have been one army has to finish deployment first, and gets first turn unless a 1 is rolled. My opponent got choice of board edge, and got a lot of mystical terrain. Coupled with the Wanderers ability to teleport around at will, this made the game quite difficult. Deployment finished, the Wanderers appear to be on one side... My opponent got the first turn, rolled a bunch on his mystical terrain, and then both units of Glade Guard and the Nomad Prince teleported towards my main army, and took off a bunch of my Freeguild Crossbowmen. Wild Riders appeared in the backline to go after the Cannons, but thankfully failed their charge. I think both spells failed on the Eternal Guard. In my turn, all I could do is move forwards to get into range. I think the Handgunners went after one of the Waywatchers (may not have bee in range of the Glade Guard), while the Crossbowmen took some shots at some of the Glade Guard. Both Cannons I believe fired at the Eternal Guard and took some off. In combat, the Griffon ate one of the Waywatchers, while the Demigryph Knights killed 2 of the Wild Riders. Crossbowmen heavily depleted, but initiative could swing the game The rest of the game is pretty hazy. The Wild Riders basically spent most of the game going after the Cannons, failing charges, and all that. The Greatswords ultimately finished them off, but got lost in the sea of dead models. The Eternal Guard were so heavily depleted by the initial attack by the Griffon and Cannons they were basically out of the game for the rest of the battle. I believe the Nomad Prince and at least one unit of the Glade Guard (the one that hadn't taken casualties) teleported back over to take some shots at the Griffon. The Griffon had a chance to get into the Glade Guard and Prince, but ultimately failed to kill the Spellweaver in one turn so didn't have the opportunity to charge them. The Freeguild General on Griffon failed to take out the Spellweaver, so was locked in combat for another turn Ultimately, a lot of mistakes cost me the game, but getting reckless with my General was the worst one. The game was pretty even, but I decided to use him and my Demigryph Knights to go after the enemy when they teleported back over to my side of the battle. This ultimately cost me the battle as the General was slain my a Glade Guard model, and even with the combined might of all my shooting, I couldn't take out the enemy General in return (The -1 to hit was pretty tough). My General on Griffon was eventually laid low by reflected mortal wounds off the Eternal Guard also (If it seriously mattered, I would not have done this but I knew it didn't matter by that time). Game 3 - Sylvaneth - Knife to the Heart Last game I've played (and the last for a while :() was once again against a Sylvaneth army. We originally rolled up Scorched Earth, but decided to re-roll it since we had both already played that scenario. I won the roll off for deciding territory, and decided that I would take the side with the Arcane and Damned terrain, letting my opponent having the Mystical and Deadly. He had placed a Wyldwood base somewhat close to my deployment area pre-game, and I knew that he would be looking to alpha strike due to his Ancient having the Moonstone of Hidden Ways. Deployment finished, Durthu, 2x3 Kurnoth Hunters, 10x Spite Revenants all waiting to come out from the Wyldwoods Right from this turn 1, he summoned a new wyldwood with the Branchwych, buffer up the Treelord Ancient, and then teleported everything. The Ancient and Tree Revenants appeared behind my lines (With the Revenants only just being outside 10" from the Gryph Hound). The stuff coming out of the Wyldwoods appeared from the front. Unfortunately for the Sylvaneth though, the Ancient missed with his ranged attack, Durthu wasn't in range of the Handgunners. The Treelord and one unit of the Hunters managed to get in a charge, with the Hunters taking a lot of firepower from the Great Company to lose a Hunter before even fighting. A fairly lacklustre round of combat saw the Ancient only being able to kill a single Pistolier, while the Hunters killed some of the Freeguild Guard (including a few running due to battleshock), another Hunter was bought low. The Freeguild Forces get off quite easily given the army of Trees bearing down on them In return, the Free Peoples line held and blew the Ancient out of the game. The Handgunners even got to split their fire between the Ancient and the Tree Revenants with more fleeing due to battleshock. A devestating turn of events, even Durthu took a wound from the cannons. A good portion of the army gone already Ultimately there's not a huge amount more to talk about in this game. The Greatswords were killed by Durthu and the Tree Revenants, but the combined firepower of the Free Peoples was too much. One of the cannons even managed to roll 2 sixes for damage against Durthu when he had a single wound remaining! (If only it was the first turn!). The Freeguild General on Griffon got into the backline and deleted all the Dryads in a single turn, and that was about it. Thoughts So those are summaries of the games I've played so far. I think it's important to note, that it has only been a month, and we don't exactly play every week, so people are still trying things out. My opponent in the last game wanted to see how the Moonstone worked, and I think alpha striking his Treelord turn 1 was not exactly the best game plan. But here are some thoughts I have Freeguild General on Griffon This guy has done work for me every game. Sometimes he whiffs a round though, but it's going to happen from time to time of course. He is amazingly tough as well, but I haven't come up against many armies with mortal wounds yet. 20x Handgunners At some point I think I'm going to have to either make another 10 of these guys, or build up command for another unit. I've only gotten away with them being in 20's due to either my opponents not understanding their strength, or getting extremely lucky in my last game. Gryph Hound I'm still not sure I actually like this guy or not. His warning cry abilitiy has never gone off, even though I've played 3 armies which actually have 'teleporters'. My opponents will just make sure to put them further than 10" away. I guess in a way, this is fine, as it gives me a pretty critical turn to retaliate. Think I'm going to have to play around a bit more with him, my army is 1960 points so if I did drop the hound, that's another 10 Freeguild Guard I could fit in. Demigryph Knights They just... never seem to do damage. They're alright with tankiness, but without any buffs (The only one I can give being Hold the Line), they just can't deal any damage. Dunno, my gut feeling is that ultimately they'll be cut from the list unless I'm making a Freeguild Regiment. I feel I'd rather the utility of something like Pistoliers or Outriders, but for now, being painted they'll be sticking around. Maybe the Cavalry Halberds will be better? Perhaps I just have this thought of how Lances should work (Go in and blitz away half a unit) and they're just never going to be able to do that. That's about it for now. Obviously not a huge amount of experience yet, but when I'm back from my holiday, there'll be our first GHB 2017 tournament two weeks later. Should be a good work out for the Free Peoples (But getting everything painted in time is going to be trouble!).
  6. Hey all, Apologies if this has been covered already - but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what is a mount and what isn't, now that GHB2017 has ruled that artefacts only affect the rider and not the mount. I raised the question here, when I was told that you could apply the artefact/traits to the Mighty Lord of Khorne to more than double his and his flesh hound's attacks. But then the Coven Throne came up as an example. Which part of the Coven Throne is the mount, all of it bar the vampire? Just the ghosts underneath? Do the handmaidens count as part of the mount or do they also have the buff applied to them as they are "accompanying" the vampire? Or do they count as part of the warmachine because their attacks degrade with it? There are also some other weird examples - the dark elf on dragon never states on its warscroll that it's riding a dragon but it clearly is. Where is the line drawn? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hey all! So I've been playing around with this allies system a bit with my SE, Empire and Nurgle forces. I lean heavily in favor of my Empire these days and I do like the idea of taking my hurricanum with my Stormcast. But... has allies taken away the ability for Empire to field artillery en mass? I mean, I have 5 Empire Great Cannons, 2 hellfire volley Gun, a mortar, a Rocket Battery and a Steam Tank but am I now only able to take 20% of my list as Iron weld arsenal? Can I still field my Empire Great Cannons as freeguild (as technically they are not the Iron weld arsenal ones) meaning they don't count towards my use of allies points? Not to mention I want to fit my Hurricanum into my list which is near impossible to do if your taking Iron weld arsenal gear. My fear is I have just stumbled across the one thing to come with GHB2017 that kills my love of the Empire after having so much AWESOME stuff in it Note: I am not hating on GHB2 at all, I love the book, love the whole thing, yes even allies! lol.
  8. I've made an allies matrix for each grand alliance so you can easily see who can ally with whom. https://aosshorts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/GHB2017-Allies-Table-v1.1.pdf
  9. So originally the group had organised this day to play Skirmish or Path to Glory, that went straight out the window as soon as people heard that the GHB 2017 was dropping on the Saturday. Instead, the day was filled with much fun getting in a game of the new edition. For me, I'd be bringing out my Free Peoples, a force I've been building up on the side the past year or so. I also bought some Beastmen along from my 8th days, that with a few extra models translated basically into a 2000 point force also, but they stayed in the case today. For my first outing, this was the list I was bringing Freeguild General - General - Indomitable (Add 1 to save rolls within 6" if didn't charge) Freeguild General with Stately War Banner Freeguild General on Griffon - Armour of Meteoric Iron 20x Freeguild Guard 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen 20x Freeguild Handgunners 10x Freeguild Greatwords 3x Demigryph Knights 5x Freeguild Pistoliers 2x Cannon 1x Gryph Hound Which rounded the force out to 1960 points. Some of the models were 'on loan' from my older warhammer armies, potentially to be re-based in future. Note that I forgot to pack another 10 Freeguild Guard, so in this game the Freeguild Archer models are subbing in for Guardsmen. My opponent was packing a mixed Destruction list based on his GHB1 list. His list looked something like Ogor Tyrant Moonclan Warboss with Great Cave Squig Moonclan Grot Shaman Frostlord on Stonehorn 6x Ogors 20x Moonclan Grots with Spears 20x Moonclan Grots with Bows 3x Fanatics 6x Ironguts Gargant Everyone else at the club was playing Scorched Earth, and what would you know it, we rolled it up also. Definitely happy enough with that, since it's the only scenario in the new book that's completely new. After setup was complete, the board looked a little bit like this: The armies prepped and ready for war My opponent got the first turn due to finishing deployment first, and got ready to roll with his new allegiance abilities. The stone horn revved up, and sauntered forwards 6" in the hero phase while the Ogor Tyrant was bolstered by the Moonclan Shaman with a Mystic Shield. The army for the most part ran forwards, eager to engage the enemy. Of course, I knew I had made a mistake as soon as the Frostlord surged forwards. The Frostlord managed to successfully charge the Greatswords, wiping them out before they could retaliate, and razed my side objective for an early lead. He rolled a 2, so was up to 5 points at the end of his first turn! A large hill to climb. In my turn, the Freeguild great company swerved off to the side. The Freeguild Guard were bolstered with Inspiring Presence and quickly marched to block a potential charge against the gunline from the Stonehorn. On the right flank (unseen in most pictures!), the Pistoliers stayed on the objective but moved into shooting range of the Gargant whom had surged up the field. The Freeguild General on Griffon kicked his mount forwards, eager to engage the Gargant. In the shooting phase, the cannons took a toll on the Tyrant, dealing 5 wounds but failing to take him out. The Handgunners had some of their unit still in range, but only managed to take 1 wound from the Stonehorn . In the combat phase, the General on Griffon flew over the Gargant to attack it from behind, felling the towering gargant which fell to empty ground. The Freeguild units re-organise their battleline to take on the oncoming threat My opponent then won the initiative, and chose to go first. The Tyrant bellowed at the Ogors nearby, urging them forwards. The Grot Shaman was a bit too cautious though, and wasn't particularly feeling in the mushroomy mood, and failed to cast mystic shield. In the backline, the Frostlord decided that the Cannons were tastier treats, heading around the back to take out the Free Peoples artillery. The Ogors smashed into the Freeguild line, but not before being peppered with shots from both the Handgunners and Crossbowmen, downing two Ogors before they even made it into the battle. The Stonehorn smashed into the cannons, dealing 3 wounds with it's charge to one of the cannons. The Ogors make it into the Freeguild, but without the backup of their Tyrant As it so happened, the Frostlord beat both the Crews to death but the cannons were left around. The Ogors were unable to punch through the Freeguild Guard, whom took down another Ogor in retaliation. Still, the points were counting up, the Destruction were now up to 8 points and taking a convincing lead. The Freeguild General sent the command, it was time to show these beasts what disciplines and training was worth. He swiftly sent the order to the Guard, Crossbowmen and Handgunners to hold the line. The Griffon after finishing off it's meal, swooped on after the Grot Archers on the far flank while the Demigryphs swept up the hill, looking to take on the Grot Shaman if the Tyrant was felled. In the shooting phase, huge volleys of shot and bolt were shot around. The handgunners hammered the Stonehorn, taking out 6 wounds, while the Crossbowmen split fire between the Tyrant and the Stonehorn. The Tyrant was felled, but the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds remaining. Fearing for his life, the Grot Shaman ordered the Grots to let loose the Fanatics, which crazily swung into the Demigryphs. In the combat phase, the Stonehorn finished off the cannon that was in range. The Griffon swept into the Grot Archers, but his aim this time wasn't convincing, only managing to kill a few while sending more running due to the Griffons bloodroar. The Fanatics managed to kill a noble Demigryph Knight before being savagely pecked to death. The Ogors still couldn't get through the Freeguild guardsmen, their blows being parried and blocked while the Guard dealt a few more wounds to the Ogors. Still, the Free Peoples were still far behind, with only 4 points to Destructions 8. What happened next, was that the Free Peoples won the initiative roll. However, it looked like it might be better off to let the enemy take the turn, their backup was still far off in the Ironguts, and the Stonehorn and Ogors both on their last legs. So the Destruction got to go, with the Ironguts deciding to stay in the backline. Unforeseen was the cunning Grots having the foresight to retreat from combat with the Griffon, keeping the objective in their favour. The Stonehorn tried to smash it's way through the lines again, but was shot down by the Freeguild Handgunners stand and shoot. Additionally, the Crossbowmen of the Great Company provided supporting fire to the Freeguild Guard, shooting it's way through the Ogors who were bought down in a hail of Crossbow bolts before they could even land a blow against the Freeguild Guard. The Ogors in the Freeguild backline were finally cleared up at the loss of the Greatswords and Ironweld Arsenal, but the points were racking up, they had now accumulated 11 points to the Freeguilds 4. Now was the time for the Freeguild to take the offensive to the enemy. We would have to make sure we claimed the enemy objectives in this turn, to stall their own resources while catching up in our own. The entire Freeguild company surged up the board, with the noble Gryph Hound been relegated to supply duty keeping the middle objective. The Demigryph's swung around to the side, they would need to keep the objective on the far flank safe in future turns. In the combat phase, the Griffon managed to wipe out the far objective, finally the Freeguild had taken superior control of the battle. The points now were 7 to 11 in favour of Destruction, could they keep their lead? The army marches forwards while the Demigryph's make their detour towards the far objective Destruction won the roll off this time, and were more than happy to play on the defensive. Cautious of the blasting the Ogors had received earlier, and unsure where the Freeguild army was heading, the Ironguts backed off. If the Handgunners wanted to shoot them, they would have to work for it and the points were still racking up. the Destruction force now had accumulated 13 points, while the Free Peoples were only on 7. Still, the Free Peoples marched on. Marching the forces up and over the hill. The Crossbowmen at the doubled, their firepower would be needed in the final turn. The Handgunners moved up, blasting away at the Ironguts but not managing to get much damage through. The Demigryphs in the meantime had taken the far objective, while the Freeguild General on Griffon had swooped around to harass the Grots from the rear. The Freeguild Guard and Griffon both made their way onto the Grots holding onto the objective. The Guard managed to kill a few, while the Griffon added to the count, but at the end of the day, many Grots fled but 3 remained, crucially keeping the objective for the Destruction forces. The Free Peoples were catching up, now 10 points to 13, but were they catching up fast enough? The Grots died well, and still held the objective at the end of the fourth battle round The initiative roll would be crucial, if the Free Peoples held the initiative they would surely take the game, razing the objectives, but if the Destruction won they could still accumulate points. As it so happened, Destruction won the roll off and the Ironguts surged forwards. In a show of pure bestial fury, they smashed into the Freeguild Guard and smashed them into the ground, the Grots still held the objective and the Destruction ended with 15 points. In the final turn of the game, all focus was on the 3 Grots. If the Free Peoples could kill those Grots, they would hold 2 of the enemy objectives and be able to raze them for bonus points, if not, the Destruction would run away with the victory. The General ordered the Handgunners to stand fast, while the Crossbowmen mounted the hill. The Grots however, were short and sneaky, hiding behind the much larger Ironguts. The Crossbowmen could only slay a single Grot, while the Generals pistol failed to wound. Would the Grots win the day? The Handgunners plonked away at the Ironguts, dealing massive damage laying 3 of them out. As it so happened though, both the Freeguild General and General on Griffon managed to slam into the Grots. The Freeguild General, leading his forces, got the job done, slaying the 2 Grots. Finally it would come down to how much bonus supply could be gathered from the Destruction objectives. The dice were rolled, and in total the D3's came up as 3 and 1, meaning the Free Peoples would get a total of 6 points, bringing them up to 16 points to Destruction's 15. Victory to the Free Peoples The end of the game, the Free Peoples had snatched the victory at the final hour Wow, what an amazing first game. It was excitingly close. Losing one of my side objectives first turn was devestating, as it put me on the back foot from the start in terms of victory points. Still, I managed to claw it back right at the end of the game. Definitely some things I bought away from this game is that with my Great Company, and even having only 2 home objectives, I felt it would've been difficult to manage both keeping my own objectives while engaging the enemy. I badly misplaced my Gryph-Hound (Which was essentially useless in this matchup), and should've kept him on my far objective, freeing up the Pistoliers to go do some work. I also think it was a mistake to have all my fast stuff on one flank (Especially given the point I just mentioned). My opponent held one of his objectives with just his single Grot Warboss, a faster unit on that flank could've given my opponent more grief, potentially muddling up his battleplan even more. Putting both my cannons close by as well was also a huge mistake. I knew there was definitely the possibility of him going around the back rather than smashing into my lines with the Frostlord, and should've separated the cannons to stop them both going down in one shot from the Frostlord. I also didn't split my fire with the Crossbowmen efficiently enough at one stage during the game. I probably could've killed both the Frostlord and Tyrant with the Crossbowmen, but instead focussed more fire on the Tyrant which overkilled him, while the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds. It didn't make a difference in the end, but something to keep in mind in future. Overall though, great game to kick off GHB 2017 with. Looking forward to getting more games done in future!
  10. What did everyone think about the narrative section in the GHB2017?
  11. Hi, can you help me create competitive lists for 1000 1250 1500 points of FEC? I currently have: 3 Abhorrant Ghoul King 1 Varghulf Courtier 1 Crypt Haunter Courtier 1 Crypt Infernal Courtier 12 Crypt Horrors 30 Crypt Ghouls 6 Crypt Flayers 1 Zombie Dragon (I can put on the king) 2 Terrorgheist (I can put on the king) I was thinking of buying 20 Ghoul + 1 Crypt Ghast Courtier.
  12. I was writing a report on a recent game and came to the part where I activated Frostlord on Stonehorn's Tokens of the Everwinter which read: "Once during the battle, in any hero phase, the bearer can swallow the Tokens of the Everwinter. If he does, until the start of the next hero phase you can re-roll all hit rolls, wound rolls and save rolls made for him." I proceeded to miss all my hits, re-roll them into mostly hits, fail all my wounds, re-roll them mostly into wounds, and kill a maw crusha I was fighting instead of do nothing to him. But now I'm hearing that GHB2017 updated artefacts to only affect the hero and not his mount, and I re-rolled Crushing Hooves and Horns as well as his Frost Spear. Do the Tokens affect the mount's attacks, since they affect its saves (in a manner)?
  13. I'm hoping to gather some initial data that I want to pass on to GW to get an idea of how the forthcoming changes to Thunderers are both felt and perceived by the community. If you are not a KO player but want to participate in the poll, please select the appropriate options in the poll that indicate as much. If you are unaware of these changes, please see the attached Warscroll. The primary change I am focusing on is the alteration for the weapon load outs allowed (previously any mix of weapons; now a max of 1 of each weapon per 5 models), although the range of the Mortar changed pretty dramatically as well. Nothing else about the matched play profile for this unit has changed: points are still 100 for 5, same max size, still not a conditional battleline unit. +++ Mod Edit +++ I've removed the picture of the updated Warscroll due to it being leaked from the Generals Handbook. I know this will probably make this discussion a lot more difficult now, but we are having a bit of a clamp down on the leaks. This can be updated as soon as the updates become official on the GW site. Cheers
  14. I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place. The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/ The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne. I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-learnt-twitch-game-1/ The Order day summary is here. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-warhammer-live-twitch-order-day/ The Chaos day summary is here - this covers the interviews but not the game itself. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-chaos-day-warhammer-live/ The summary of the Jervis Johnson interview on Destruction day is here. It is really interesting in that it goes into the background of the development of General's Handbook 2017. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-destruction/ Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game. And for anyone concerned about such things, I have no advertising on my site and am just trying to collate a useful resource for the community.
  15. I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place. The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/ The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne. I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-learnt-twitch-game-1/ The Order day summary is here - if you have any details from the stream that should be added, please get in touch. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-warhammer-live-twitch-order-day/ The Chaos day is here https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-chaos-day-warhammer-live/ Destruction day https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-destruction/ Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game. Can't wait to see more of Soulblight, so glad Bloodlines are back. And for anyone concerned about such things, I have no advertising on my site and am just trying to collate a useful resource for the community.
  16. Looking at the leaked pics i was a little sad that i cant fit a maxed brass stampede with a gorepilgrims in a 2k list so i did some playing around and want to see what people think. Gore pilgrims (180) 2x10 bloodreavers (140) 1x5 blood warriors (100) 1 blood secrator (120) 2x slaughter priest (200) Brass stampede (180) 5x3 skull crushers (700) 1 jugger lord (140) 3 korgoraths (240) 2000/2000 Korgoraths are just there because i like them, i can drop them but at 80 points each i dont see why i should.
  17. By now you have probably seen a number of leaks relating to the General’s Handbook 2017 (GHB2017). I just wanted to give some initial thoughts before my next show scheduled for release day. In that show, I’ll cover the top things you need to know for preparing for your next matched play tournament. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-full-picture/#more-332
  18. With all the General's Handbook 2017 leaks hitting the scenes, I'm interested in what you are looking for when assessing the likely changes to tournament play. We know that the core rules have not significantly changed, but all the inputs - scenarios, points, allegiance abilites/special rules, and now allies (army composition) - have. With all the railing against higher points costs for battalions, an increased cost to 1 drop deployments, and the potential balancing between battletome and non-battletome factions, what do you look for and expect? I'm expecting we will see more tournament variety, harder trade-offs regarding battalions, a substantial use of allies and an increased horde/anti-horde meta. In effect, what are the overriding dynamics which will impact game-play and list-building decisions for GHB17 tournaments. I'm really interested to see the Warhammer TV coverage this week and hope we get some insight into Games Workshop's thought process and intended direction behind the changes. In the mean time, I've jotted some thoughts down more general about edition changes and what we know about GHB2017 so far: https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-full-picture/
  19. I've added a new page on AoS Shorts to collate all the official information on General's Handbook 2017. It has all the links to the Community site articles, the Warhammer TV videos and soon the Twitch games. Really hyped for the new release. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/
  20. Hi guys, So with GHB2017 a little over 2 weeks to drop (Which means, we'll probably see leaks sometime next week), and the fact the warhammer-community has been showing some of the allies themselves, I thought it'd be good to have a good ol' bit of speculation about what we think certain ally factions will be. For the record, we currently know the following: Deathlords may take Deadwalkers, Flest-Eater Courts, Deathrattle, Deathmages, Soulblight, Nighthaunt as allies Clans Verminus may take Clans Eshin, Clans Moulder, Clans Pestilens, Clans Skyre, Masterclan as allies Moonfang Grots may take Aleguzzler Gargants, Greenskinz, Gitmob Grots, Spiderfang Grots, Troggoths as allies We also know that Beastclaw Raider, Gutbusters, Firebellies and Maneaters will all be able to ally together. It also looks like allies will be Faction based and not keyword based. We can project this based on the Skaven actually, as currently none of the Skaven have keywords such as CLANS VERMINUS, they just have the keyword VERMINUS. This is potentially a very important thing to distinguish. Because everything in the Compendium and stuff like Sayl, may share keywords with current factions, aren't a part of that faction (i.e Brettonians and Empire in GHB1 are both in a different section to the Free Peoples even if they share the FREE PEOPLES keyword). Whether or not Games Workshop will make some clarification on this issue in the Compendium update we'll have to wait and see. But back to the main topic at hand, let's theory craft some possible allies! Personally I feel that allies are definitely going to be more narrative in nature, and balance will be kept in other ways. So I don't think you're going to see Collegiate Arcane allying with all of Order for example. One thing I'm curious about is whether or not allies will be symmetrical. As an example I think Ironjawz shouldn't ally with Greenskinz, but think it's more narrative appropriate for Greenskinz to ally with Ironjawz. Not sure whether GW will pursue this direction though. So here are some of my top picks for the different grand alliances: Free Peoples can ally with Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Collegiate Arcane, Ironweld Arsenal, Stormcast Eternals as allies Darkling Covens may take Shadowblades, Order Serpentis, Scourge Privateers, Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast Eternals as allies (Even if I think the Stormcast are definitely an odd choice here, I don't think the Covens really willingly ally themselves with Stormcast, as much as a dire situation) Seraphon may take Stormcast Eternals as allies (Even if I think it should be no-one) Dispossessed may take Kharadron Overlords, Fyreslayers, Stormcast Eternals, Ironweld Arsenal as allies Sylvaneth may take Stormcast Eternals, Wanderers as allies (A more risky prediction though IMO, has them also ally with Eldritch Council, Lion Rangers, Order Draconis and Phoenix Temple). Wanderers may take Stormcast Eternals, Sylvaneth, Swifthawk Agents as allies Slaves to Darkness may take Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, Nurgle, Hosts of Slaanesh, Chaos Gargants, Chaos Daemons, Monsters of Chaos, Everchosen as allies Brayherd may take Warherd, Monsters of Chaos, Thunderscorn as allies Ironjawz may take Aleguzzler Gargants, Beastclaw Raiders, Gutbusters, Maneaters, Firebellies, Troggoths as allies Bonesplitterz may take Aleguzzler Gargants, Spiderfang Grots, Troggoths as allies Greenskinz may take Aleguzzler Gargants, Moonclan, Gitmob Grots, Spdierfang Grots, Troggoths as allies Flesh-eater Courts may take Deathlords, Deathmages, Deadwalkers, Nighthaunt as allies Soulblight may take Deathlords, Deathmages, Deadwalkers, Deathrattle, Nighthaunt as allies Deathrattle may take Deathlords, Deathmages, Soulblight as allies In general, I think we're going to see a lot of the more traditional factions 'joining back together' through allies. Which also puts an interesting strain on the armies that have currently got battletomes and those that don't Anything that doesn't have a battletome barely gets a mention in any content (like Path to Glory and Skirmish, while supporting factions without battletomes, didn't show a single model that isn't in a current battletome). This is more a defensive mechanism so GW can change their mind later on what they want to do with them, but also means there's been very little interaction between these factions. The obvious exception is Order, because essentially we've just been told all the older factions march out with the Stormcast to reclaim the lands. So all have a connection to Stormcast Eternals, but not necessarily other factions like Syvlaneth, Fyreslayers and Kharadron Overlords.
  21. TheNotebookGM


    With the new rules on allies looming for GHB2017 what "Splash" will you add to your army and why? My "Langk-Strol" Kharadron infantry/balloon army will be splashing Seraphon because my friend and I are going to run a narrative campaign against one another and that's who he plays and I want to see his face when a couple hundred points worth of his own people, enslaved to fight against his armies, serve as my chaff units. I want to make him slay his own clutchmates to get to my thunderers.
  22. so, we know this is coming and some obvious ones are there, Nurgle rotbringers go with clan pestilens, daemons of nurgle, ( probably chaos daemons, chaos monsters, etc ) khorne with daemons, monsters etc etc so, my initial thoughts were great! blightkings battleline with Epidemus and a catapult in the army. non LoS buffs and ranged attacks, and with the recent change to units meaning larger units the catapult will really improve in viability, maybe even the jabberslythe for fun. anyone got any plans ?
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