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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, I thought it would be a good initiative to collate the community's rules questions regarding the General's Handbook 2017, the accompanying FAQs, and Forgeworld and Compendium warscrolls. I do this partly from self-interest in that I am running a tournament in mid-September and want to flush out any issues before the tournament. I don't want this thread to be a home for complaints, negativity, or subjective commentary on the value or wisdom of particular rulings. Rather, a collection of neutral questions seeking clarity regarding particular rules wordings, potential new FAQs, and even typos. In short, be constructive. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for the community. So, what questions do you have? I'll update this first post with the questions as they are submitted (I also started a Facebook post in "Age of Sigmar Fans", but will be collating all the questions here). UPDATE: I've also released a show on the new FAQs over at AoS Shorts - you can find the episode, transcript and resources here: https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faqs/ Cheers, Dan QUESTIONS Picking your army / allegiances Can you use one allegiance for selecting your battleline units, but then use a different allegiance for the traits and artefacts? This was a practice in GHB1 but seems less clear on the wording in GHB17 Is there a reason why some factions have an allegiance that is different from their faction name? For example, Disciples of Tzeentch (Tzeentch allegiance) and Blades of Khorne (Khorne allegiance). Allegiance abilities and mixed-faction battalions If I have a Sylvaneth allegiance army, with a Gnarlroot wargrove, can the Order Wizard in the Gnarlroot wargrove by the General? Do units in a mixed-faction battalion, which have been selected from a different faction that the battalion itself, count for the minimum battleline requirements in matched play? or are they like allies and don't count? If so, which allegiance abilities, command traits, artefacts, spells can the wizard access? Page 117 of GHB2017 says that (by way of example) the Stormcasts in Guardians of Alarielle do not benefit from any SYLVANETH allegiance abilities because those units themselves don't have the SYLVANETH keyword. While they may not be able to "benefit from" the ability, can they still take a command trait, artefact or spell? The Sylvaneth battletome says that any HERO in a Sylvaneth army can have a Sylvaneth command trait/artefact etc (noting however that the wording for the Sylvaneth spell lore is more ambiguous as it refers to both a WIZARD in a Sylvaneth army and a SYLVANETH WIZARD). Allegiance abilities and named characters Are named battalion characters, such as Zogbak Realmrippa and Zectoka, which are based on the standard warscroll for that unit, allowed to take command traits and artefacts? Allies and battalions If a units in a battalion have a choice of allegiance (for example, Everchosen or Tzeentch with the Fatesworn Warband), and you select Tzeentch as your army allegiance, do you pay for the battalion out of your main faction points, or your ally points? Mounts On page 117 it states that "command abilities or magical artefacts can only be used to affect attacks made by the hero, and have no effect on attacks made by the their [sic] mount unless specifically stated otherwise". Was this meant to say command traits, given that it is in the Allegiance Abilities section, or is it addressed to matters such as Battle Brew on a Stonehorn? NB: the German version of GHB2017 refers to command traits, rather than command abilities. If a command ability or artefact affects "a model", and that model is a mounted hero, does the ability/artefact affect the mount? or must the ability/artefact explicitly say that it affects "the mount"? Is Mighty Lord of Khorne's/Khorgos Khul's dog treated as a mount? Or another weapon? Is the Grot Warboss's Gobba treated as a mount? Or another weapon? Is the coven throne regarded as a mount? If so which attacks are considered to be affected by command traits? The vampire and hand maidens or just the vampire? Under-strength units Does "minimum size" refer to the minimum size on the Warscroll, or to the minimum size in the Pitched Battle profile? Previously Under-strength referred to the Profile and minimum size referred to the Warscroll, but the Pitched Battle Profiles page also refers to "minimum sizes units" in regards to the Pitched Battle Profile. (In which case an under-sized unit will always be less than minimum size.) Stormcast Do Stormcast Prayers work on allied units (despite being Allegiance abilities)? They do not specify a keyword. Sylvaneth Are the rolls for Drycha's Squirmlings "hit rolls", given they are a shooting attack, such that they could benefit from an ability allowing you to re-roll misses? Seraphon Skink starseer in Ghb2 has risen to 200pts but doesn't have an asterisk next to it. In Azyr it's 160 How does engine of the gods work with matched play? I.e. On scenarios where you score at the end of your turn. If you make an 18+ on the engine of gods roll chart, do you score in that extra free turn as well? Also, do your buffs that last until the next hero phase mean the next battle rounds hero phase or imply that you will indeed have to rebuff in the proceeding (free) turn phase? I.e prayers or mystic shields etc. Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, It states that you can summon units included in the battalion using a summoning spell. Is this summoning spell restricted to the number of models mentioned in the augmented spell description. Example: can I summon a 40 unit saurus unit or would I be restricted to the maximum unit size described in the spell 20 saurus models. Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, can cast any number of summoning spells that summon SAURUS units to the battlefield, as long as each unit he summons comes from this battalion. Does this mean that you pay the points for the units and than you put them aside and than you can summon them or does this mean that you have to pay points for the units, deploy them in the table top, save some reserve points and than from those reserve points you can cast any number of summoning spells as long as you have some of the deployed units on the tabletop Daughters of Khaine Does Cauldron of Blood's Bloodshield ward save stack, ie can a unit get it more than once if in range of multiple Cauldron of Bloods? Pestilens If you give a Plague Furnace the Liber Bubonicus artefact, can the furnace use both the Pestilens prayers and its own? Clan Pestilens echoes of great plagues trait talks about prayers cast by pestilent priest. If verminlord corruptor has gained access to prayers through command trait or artifact, is he for all intents and purposes counted as being "pestilent priest"? Command trait and the artifact do not state whether verminlord receives priest keyword or not. Skryre Q:// can warpstone shards be used to double mortal wound damage output such as warpfire throwers, warfare protectors, spell castings etc...? Ironjawz Is the Weirdnob Shaman always the closest unit to himself for Power of the Waaaagh? Does the Weird-nob count as the "closest Orruk Unit" for the purposes of suffering Mortal Wounds on a casting roll of a double? When do the suffered Mortal Wounds on a double come into play? Is it any time that the Weird-nob casts, or just when there are 20+ Orruk models nearby? Or does it kick in at 10+ nearby Orruk models? How do the Ardboyz Shields work exactly? Specifically, at what point in the wounding/damage process are the saves taken? Do the Shields save against Wounds before Damage is calculated? Like for d3 or multi-damage weapons? And do the Shields work against Mortal Wounds? Disciples of Tzeentch Does Arcane Suggestion (Drop your weapons and It's Hopeless) last until the start of your next hero phase like other debuffs? Q: For the Glean Magic spell of the Curseling, you roll 2D6 and have to roll "equal to or greater than" the casting value of the spell being learned, which corresponds to how a casting roll is described. Does this 2D6 roll count as a casting roll? Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince is included in the Slaves to Darkness Pitched Battle profile, but does not have the Slaves to Darkness keyword. Does this lack of keyword in any way limit or impact the selection of Daemon Princes, or their roles regarding Command Traits or Artefacts, within a Slaves to Darkness army? Zombies How does the rule 'merge' work? If there are conditions applied to one unit which merged with the other do they now both apply to the merged unit? If these are contradictory how do I determine which apply? Is a new unit created when the units merge? If so, is the new units merged size considered the starting size for that unit in matched play? Does setting up an Auric Runesmiter and their selected unit count as one drop or two? Thoughts? Opinions? Forgeworld Skin wolves generate additional attacks on an 'attack roll' of 5+. Is this meant to say hit roll? Q: Exalted Greater Daemons are not named characters, so do they have access to traits and Artefacts? Open Play What is the "Order of Precedence" for Storm of War Twist card vs Lord of Change "Mastery of Magic"
  2. I've compiled the General's Handbook 2017 FAQs, Forgeworld and Compendium PDFs into one text-searchable and indexed PDF. Its the top item here: https://aosshorts.com/useful-resources/. Direct link here: https://aosshorts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/GHB2017-FAQs-v1.4.pdf You'll also find other useful resources like the allies matrix, combat calculators, a deployment map for Escalation etc. UPDATE: Now includes the GHB2017 FAQ released today and is much smaller at 22MB than the original. UPDATE 2: Now includes Blightwar, Plague Toads, and the updated Tamurkhan Pitched Battle Profiles. UPDATE 3: Now includes Firestorm. UPDATE 4: Now includes Chaos FAQ and new Monstrous Arcanum scrolls.
  3. Hi guys, I get the feeling that the GH17 Battleplans are not really balanced for all armies. We already had the case with "scorched Earth", where fast armys with aditional movement are in the lead. But how about the Battleplans "Total Conquest" and "Battle for the Pass" Both have the following victory condition: So you need a unit with 20 models within 6" of the marker while the opponent has no unit with 20 models within. If he has a unit himself. The player with more models in range get controll. So we have 2 missions where elite armies are pretty much screwed because they use rarely 20 models in a unit or don't even have a unit that are 20 models or bigger. What do you think?
  4. Games Workshop has released new and updated Age of Sigmar FAQs to accompany the release of General’s Handbook 2017. This show will focus on those Age of Sigmar FAQs and what you need to know for matched play. The Age of Sigmar FAQs not only clear up interpretation disputes, or provide extra clarity, but in some cases they completely rewrite or errata existing rules. Therefore, it is important to read them. As a result, I’m also not limiting this show to the changes introduced alongside the General’s Handbook 2017. I’ll also try to cover the key points in the FAQs which may not be known to newer matched play players. The key points that I’ll cover are: how Games Workshop has addressed stacking abilities; the changes to reinforcement points; a brief comment on deployment, movement and measurements; and the most significant army specific changes which will impact tournament play. I’m also going to use separate shows to cover: the order of activation between rerolls, modifiers, and multipliers; and allegiances, factions, and allies – especially amongst the Chaos factions; because both these topics seem to have caused much consternation online recently. Now, before we get into the heart of the show, I’d like to draw your attention to a few handy resources available on the resources section of AoS Shorts. I’ve compiled a text-searchable and indexed PDF that contains all the FAQs and Forgeworld and Compendium warscrolls – the site also has a single PDF of all the old FAQs if you need them for some reason.; I have also created an allies matrix for each Grand Alliance, so you can easily see who allied with whom; and finally, I started a thread on TGA to compile new questions that people have regarding the new rules. So check it out and add your own question if something is not clear. Check out the rest of the show here: https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faqs/
  5. Hey everyone, today is the first guest post on AoS Shorts, by Nico – a competitive matched play gamer from the UK. You may know Nico from his contributions on TGA.Community, his blog, his appearance on Warhammer Weekly or on Twitter. This article was originally written by Nico on his blog as his initial impressions on the General’s Handbook 2017 (with all the usual provisos about assessments at this early stage) and he has kindly shared it here. If you are interested in contributing to AoS Shorts, get in touch. But for now, I’ll hand it over to Nico. So the dust is still up in the air, but I’m going to venture forth with some initial thoughts and reactions. Continue
  6. This episode sets out the key changes introduced by General’s Handbook 2017 to tournament matched play for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. As all the Games Workshop advertising has made clear, the game has changed again! While the fundamental principles of the game remain the same, almost all of the key inputs relevant to Age of Sigmar as a tournament game have changed. We have new battleplans, new points values, new allegiance abilities and the new allies mechanic allowing you to retain the benefits of a faction allegiance while supplementing your army with units from other factions. We have been deluged with an unprecedented amount of information by Games Workshop in the week leading up to this release. We have had daily Warhammer Community articles, Warhammer TV videos on Facebook, daily Twitch streams, and additional podcasts, blogs and forum threads from members of the external playtesting team. Throughout the week I have tried to collate this information in one handy location, while also providing short bullet point summaries of all the key details from the Twitch stream – you can check them out on this site (First Blood, Order, Chaos, Destruction). Now, given this information overload, I’ve thought how can we at AoS Shorts help? What can we add that has not already been covered or will be covered by the other Age of Sigmar podcasts and YouTube channels, is not purely speculative, and has value? The answer, I hope, is this episode on what you need to know if you are preparing for a tournament in a month’s time using General’s Handbook 2017. You may even have one this weekend, for instance if you are in the Mid-West, USA, or next weekend, BLACKOUT in the UK. I’ll start with a brief recap of all the major changes, comment on how they are likely to impact on list design and finish with some thoughts about how General’s Handbook 2017 will affect tournament play (this part may be little more than informed speculation, but I hope you’ll indulge me). Please note, that this episode has been written and recorded without seeing the new FAQs, compendium points and Forgeworld changes that are promised on release day. So with that proviso, on with the show. Update: the FAQ and points are now up. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017-tournament-play/
  7. Your armies are growing in numbers, and it seems that players will get benefits from bringing an even larger amount of hands on to the battlefield. At this point I begin to wonder and look for guidance about moving models around the table more efficiently (read: fast). I noticed in one of the Twitch games, guys were using those half wooden trays but am curious if any alternatives have been discovered/created. I personally am just really bored spending much of time moving minis, it kills part of the joy from the game and would love to learn from your approach on the matter. Generals of moonclans, savage orcs, skaven, hordes of brimstone horrors and others, talk to me.
  8. I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place. The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/ The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne. I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-learnt-twitch-game-1/ The Order day summary is here. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-warhammer-live-twitch-order-day/ The Chaos day summary is here - this covers the interviews but not the game itself. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-chaos-day-warhammer-live/ The summary of the Jervis Johnson interview on Destruction day is here. It is really interesting in that it goes into the background of the development of General's Handbook 2017. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-destruction/ Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game. And for anyone concerned about such things, I have no advertising on my site and am just trying to collate a useful resource for the community.
  9. By now you have probably seen a number of leaks relating to the General’s Handbook 2017 (GHB2017). I just wanted to give some initial thoughts before my next show scheduled for release day. In that show, I’ll cover the top things you need to know for preparing for your next matched play tournament. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-full-picture/#more-332
  10. With all the General's Handbook 2017 leaks hitting the scenes, I'm interested in what you are looking for when assessing the likely changes to tournament play. We know that the core rules have not significantly changed, but all the inputs - scenarios, points, allegiance abilites/special rules, and now allies (army composition) - have. With all the railing against higher points costs for battalions, an increased cost to 1 drop deployments, and the potential balancing between battletome and non-battletome factions, what do you look for and expect? I'm expecting we will see more tournament variety, harder trade-offs regarding battalions, a substantial use of allies and an increased horde/anti-horde meta. In effect, what are the overriding dynamics which will impact game-play and list-building decisions for GHB17 tournaments. I'm really interested to see the Warhammer TV coverage this week and hope we get some insight into Games Workshop's thought process and intended direction behind the changes. In the mean time, I've jotted some thoughts down more general about edition changes and what we know about GHB2017 so far: https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-full-picture/
  11. In one of the first monthly White Dwarf magazines released in 2016, there was a warscroll with rules for Grombrindal, the White Dwarf. I am curious if GH17 has points for him and other one-off characters (slambo etc) that received a warscroll on the side over the year. Would love for these things to be added to the app as well even if no points are provided. From the technical perspective it's not resource-heavy. Also, has anyone actually played with Grombrindal? How does he feel on the table? Buffs everything, slays heroes and monsters?
  12. I've added a new page on AoS Shorts to collate all the official information on General's Handbook 2017. It has all the links to the Community site articles, the Warhammer TV videos and soon the Twitch games. Really hyped for the new release. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/
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