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Da Brain-Scorched Whaaagh



Here some pictures from my latest finished project, a Greenskinz 1500pt army I prepared in the past 2 months for my local GW Armies on Parade.

Main design cues were Iron age / Conan the barbarian mixed with wasteland wanderers (i.e. Mad Max). Also, the army palette is a sort of gamble on using brown as the main color in order to make the green of the skin pop more.

Background wise:

The Brain-Scorched Whaaagh is a collection of tribes who got lost in the middle of an extremely arid wasteland in the realm of Ghur. Nobody in the Whaaagh even remembers why, or how, they got there or for how long they wandered among those barren plains. The orruks spend their endless days worshipping the sun, which is all they can see most of the time, anyways. The heat has fried their gray matter so much, that they have taken the sun as the only thing that matters fighting over.

In their journeys across the wasteland, they often end up fighting other greenskinz tribes, that get crushed or converted to the ever growing sun-worshipping ranks. Within the Whaaagh, however, the different mobs have all very different opinions on what the Sun true nature is: some say is Gork's blazing shield, others believe it to be the flaming boar that the Green God rides across the skies. During daytime, when the Whaaagh is on the move, the disagreements are normally settled on the spot, with a quick headbutting contest between the mob respective champions... till sundown. At dusk, while starts sun sinking under the horizon, the day's loot gets amassed and giant scraps of rock, metal and enemy corpses get lit in a massive pyre to the Green Gods. With no more enemies to be fought, the orc mobs start arguing again... a thrown Snotling, a spit too close to one's face, and the argument quickly degenerates in a brawl, lasting the whole night, till the sun rises again, and engulfs the orcs in a stupor which stops all squabbles on the spot. It is then, that the giant pile of rocks comes to life, just as the first sun rays touches it.

The orcs start chanting around the massive walking idol and start following it as it threads towards a new fight. And it is a new day in the Brainscorcha Wasteland.












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