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About this blog


I am going to use this blog to show WIPs and finished images of my projects.

I am in love with all things green, so at the moment I am working on:

  • Moonclan (squig heavy) - 90% ready, just need to do some rebasing
  • Greenskinz, centered around boyz, shamen and Rogue Idol - 1500pt ready, I'd like to expand to 2000pt


  • Ironjawz, with lots of Ardboyz and Brutes to bolster the Greenskinz army or be played independently
  • Spiderfang, I'd love to get a full jungle/tribal goblin force... I have plenty of spiders to assemble but I'd like to wait and see if they get a full battletome first!

Entries in this blog

Da Brain-Scorched Whaaagh

Here some pictures from my latest finished project, a Greenskinz 1500pt army I prepared in the past 2 months for my local GW Armies on Parade. Main design cues were Iron age / Conan the barbarian mixed with wasteland wanderers (i.e. Mad Max). Also, the army palette is a sort of gamble on using brown as the main color in order to make the green of the skin pop more. Background wise: The Brain-Scorched Whaaagh is a collection of tribes who got lost in the middle of an extremely arid



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