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The Citadel of the Starry Firmament

The Golem



* * * * *

The Citadel of the Starry Firmament is a magical building whose construction dates back to the Age of Myths, before the Free Peoples took refuge in Azyrheim, before Sigmar's first stormcast were forged.

This citadel built in the dark lands of the Shadow Realm stretches toward the sky, like a vertiginous peak that rises above the mists. It is also called the Blinking Tower because it never stays in the same place for long. It frequently disappears and reappears at another site, usually miles away. It is somehow a nomadic building that migrates through the Coast of Fleeting Hopes. It goes without saying that its "movements" often startle travellers who pass nearby and many choose not to approach it (which is quite wise).

Given its starry appearance and its magical nature, it is assumed that this tower was built long ago by a celestial archmage. But there is no concrete evidence to support this theory and so far there is no sign that the tower still belongs to anyone...

As is often the case with enchanted buildings, rumours suggest there is a fabulous magical treasure hidden inside. Of course, many adventurers have tried to unravel this secret. Some have never been able to reach the tower because of its untimely teleportations, while others have managed to enter it. Most of those who came out simply found nothing interesting and left empty-handed, while the others have inexplicably lost their sanity in the tower...

But despite these obstacles, people are still trying to discover the secret of this mysterious citadel. Among them, the Grand Master Astromancer of Port Stellis, Caius Lorentius, believes that the movements of the tower must correspond to constellations. He pays people in exchange of informations about the last movements of the citadel. But to date, his theory has not yet been proven and the mystery remains whole...

* * * * *









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Lovely paint job and interesting lore.

I hope that Port Stellis find its way into a Black Library story one day.

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20 hours ago, michaelforster00 said:

I hope that Port Stellis find its way into a Black Library story one day.

That would be awesome but I doubt it'll ever happen. ;)

I may write a few Port Stellis short stories someday, but I will probably need someone to proofread it and correct my mistakes (since I am not a native english speaker).

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This is solid work from both a painting and hobby perspective and the fluff you've written (as a non-native English speaker to boot!).

It fits nicely in the AoS theme, much easier than it would of the Old World.

Good job sir! 👍

Edited by The Hanged Man
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