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  1. Just gone live vicariously through this for a moment.
  2. Hey all, thinking about dipping my toe into the KO pool. I’ve always loved the idea of Barak Thryng but I’m not sure the best way to use the dispossessed. One idea I had was a block of hammerers and a soulscream bridge in a bottle to help them get where they’re going. Has anyone else played with something similar? It seems a little silly to bring the bridge in an army with fly high haha
  3. Okay so I guess we agree. As I was saying— I loved the old world. That doesn’t mean I thought it was some kind of high art with great depth. To me, there is a difference between what Tolkien did and what GW did. I can tell I hit a nerve here though so let’s just agree to disagree.
  4. Most of what you just listed was from the author you think is made up. lizardmen were literally just a kind of appropriation of South American mythology. But did you really just argue that GW made up the lady of the lake and knights of the grail?
  5. the Old World was actually pretty shallow. I loved it. I grew up with it. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t just a collection of classic fantasy settings and tropes smashed together and then *slightly* modified. I will always have fond memories of it but I’m sure it was incredibly hard to write for. AoS is also smashing together tropes and settings but at least they also can kind do whatever they want and get away with it. I mean how much of the old world was literally just Tolkien and Moorcock with different names? A whole dang lot. Anyway- I’m really excited to learn more about the Lumineth!
  6. I doubt they will be more frail then Eternal Guard.
  7. I'd agree. If you look how the skaven fill the space of their base vs how the elves fill it I think that also shows the difference in base size. Elsewise those are some *tiny* elves.
  8. I wonder if spears will be something like 1 attack with 2” range and rend on turn someone charges while swords are 2 attacks at 1” reach no rend. Something like that could be pretty neat.
  9. Fair fair. Especially since the Swordmasters were not cheap to come by IIRC haha
  10. Honestly I always preferred the lions to the sword masters. But I played Asrai so of course I liked the rangers haha.
  11. Well that article was fairly sparse but still got my hype levels up! I’m excited to see how the elemental magic and the sun spears work out. I couldn’t help but laugh as they described how beautiful the detailing on the back of the shield is while only showing the front. “Trust me— you gotta see it to believe it. What? No you can’t see it right now!”
  12. I'm not sure if it's actually good but man do I want to try a Drowned Men army.
  13. I've been messing around a little with color schemes on photoshop but nothing too serious. I'm 100% sure I'm be sculpting some pelts for them to wear that will be painted white and possibly be from a feline source.
  14. Dragons are neat but I'd much rather Griffons/giant eagles/Sphinxes. I'd love if the spirits they mention are fantastic beasts in the same vein as Celennar. I'm also not totally convinced that GW is very good at dragons anyway haha
  15. I’d love to see a White Lions mixed unit ala squigs/herders.
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