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  1. Thanks for writing this. It was an incredibly insightful read! I couldn’t agree with this paragraph I quoted more. Sometimes I hear about the competitive scene and I get frustrated and then I remind myself that my group plays more towards the narrative side anyway.
  2. The Path to glory section of each book literally says to take what they’ve given you and use them as you can. They are not hard and fast. All narrative gaming requires that the people playing have some kind of dialogue about what they’re doing. If that isn’t for you, that’s okay. If that is for you, awesome! It’s that simple. No, it is actually really that simple!
  3. Yes. $90 is a lot of money considering how many maybes are in this thread. I’m not grading on a curve, here. $90 is $90. Also I’m much more into the narrative side of the gaming. Just wrote and ran a campaign for my group. Made booklets and everything. That doesn’t mean I can just find $90 to throw at something that was poorly marketed. Hell, it’s out and I’m still only *pretty sure* I know what’s in the book haha. That being said said the price tag doesn’t make it a never for me. It just means I’ll have to find a place to slot it in rather than pick it up whenever I want.
  4. Holy moly I think a lot of people are missing the power of some of these spells. I haven’t bought it yet because $90 is a high price tag but they’re what tempts me. I’ve heard from multiple sources that the lore is very good but I doubt it’s $90 good. I’ll get it eventually but I wish I knew what about it makes it pricier than malign sorcery.
  5. I’m trying to get better about NOT doing this but I can’t help myself and paint every detail on every facet of the model. I’m getting a LITTLE bit better about it but it’s a tough one for me.
  6. I went with A in a recent game and was very happy as it bounced to bottom left and then went NUTS and bounced about 4 more times to mid center haha. If the gamble of B played out it would be amazing but I feel like the core you can build with A is still beneficial even if the aura doesn’t quite cover the position of the objective.
  7. If only there were a simple remedy to this
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see loonsmashas and the gobbapalooza drop a bit. I Also wouldn’t be surprised to see regular hoppers dropped a bit but who knows! I’d just kill for the battalions to drop a bit. I love my stampede but it’s pricey for sure. Also would love if the Loonboss on Manglers was able to be a part of the squig rider stampede!
  9. I pretty much agree with all of this. I wish the gobbapalooza and the terrain feature functioned based on your general choice. Like, if you’ve got a trogboss as a general the terrain brings back troggs instead of grots etc. maybe that’d be nuts or something, I duno!
  10. Cool. I guess that’s what I’m saying is I’d like to have seen some of it?
  11. Well ****** I missed that Feelin a little sheepish now. Still wouldn’t hate a bit of info on the gameplay itself.
  12. I really wish they’d post some concrete warcry information. I’m loving the minis and the general tone of it but I’m also feeling like it could be out next week and it could be out the last week of August! I’m planning on going pretty heavily into it (barring something insane) but don’t know if I should set aside money or what haha
  13. Now that I’ve got 20 bounderz built and painted I really want to get some hoppers to try harassing tricks with. Hand of Gorking them into back lines where they can hop over smaller support units is my first thing I want to try. One of the best things about the gitz is how MUCH there is to play around with. One of the worst things about the gitz is how little time I realistically have to play with the things haha
  14. The Order, Death and Destruction images are literally the icons for the GAs in the big core book so I’m not looking to them for any indication other than “we think these images represent the GAs”. The Chaos symbol is a representation of the big 4 and the rats so arguably more neutral than the Khorne image they use in the book.
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