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  1. I’ve never actually wanted to collect slaanesh before but this new KOS is testing me. The expression on their face is so subtle and amazing that I want to hug whoever sculpted it.
  2. I’m so over the “not every army should have endless spells and terrain” complaint. They’re cool models, they add more flavor to the army. More— they’re part of the game now. Holy moly would I be sad if my army was chosen to not get endless spells and terrain. I mean, armies are still unique. Khorne has giant, floating skulls that cry blood and kill wizards. Gitz have a giant mushroom that is deadly to those around them. Stormcast Eternals can summon the heavens down on their enemies. How are these things not unique and fun? The argument against factions having terrain and endless spells makes as much sense to me as if people were complaining that all armies got allegiance abilities or that all armies got their own spell lores. Might as well argue that it makes armies not unique because they can all generate command points.
  3. I think it’s been fine. I’m not as mad about armies getting updated rules without new units. I love the endless spells and terrain though. I also remember living in a world where you may get an army book every few years or you may not. I guess my my biggest problem with the complaints is that GW can only make so many models. That’s just a fact of life. Is it really bad that they’re updating books to be contemporary instead of only when there are models to release?
  4. Whole lot of hyperbole being tossed around here.
  5. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see something with orruks since they’re putting them on bases and calling it out but I’d sure hate to see ironjawz and bonesplitters rolled into one. I like how they represent Gork and Mork. Wait I mean Mork and Gork
  6. Edit: this was supposed to be Gary Oldman shouting "everyone" but I am bad at computers so imagine with me. I genuinely mean this. Give me cherry blossom fyreslayers or give me whatever else you got.
  7. Sure but real people play this game and our fantasy settings are a reflection of our world so diversity does indeed matter. I think you know that but have instead chosen the “tHeRe ArEnT ElVeS iN tHe ReAL wOrLd” line to smokescreen. Like it or not the real world and our fantasy worlds are interwoven and it is telling what is and isn’t included. Edit: just realized my phone was being weird and this response was from forever ago but I still think it stands to be said.
  8. ALSO the “I’d rather be buying cool models with my money” argument is actually insane. The terrain is a cool model. It’s literally a part of your army. I have a friend who makes this complaint and all I can say is holy moly.
  9. Mostly just wanted to say I agree with the OP and that I am *fascinated* by what people will complain about. Seen people complaining that there isn’t enough terrain and that the armies are all getting terrain in the same sentence. I came back to warhammer after a few years of warmahordes and I gotta tell you- if you want to avoid entire tables of 2D mousepad terrain then making it mandatory is a safe avenue haha
  10. Yeah I think it’s pretty silly. Like, if I can’t charge the unit engaging the host unit then let me pop out engaging them. The whole point of the fanatics are to provide a surprise punch! Not for them to get out of the unit like “oh man glad we avoided that fight!”
  11. The rule is really straightforward. "If this unit was released in your charge phase, it can attempt to make a charge move in that phase *unless the unit it was with has any restrictions that would stop it from attempting to charge* (if it ran for example)..." If it's host unit has anything preventing it from attempting to charge then the fanatics cannot charge. The host unit is engaged and therefore has a restriction on charging -- the fanatics cannot charge. I don't love it either but that doesn't mean it isn't a clear rule.
  12. You can release a unit of fanatics as long as they can be released more than 3” away from an enemy but if their host unit is engaged they can’t charge once they’re released.
  13. I’m not saying I agree with the Doom and Darkness going around BUT “just unbind the Warp Lightning Vortex” isn’t actually that helpful or even realistic. Skaven can trivially be next to arcane terrain and throwing three dice drop the lowest to summon them. Odds aren’t in favor of stopping that. Regardless, I get the worry that 8th Ed Fantast is rearing it’s head but I feel like we ought to wait and see what the next few books look like.
  14. Also give me fairy-aelves from the wanderers. Thanks, GW. Checks in the mail.
  15. I hope they play up geometry and logic with the light elves. Give me math-aelves!
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