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Prince Rodrik's Band of Questing Knights

I am proud to present you one of my greatest treasures: 

Prince Rodrik's Band of Questing Knights

Yes, you can trust your eyes. These are the original miniatures (well at least 6 of 8 ) from the Battle Report "The Folly of Prince Rodrik" from White Dwarf No. 305 (pages 34-47). I bought them directly from GW employee Andrew Hoare, who built and painted 4 of them. He put the knights on eBay in August 2011, but just listed them as "Unique painted and converted Bretonnian foot knights". I spotted and identified them as the original knights from the WD battle report. So I was quite lucky to get them. They are absolutely unique.

Before you ask, I already tried to find out what happened to the other two knights. Here's the answer I got from Andy Hoare:


I thought I'd sold the whole lot that were used, and that Adam had given me all the ones he made. I'll dig out the copy and see if I've missed any, though to be honest, if I have I don't know where they'd be now! All the best, Andy





Here is the page from White Dwarf 305 that shows them:



Here are some more detailed pictures of each knight:

Prince Rodrik:


Eduard the Enviable:


Pietre, Beloved of Yordane:


Fabien the Sophist:


Roland the Bold:


Harold the Filthy:

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