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  1. Stormcast? Aelf souls? Idoneth?
  2. Awesome model. As to whether or not they died... Does it really matter? GW can probably resurrect whomever they want. All they need is a bit of creative fluff to explain it. After all, there are plenty of souls being resurrected over and over in AoS.
  3. I love the idea of the twilight sisters returning.
  4. I doubt anyone has any idea. I would think it would be years and years.
  5. Yeled

    Converting Fenrisian Wolves into Dire Wolves

    Not a fenrisian wolf or a dire wolf, but... I actually used fenrisian wolves as Proxy hunting hounds for my Wanderer army before they were purged along with the other compendium units, but they aren't painted.
  6. I don't know. Yes, fae and mythology are the basis for a lot of what has become generic fantasy, translated through Tolkien and D&D and taken up by the genre in general, but if you return an aspect of fae to their celtic (and maybe norse) roots they become a lot more exceptional and unique. If the fae are creatures of the worlds between the worlds, otherworldly creatures who can enter the eight realms through ley lines and waystones, and the Wanderers are those Aelves who interact with them and have a touch of the fae about them as a result, you create a Wanderer faction more unique to the high fantasy setting of AoS. You also could play up the aspect of the Wild Hunt that the Wanderers clearly draw upon, and make the Wild Riders and Orion (a great antlered aelf?) central to the army. Then have skirmishing archers support that and tie fae beasts in. You have a pretty thematic force that would be somewhat like wood elves but also different. I don't know if these images below capture exactly what I'm thinking. They're just my Wild Riders and my proxy Glade Lord on Great Stag (yes, she's riding a wolf). But there's so much you can do playing off the Wild Rider look and their fey steeds. It would be a shame if they didn't explore turning that up to eleven
  7. Yes, but we're talking about what the Wanderers could be given a full update, not what they are from a tiny blurb from the first AOS book. You wouldn't have predicted the Daughters of Khaine turning it as they did from that small blurb about them, either. Ley lines and waystones could easily be associated with fae and Faerie with an update to the fluff.
  8. I'm not sure I'm willing to cede all fae other than animals and monsters to the Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth are tree people. Yes, they have sprites. But none of those other things are related to trees. The key here is to think of Wanderers not as wood elves as D&D and later Warhammer has made them, but rather as a type of fae creature as they were originally back in Tolkien and the legends he drew on. If the Aelves are a fae race, like the sidhe on which they are based, then other fae races would naturally fit with them. Especially in light of waystones and hidden paths and the like. I'd be ok with a forest dragon but part of me wants to move away from that. It's basically going back to the old WFB wood elves, which I think is the wrong way to go. I think there are so many more interesting choices to make in the fae beast/monster realm that dragons are unnecessary in this case and somewhat anti-thematic in a way. Maybe unicorns, too. Either would be ok, but I think there are better options. At least to my mind. Yeah, I agree Orion and druid/shapechanger heroes would be great. Maybe the theme here is that the Wanderers move toward the themes of fae beasts, hidden paths, and waystones. With those in mind, different types of heroes that play up a magical fae beast aspect and manipulate waystones and paths are all very fitting. This would be quite interesting. I wouldn't combine Wanderers and Sylvaneth, but if they gave Alarielle both Wanderer and Sylvaneth key words and gave her abilities that affected both differently, you'd have a pretty cool model that worked with two separate factions. That would be innovative and could result in a lot of variety in terms of the armies you see. You could even go a step further and make a sort of super faction like Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Khorne. Alarielle at the head of a larger group that has both Wanderer and Sylvaneth would be pretty interesting.
  9. There are so many possibilities here that I don't think we'd really have a problem. I wouldn't suggest using goblins or redcaps (which are kinda like goblins) or trolls or basilisks. But if we're just looking for fae that fit, there are an endless number of options: Flower Fairies/Pixies/Sprites. Small winged creatures that flitter about; not sure what they would do. Maybe they could use magic or have abilities to confuse/affect enemy movement or put enemy to sleep (cannot act for a turn unless attacked). Piksies or Brownies. Not to be confused with above, these would be little mischievous skirmisher snipers. Maybe they use poison. Slyphs. Could be winged aelves with enough to differentiate them from the DoK version. Aesthetically they might have insect wings and be especially airy/ethereal. Rules-wise they could behave differently enough that they wouldn't be the same. Perhaps they are a support unit rather than something that generally attacks directly. Boggarts. Not goblins but tricksters. Could cause confusion or lead the enemy astray. Fae Animals. Summonable fae wolves or hunting hounds (Barguest or Grim?), majestic stags, cat sidhe, or any number of other creatures could fit here. Fae Beasts. These would be your more magical creatures, but not chaos. Unicorns, maybe? Or more ferocious beasts. Shapeshifters/Changelings. Something that takes different forms, especially to frighten (reduce bravery). Skinwalkers. Aelves who wear magical pelts to take the forms of animals. For example, perhaps they could become wolves or deer to move faster, then take their aelven forms to attack. Cursed Mortals. Perhaps there are mortals (humans) that have been taken away/beguiled by the Wanderers and made a part of the troop. Green Men. Would need to differentiate them from sylvaneth so maybe not a great choice. Fawns/Satyrs. Fast moving hunters that can run and shoot. Sidhe. I realize they are similar to the current depiction of aelves in general, but perhaps there are aelven heroes or units that are more fae and magical than the rest of their brethren. These could be more ethereal and more magical. Perhaps it is -1 to attack them, like with Morathi. Nymphs. Breathtakingly beautiful, could entrap certain enemies with lower bravery.
  10. I'm not attending but am glad to see events like this in my city. Kudos to the organizers.
  11. For me, I would play up the Wild Rider aesthetic while moving towards the theme that the Wanderers are dangerous and fae. There are a couple things I would do in that regard: Waystones (Scenery Piece). I would make Waystones (mentioned above by @Aelfric) the center of a Wanderer tactic. Perhaps they could be placeable on the table through an awakening process. For rules, they might grant both a powerful magic bonus to Wanderer wizards (it could be a simple bonus, allow access to additional spell lore, or even let a Wanderer cast into them and extend the range of a spell by measuring from another Waystone or the edge of the table) as well as allow travel between them and the table edges via the allegiance ability. Orion the Hunter (Behemoth/Leader). I love the idea that @Cambot1231 brought up above of returning Orion to the army as a major force. It could be a great horned centaur type or just an awesome satyr. If you saw the new Aelven Pantheon chart, you will note that no god supports the Wanderers since Allarielle hangs with the Sylvaneth. So why not have them follow Orion? I think that's great. Fae. I think a great idea would be to start playing on the little fae creatures that pepper some of our models and turn them into full on Aelves or Aelven allies. How about winged fairy sylph types? Or little skirmishing creatures that act a little like skinks and can teleport (like @Tidings Wanderer themed chameleon skinks). Or dangerous fae beasts like magical, scary wolves that our wizards can summon and stuff? The stags the Wild Riders and Sisters of the Thorn ride are supposed to be fae steeds, right? Keep going. Add a ton more of that.
  12. I'd recommend a few unobtrusive hobby related banner ads from sponsors, plus a subscription fee that could also be paid via a one time donation. Then once a year have a membership drive with some cool, unique incentive (prizes such as tga merch with the grand prize being a get-a-unit-painted for free or something specific to the hobby) to drive people to sign up. Thanks for all your hard work putting this site together.
  13. Yeled

    Blight Kings

    Beautiful work. I'm painting my own Nurgle army but you put me to shame.
  14. Yeled

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I've not seen them. But now I want to. @Tidings, help!
  15. Ever since the Daughter's of Khaine battletome and update was announced, I've been thinking about our Wanderers and what a similar update might look like for them. Honestly before the DoK update I had come to the conclusion that the legacy factions like Wanderers, different high aelves, dispossessed, some of the skaven, and others in a similar boat would never again get a true update. They would be supported but not updated, and that was that. The DoK update has completely changed my thinking. What they did was take an old faction and alter it to make it fit with the new AoS aesthetic. Now I believe the same can happen for other legacy factions, including the Wanderers. While our time may be years off, it is not the case that it will never happen. At least that's how I feel. With that in mind, I'd like to revive this thread, and spend some time discussing what the TGA community feels a DoK style Wanderer update might look like. We'll leave our previous work regarding how we'd like to see our current models updated in place. But from a narrative and stylistic perspective, how might you think GW could move the Wanderers forward into the AoS aesthetic? What models should be added? How could they build on what they have to make the Wanderers new and fresh, just like the DoK? One rule: Let's not talk about bringing back Compendium units. I know there are many who would like to see them return. But if you want to talk about them, talk about what updated versions might look like (like DoK harpies instead of their old incarnation) in the grand scheme of a full update rather than straight up returns.