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  1. It's certainly possible. I don't think we have any way of knowing and it could go either way. Maybe the better question is this: If Wanderers are ultimately folded into the Kurnothi, does that make Wanderer players happy? Does that fulfill our wishes in terms of the Wanderer faction? For me I'm not sure yet. To be honest I love witch aelves and like the Daughters of Khaine quite a lot. But the faction doesn't feel quite aelfy to me anymore. Not enough to make me want to grab them. I feel a little bit the same about the Kurnothi. I like them and think they are very AoS appropriate, but I'm not sure satyr/fawn/centaurs do it for me in terms of aelves I actually want to run. I've no complaints about their existence and can't wait to see more, but they don't make me all giddy with excitement. That said I do approve of them conceptually. I also like that we are kinda winding up with different aelves for each realm. Presumably we'll have shadow aelves for Uglu and light aelves for Hysh, the Kurnothi for Gur, and let's face it the Sylvaneth are kinda the aelves of ghyran. And of course the idoneth and the daughters and the Cities Aelves. It's kinda interesting all the aelven cultures they are creating. I wish they would do it for humans, too.
  2. @Aelfric, I think you're right. I stopped by to see what everyone was saying, but I think the Kurnothi will be a new faction wholly separate from Wanderers. Otherwise I don't think Wanderers would have been included in the Cities book, which they clearly are from pictures we've seen.
  3. Have there been pictures of him next to other new and/or old Troggoth models? Maybe I missed them. I'm curious about scale.
  4. Ah, that makes much more sense. Thanks!
  5. The Biongrot Bounderz Boing! Smash! Ability is stupid good. It's basically the Gaunt Summoner's horde unit killing spell, but on a cavalry unit. Essentially it wipes out 50 percent of any unit of 1 would models. I get them doing D3 wounds on a charge, but crashing into a unit of 30 Plaguebearers, Witchelves, or Bestigors and killing half of them is ridiculous. It's so good I almost feel they failed to playtest it and it's bound to get nerfed after a year of abuse. Unless the unit is incredibly expensive.
  6. Perhaps that is the case. I think GW wants to sell new models so dropping support of models they no longer sell (and that people already have) makes some sense. There's a story on Bell of Lost Souls speculating about how, eventually, GW will drop old space marines and just go with Primaris as the core marines. Old marines might still be playable but they will be inferior in every way to encourage people to shift. I think this speculation is probably likely true. All I know is, back when the Sylvaneth came out, they could have done the release as a major update to the Wood Elves in the same way that Daughters of Khaine was updated. You'd keep your old elf and treeman/dryad models and add the other new Sylvaneth, and the lore could be that the aelves were becoming more and more treelike over time or the two groups were converging. That could have been a cool lore for AoS and you'd have a very robust army with lots of options. Maybe we'd even see the Glade Guard model updated. But instead they insisted on the fractured focus of their releases, and frankly both the Sylvaneth and the Wanderers seem underdeveloped. I mean, the Sylvaneth are new, but they aren't likely to get an update anytime soon and they really only have a few units. They aren't exactly the Stormcast or a Chaos faction or the Legions of Nagash in terms of options or diversity. Anyway, yeah, that ship has probably sailed.
  7. @Aelfric, looking back, I think they might not have split the Sylvaneth and Wanderers the way they did if they had to do it over. But I agree that ship has sailed. I suspect the Wanderers will be included in a larger Free Cities Battletome, as you describe above. I think that's the worst of all possible outcomes, tbh. While I think Legions of Nagash was brilliant the way they put the Death Alliance back together with various options, I believe what makes Wanderers special will be completely lost in a Free Cities book in the same style. I'm definitely hoping we get a Daughters of Khaine type update for the Wanderers -- built on the existing lore, but in a creative new direction. New models and updates to the old kits. Etc. I'm not sure that's what we'll get, though.
  8. I almost feel we need to revisit this discussion since 2.0 came out. A lot has changed.
  9. @Aloth_Corfiser, I think you hit on a lot of valuable themes and ideas. I especially liked your listing of the quotes from Dawn of War, and some of the focus on the fact that they've seen things and fought fights that no one else has. The idea of singing and oral traditions is also a good one. You know, I used to be opposed to this but now I'm a bit more willing to return to the two armies being brought back together. I think that GW had this idea early on to split all the factions up, and somewhere along the way they realized that was a mistake. Now we've seen them putting things back together. We've seen it in all the Chaos god books since Tzeentch, the Stormcast, Legions of Nagash and Beasts of Chaos. I wonder what the Sylvaneth book would look like if it came out brand new today. Do people think it would include the Wanderers? Would we have two factions together under a single banner like we do with Beasts of Chaos and the others? Would they have changed the lore? Amen. Our single best unit. It needs a new kit is all.
  10. I just saw this. That's huge. Can you or someone else point me to which FAQ this is in? The Gaunt Summoner with Chaos Familiars isn't in Disciples of Tzeentch, right? Also, does the Changeling get revealed simply by being near an enemy hero at the end of a phase now? Doesn't that make him mostly useless? Sorry, I'm just now catching up on the Tzeentch updates. Thanks!
  11. Ah, so it's still first to finish setting up decides who goes first? I was really hoping they had changed that. I'll have to go read the new FAQ. And sorry for asking a question that had already been answered. Thanks.
  12. I have a question regarding first battle round turn priority. In the Age of Sigmar 2 Core Rules, in the first part of the Battle Rounds section, the text reads: "At the start of each battle round, the players must roll off, and the winner decides who takes the first turn. If the roll-off is a tie, then the player who went first in the last battle round can choose who goes first in this one, but if it is the first battle round, the player that finished setting up their army first chooses who has the first turn." The second sentence is worded poorly and ambiguously. I take it the clause that says ..."but if it is the first battle round, the player that finished setting up their army first chooses who has the first turn" is modifying the first part of the sentence and only comes into effect in the event of a tie on the priority roll. However, it is possible the intent is to say that there is no priority roll during the first battle round and the player who finished setting up first simply chooses, as was the case with AoS 1. Do we have any insight into how this is supposed to work? Do you roll for turn priority in the first Battle Round? My apologies if this has been addressed (perhaps over and over). I did a quick search and didn't find the answer. Thanks!
  13. Awesome model. As to whether or not they died... Does it really matter? GW can probably resurrect whomever they want. All they need is a bit of creative fluff to explain it. After all, there are plenty of souls being resurrected over and over in AoS.
  14. I love the idea of the twilight sisters returning.
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