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  1. A Soulblight army in time for Halloween would be amazing. It's really one of the last armies that needs a refresh (non-competitive armies not withstanding). If they do it I really hope they give it the full AoS treatment. I like nods to the old world, but a Medieval Transylvania style army would feel out of place in AoS. I'd love some really crazy new vampires that run the gamut from AoS versions of the classical aristocrats to truly monstrous abominations that play off older models like the Varghulf.
  2. Monsters are cool. True. Not every game is cut throat. Also true. Neither of these is an argument against monsters being made to actually act like monsters in the game. Wouldn't monsters be cooler, even in casual games (which I exclusively play), if they were actually scary? Why does making monsters good make them less cool?
  3. I agree with the strength and toughness argument for monsters. I was essentially trying to reflect the same thing through my Ward Save against non and low rend attacks. Basically the idea is that small weapons don't really hurt monsters, and it takes truly powerful attacks to cause them damage. A 4+ Ward save against no rend attacks across the board for all Monster units would reflect the inability of basic infantry (like the grots mentioned above) to hurt monsters. Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly coincidentally just released a video about this very topic. He basically said that monsters need to either be bullies (high damage output clearing enemies) or utility (like the Gothizzar Harvester, buffing units around it) to make them worthwhile. As it is most monsters are terrible and almost never worth taking, with a few exceptions. You can watch his video on the topic here:
  4. This is exactly right. Monsters are under powered in AoS. They have fewer wounds than units, usually do less damage, and deteriorate quickly. Not only is an extra block of guys almost always better for the reasons you point out, but monsters simply don't feel right in AoS. They should be something units fear. Sure, they can't hold objectives. But if stated correctly they could be something that is simply awful to engage. On top of giving them more offensive output, I would give behemoth units more staying power. Maybe something like a 4+ ward save against no rend attacks and 5+ ward save against rend 1. Maybe that's too much, but they should be a rock to a normal infantry unit's scissors.
  5. I'm very intrigued by this Khainite warband as it is basically outright stated that it belongs to Morathi...and yet it's nothing like her Daughters of Khaine faction. I thought for sure shadow aelves would belong to exclusively to Malerion, but here we have an example that says otherwise. So how do they fit in? Does she have another group in Ulgu outside of the DoK? Are they a subfaction? Will they be allowed in a DoK army in AoS? Is this a unique phenomenon?
  6. Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. I was forgetting to account for the 2019 FAQ changes. Thanks all. Nothing to see here. Carry on.
  7. I agree they should be the same. But are they? All I know is that what I was hearing reported was different from what I was reading. Maybe I'm wrong and they were just ignoring things they thought irrelevant, but it really seemed they were missing things. Anyone have the digital copy and want to compare numbers?
  8. Apologies if this issue is known already and it's been widely discussed... I was reading along to points changes in my physical GHB 2020 while listening to The Honest Wargammer Podcast's review. They were working off the digital copy, and as they went through each army list they kept skipping over points changes I thought were relevant in the book. For a while I thought they were glossing over things in the interest of time, but after they reported no points changes to Alarielle (a 60 point drop) and the Black Coach (a 40 point drop) and a few other units I got suspicious. Are the points in the digital and physical versions of the GHB 2020 different? Did the physical version change a lot more than the digital? Or am I just imagining things? It seems to me that people with the digital copy are working off different numbers than the physical copy. Can anyone confirm?
  9. I have a physical copy but was listening to The Honest Wargammer podcast review of the GHB 2020 and what they kept reporting off the digital copy was different than the physical copy I was looking at. It took me a while to figure out what was going on and realize they weren't just skipping things. Like they reported the Black Coach was unchanged pointswise, but my physical copy reports a 40 pt reduction. Is this issue known? Are people figuring this out? What gives?
  10. So how are people doing with their lists now that the Myrmourn Banshees have been out for a bit? What are people running now? I'm about to start a Warcry campaign with my friends group and we're working on a starting list for my son. He plays Nighthaunt in AoS and wants to port them over to Warcry, but we're struggling a bit coming up with a list we think will be effective after a couple practice games. As others have said, it's not a hard hitting faction (save maybe spirit hosts). We tried a horde list but found it couldn't kill a target very well. We tried a medium elite group but even that wasn't super effective. We're going to try going ultra elite with a Dreadwarden, Spirit Host x2, Grimghast Reapers x3 next, with a huge emphasis on Spirit Marked Prey + Frightful Touch just to see how it goes. Frankly I wish we could switch out one Reaper for a Myrmourn Banshee but that takes the points above 1,000 (it's 1,005). Alternative elite lists like this could swap out two Reapers for a Banshee and a Glavewraith (so DW + SHx2 + GR + MB + GS), but then you only have one source of Spirit Marked Prey. Or we drop a Spirit Host from the original list for a Banshee and a Chainrasp (so DW + SH + GRx3 + MB + CR), but that's only one more body and I didn't think it was a good trade. But in any event we've no idea if any of this will be effective yet. If none of that works we might try Extoller, Spirit Host, Grimghast Reaper x2, Myrmourn Banshee, and two Chainrasps. Maybe that's the safest. But I'm very interested to hear what's working for people and how you're playing your Nighthaunt for maximum effect. I want my son to have fun. That doesn't mean he has to win everything but if he's always losing because he can't hit anything at all he's going to get frustrated.
  11. I'm really hoping this is a totally new take on High Aelves and not a rehash of what was. Yes, lots of inspiration from Old World High Elves, but also something new with a nice AoS look and twist.
  12. Well that seems like strong evidence for a Kurnothi/Wanderers merger down the road. Speculating further, I could totally see a Battletome with Sylvaneth and Kurnothi/Wanderers with three allegiance options: two separate armies and one combined army, a la Orruk Wartribes.
  13. This is totally fair. Actually, I got back into Warhammer with the release of AoS. I hadn't played in years (3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle). And while I had some of my old models, they were veeeerrrrryyy old (and made of lead). Like you, I bought my Wanderers for AoS. And my son bought Greenskinz. And my other son Slaves to Darkness. All three armies are either chopped to pieces by GW, killed outright, or unsupported thus far. You are totally right. They put these Start Collecting bundles together to entice us to purchase armies that turned out to be unsupported. They advertised armies that turned out to be unsupported. I made a mistake. I knew the Wanderers were older. I didn't know they would be unsupported. It may be GW's fault, but I have to deal with it. I went through the frustrated phase like you did. Now all three of us (me and my boys) have moved on to different armies (Nurgle for me, Nighthaunt for my first son, Tzeentch for my second). Ultimately I want to play an aelven army as I am really an elf player at heart. Nurgle is kinda a stand in. But I am no longer willing to keep holding out hope that the Wanderers will be fleshed out into a full army. At this point, GW has culled it down to the point where you can't even really field an archer army with the Wanderers (they have one archer unit, Sisters of the Watch). And I think it would serve most AoS players, new or old, to embrace new supported armies over older ones. Yes, GW is to blame and they didn't put warning signs up. But I don't want to be frustrated with my army. The only choice I have is to be frustrated or move on. I have chosen the later.
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