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  1. Check you Junk, it's where mine ended up.
  2. Yeah I've looked into Freeguild to give me some ranged support though I'm not a fan of the 'fantasy empire' models. I'm considering converting some models up using the Flagellants still as the base model and then adding whatever weapons I need. I've considered the Excelsior but his prayer isn't the best compared to a normal warrior priests who have the same healing prayer and then some proper buff prayers for the flagellants. If I take a Gryph-Hound with him it breaks allegiance too if I didn't want to utilise the allies.
  3. That would be amazing, a whole lot of dice being rolled and not much dying haha! I've got a few ideas, want to get the majority of the army built first but thinking of some "unit fillers" of four Flagellants carrying a statue of a stormcast into battle and things like that.
  4. We are back for Episode 20. In this episode Chalmers and Dan chat about the Element Games Grand Slam event where Dan too full Moonclan with ALOT of squigs! We also cover General's Handbook 2017 reveals along with answering your questions that you've sent in. As mentioned in the episode Em's streaming can be found here. And Chalmers' new Tabletop Standard Commission Painting can be found here. As always we can be contacted by email - talesofsigmar@gmail.com And find us on Twitter: @talesofsigmar @dangermouse425 Get the episode here.
  5. There's a local tournament in two weeks time where you don't need painted models. If I push myself I might be able to get it on the tabletop all built for then though that might be pushing it. I'm aiming to get the full 2000pts painted to a tabletop standard for Facehammer at the very end of September hopefully.
  6. So I thought I’d dabble in doing an army diary in the same vein as the fantastic threads ran by @Chris Tomlin @HobbyHammer and @Paul Buckler with a new project I’m looking forward to doing. The plan is to have a full blown Devoted of Sigmar army but then using the new allies or generic Order Allegiance to add in extra units to represent certain elements of the City of Colarcanium such as the Collegiate Arcane and Stormcast factions. I’ll be honest I don’t see this army being competitive at all (despite a few at the club saying it has potential). This army is mainly a lead up to the Rise of Empires: Border Wars narrative event in February but I’m looking at taking it to a few Matched Play Tournaments in the upcoming months just to have a laugh and try something different on the table. At the moment the army is solely focusing on the Devoted of Sigmar and is going to be looking like this; At the moment I’m putting together the first 70 Flagellants which I'll hopefully have the majority done by the end of this weekend. Thankfully, despite their age, the flagellant models are really nice sculpts and they’re a dream to put together. I’ve already got one War Altar built after purchasing it from @Jimbo and I’ve just picked up another one this week after it finally came back into stock at Games Workshop! I’ve salvaged two unpainted Warrior Priests from my 8th Edition Empire days that I’ll be using and need to pick up a Witch Hunter at some point. Looking forward to running something different, and hopefully something fun. Fingers crossed they don’t get changed too much in General’s Handbook 2017.
  7. J Wondering what your thinking of the Decimators are? Unless they can drop where they need to go on the table they're foot slogging at 4" a turn meaning they're not getting anywhere fast. I'd maybe look at dropping the Decimators and making the Greatswords a unit of 20.
  8. If you can get a ticket (I'm pretty sure it's sold out at the moment) and want to borrow an army I'll have a spare one for you to use if you want?
  9. Was looking forward to seeing Braggoth's Beasthammer
  10. The Start Collecting box has everything you'd need mate. The 3 Horrors in that box can be made into either the Flayers or Horrors. Yeah the Ghoul King that comes with the Terrorghiest/Zombie Dragon model but it can be split off separtely with no problem. I'd recommend the Start Collecting, it gives you everything you'd need as I think with the Skirmish one you'll end up having too man Ghouls.
  11. I've got mats from Gamemat.eu, Deep-Cut Studio and Frontline, they're all great and highly recommend. Though I'd recommend you get the Mousepad style ones, I've got a handful of the PVC cloth ones and they're a nightmare to flatten out when they've been rolled up, the mousepad ones however just roll straight out time and time again.
  12. Awesome Map! Looking forward to getting some story going for this, need to see how the new Handbook mixes things up before working out where to go.
  13. In this mammoth episode, join Dan as he talks about his favourite subject in Age of Sigmar - MOONCLAN GROTS! Clocking in at just shy of 2 hours, this episode is absolutely stuffed with Squiggy awesomenes as Dan is joined my Nick (@slaaneshfiend) who recently took first place on the podium at the Warhammer World GT Heat 3, shocking everyone with his victory with a Squig-heavy army. Dan has been singing the praises of the Moonclan and the Squigs, even after The Great Moonclan FAQ Nerf that we don't talk about (it upsets him too much), and in this episode he discusses how Nick went about approaching his games, what challenges he faced and whether you can smash your opponents with Squigs for five games, and still win Most Sporting Opponent. (Spoilers, you can!) Find Nick on Twitter here! Find Dan on Twitter here! Buy your new Moonclan Grot army here (#newfilth)! Get the episode here.
  14. UK Based Looking to buy a War Altar of Sigmar, preferably unbuilt or unpainted. Cheers, Chalmers