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  1. I definitely hope so! We iz lookin for moar stuntie flyin-gitz ta smash!
  2. Cheers mate, got quite a bit built already and the rest of the bits have arrived to build the other parts. Once the troops are done it's straight on with the Ships which are going to take me a while. Then a couple of months to paint it all!
  3. The start of my army and first up my Hunter (still to be named) who is apart of Kaptin' Dron an iz Overlordz (Kharadon Overlords get it?). I'll probably be starting a narrative thread covering a full story and such leading up to the event. Hopefully I can get some games in too.
  4. Trapper without a doubt, my Hunter fits the bill perfectly!
  5. Stuck to my goals pretty well.
  6. Well ****** me that's putting my army to shame @Drakira! Great work.
  7. For those undecided on whether you want to attend I'll say now, Realm Hoppers this year was easily the funnest event I've ever been to. Was well worth the trip down from Newcastle for and cannot wait to make a whole weekend of it this time.
  8. Draw for Game 1. See you all in two weeks.
  9. Massive thanks to everyone getting their lists in before the deadline. The army lists for everyone can be found here
  10. Awesome news Payment Sent
  11. @Mitzy does this mean I'm in, if Bueno can't make it?
  12. Even did a display base for it.
  13. Sounds exactly like the basing I've done for my army. Basically, Prime base Black, Vallejo Hull Red on the bottom of the base to give it some colour. Then 2-3 layers (making sure each layer is dry before the next) of Blood for the Blood God on top to build up the blood effect.
  14. Couple of spots have opened up if anyone wants them.