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  1. So I'm considering something stupid if I qualify for the Grand Tournament final round. Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Archaon (700) Kairos Fateweaver (340) Lord Of Change (300) Lord Of Change (300) Gaunt Summoner (100) Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140) 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch Units Total: 2000/2000 or Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Kairos Fateweaver (340) Lord Of Change (300) Lord Of Change (300) Lord Of Change (300) Gaunt Summoner (100) Battleline 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch Units 6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (320) Battalions Omniscient Oracles (60) Scenery Balewind Vortex (100) Total: 2000/2000 Completely stupid lists but just want to put Archaon and 3 Big birds or 4 Big Birds on the table at once and just push it around for a laugh.
  2. Think I'll be doing a Skaven army for this. Can we tie in the Realm Hoppers campaign into this? Was going to do one bit of the story of the Skaven in Realm Hoppers.
  3. Right back to the realm of work after a 750 mile round trip this weekend. Just want to say a massive thanks to @HobbyHammer and @KyeBaker for running such an awesome and fun event! Probably some of the best games of AoS I’ve played since the game came out and so many funny moments throughout the event. Really enjoyed all the missions despite getting completely tabled the first two games and every table looked absolutely stunning! Massive thanks to all my opponents throughout the day, special mention to @JontyGoesGaming and my team-mate/mortal enemy @Moarhammer. Was great meeting up with you both on the Friday night too for some drunken and funny times before-hand. Still cannot believe I picked up best army, I’m completely honored as there were some stunning armies on show at the event. The day was fast and furious, think I passed out in the hotel bed at 9pm on the Saturday night, was just a shame I woke up the Sunday and realized it wasn’t a 2-Dayer! Massive congrats to all the winners, and again thanks to Sean and Kye for putting on such an awesome event. Chalmers
  4. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 15 TO WAR MY FOLLOWERS, HEAR YOUR ENEMIES SCREAMS AND LET THEIR BLOOD FLOW!! With an instant reply, the Khorne Rebellion all cheered the request of their leader. Their speed increased, the bloodlust couldn’t come quicker. The land that they traversed were covered in small dark crystals, powerful light pulsating from each shard. Sayl’s eye lit up, the shards getting bigger and bigger, as he stopped about to scoop up the dark crystals Skarbrand was there to drag the wizard back to his feet. "͞You will get your crystals, when we get our skulls wizard͟" spat The Exiled One. Sayl was obviously taken back at the force of being pulled up not wanting to infuriate the Bloodthirster he chose his words wisely "͞mmyy…myy...my apologies my lord, I was just…" He was instantly cut off this time by Barruk "You were just nothing Sayl. You will be told when you can look at these crystals. Anyway you have more pressing issues ahead." Sayl knew what this meant, Barruk took to the skies overlooking the Rebellion that marched on, and Skarbrand stood next to the wizard. With a quiet chant the wizard started his spell, slowly but surely both Wizard and Skarbrand started hovering above the ground. Soon Skarbrand joined the heights of his fellow Bloodthirster, the Wizard clutching onto the back of The Exiled One. "Glorious! Now my enemies will feel my wrath from the skies" roared Skarbrand, the two Bloodthirsters now soaring above their Rebellion. From the skies they could see as far as their vision could see, thankfully with the power of Chaos that was a lot further than the normal man and far ahead, they could see a much larger Dark Crystal pulsating from the floor. But it wasn’t the crystal that grabbed the Khorne Rebellion’s attention, although truth be told Sayl’s eyes were fixated on the Crystal, rather the Chaos Duardin that could be seen in the area studying the item of power. Skarbrand nodded towards Barruk, signalling to make the attack, the Bloodthirster roared out to the men and daemons below; "To me Rebellion, the blood of fallen Duardin shall flow tonight!" ===================== hopefully this posts ok. I'm trying to do this on the iPhone in a hotel next to the venue for Realm Hoppers tomorrow. Really enjoyed this campaign the last few months there's been some great armies created over that time. Anyway here's the whole Khorne Rebellion I've painted up in the past few months.
  5. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 14 The Khorne Rebellion poured out of the stronghold, whipped up into a blood frenzy, the Bloodreavers and Bloodletters led the charge. The Bloodcrushers being ordered by Heung outflanked the main core of the army, scouting ahead for any potential victims of the Rebellion that may be lurking over yonder. The once silent surrounding lands of Aqshy now broken with the ever growing chant of “Blood for The Exiled One, Skulls for Skarbrand”, Ranuk the Bloodsecrator urged his brethren forward to find their first foes. Sooner or later this alliance of man and daemon would find their weapons clashing against worthy opponents, and after all said and done blood would be spilt, skulls would roll and The Exiled One would be indulged. Talking of Skarbrand, the Bloodthirster stepped out flanked by his fellow Bloodthirster and second in command Barruk, behind them the slippery figure of Sayl slivered out from the entrance that he infiltrated months ago. Both Skarbrand and Barruk sniffed the sulphuric air, for most it burned the nostrils to breathe in but for the Bloodthirsters the lure and smell of blood overpowered any volcanic smell from the Realm of Fire. Skarbrand licked his lips, a frenzy boiling up within him. “TO WAR MY FOLLOWERS, HEAR YOUR ENEMIES SCREAMS AND LET THEIR BLOOD FLOW!!!”
  6. I've got these saved from ages ago. Not sure whether they'll be any use.
  7. It sounds like a fair few of the Batallions have been tweaked and changed allowing you to change the dice roll of Scions of the Storm up and down depending when you want units to arrive. Need to go through every Batallion and see what changes have been made before trying to work out what's best to use. I know a few people have been looking at the leaks and saying Hammerstrike Force would be the go-to formation, but for one unit of 3 x Prosecutors with Javelins, a unit of 10 Retributors and 10 Protectors you're still paying over half your army points for three units. It's a lot of points for one trick. I'm sure down the line they'll be some really interesting lists with all the different artefacts and powers available to us now.
  8. Looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend. For those who haven't listened, Dan chatted with Kyle and Sean about the event in our latest episode of the podcast. http://www.talesofsigmar.co.uk/2017/02/episode-13-realm-hoppers-17-interview.html
  9. Some truly phenomenal work in here. I'm going to be starting an Order warband, something along the lines of lost souls left behind by their respective factions and banded together to survive. Considering the following to start; Stormcast Liberator - w/ Magic Spear and shield. Duardin Engineer - I've got an awesome idea, need to see whether I can pull it off before trying to big it up. Aelven Hunter - Using bits from a Shadow Warrior/Glade Guard kit. Witch Hunter - Kitbash of Free Guild bits. Forest Mage - Part Battlemage, part Sylvaneth Dryad. After trying to awaken the magic of the Sylvaneth woods the spell backfired and the mage was partly-merged with debris within the wood.
  10. Rather than clog up the Rumour Thread with Stormcast chat, can it be redirected here, you know a Let's Chat Stormcast thread... Seems more apt to have discussions in there, rather than 6/7 pages in a thread meant for rumours.
  11. That is awesome!
  12. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 13 The Exiled One leant back in his throne for a moment, considering the words from his advisor on the council. Ever since Skarbrand allowed a wizard into the rebellion they had managed to outwit some of the toughest opponents. While all the Bloodthirster wanted to do was slaughter anything that moved in his sight, the fact that Sayl had ideas to make sure they created the biggest impact was always an added bonus. "Very well", replied The Exiled One Skarbrand obviously took note of the fact that Sayl's face lit up at the response and the wizards fascination with the crystals. The legendary Bloodthirster took a long last swig from his skull goblet, droplets of blood fall down his chin and into his great white beard. "But let me warn you Sayl, if you dare try to cross me I'll make sure to end your life quicker than you can blink. Now go rally the Rebellion, we have blood to spill and skulls to collect…."
  13. Managed to get a couple of games in last night using the 1K Warband vs a friends Daemons of Tzeentch army. Unfortunately only managed to get pictures of the first game which was Gift from the Heavens. The Khorne Rebellion Barruk - Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage Heung - Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne on Bloodcrusher 30 x Bloodletters 10 x Bloodletters 3 x Bloodcrushers 10 x Bloodreavers Vs. Tzeentch Daemons Gaunt Summoner Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot Tzaangor Shaman 10 x Pink Horrors 10 x Pink Horrors 3 x Screamers of Tzeentch 3 x Screamers of Tzeentch The Tzeentch forces started, with no enemies in range they set up a defensive position in their territory casting defensive spells on their units. The forces of Khorne piled forwards, while they wouldn't be able to get in combat straight away the Daemons of Khorne were wary of the damage the Tzeentch Daemons could produce with their spells. The comet dropped down in the centre of the board exactly where the smaller unit of Bloodletters and Bloodreavers took up position. Then came the magic phase from the Tzeentch army, they focused on the 30-strong unit of Bloodletters and after spell after spell only 9 were left standing in the unit! Finally the Khorne were in range, the Bloodcrushers and Herald on Bloodcrusher charged head first into the first unit of Screamers, the first two Tzeentch flyers cut down but the remaining one proved difficult to shift. The remaining Bloodletters charged into the other Screamers, despite being severely weakened they felled one with ease. However the screamers fought back slaying three in response. However reality flickered and suddenly six Bloodletters were returned to the battlefield to join the battle, with the increase in numbers the Bloodletters made short work of the remaining screamers. The Bloodthirster found his gap in the enemies lines, flying full speed into the Herald of Tzeentch on Flaming Chariot. With a clean sweep of his giant Axe, Barruk sliced the chariot in half lopping off the head of the Tzeentch wizard at the same time. With the taste of blood on his axe, Barruk then went straight into one of the Pink Horror units, as the dust settled not a single Horror was left standing. The Bloodthirster had left the enemy force in ribbons with both comets in possession of the Khorne. It was a victory to the Khorne!
  14. Feel sorry for @HobbyHammer working out final scores, think at the moment if my maths is correct I've got another 39 renown to add to my score...
  15. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 12 Sayl's face lit up, he'd heard of these crystal before, without even consulting the rest of the council he addressed the Bloodreaver. "Muster the warband, we must go." As the Bloodreaver left to tell the rest of the Rebellion, Sayl was about to follow suit until the deafening roar of Skarbrand stopped him dead in his tracks. "WAIT!!!!" Sayl tried to explain, "These…these dark crystals master, they're rumoured to hold great power…" but was instantly cut off by The Exiled One "POWER?!!? Let me make one thing clear Sayl, there is only ONE thing to distinguish the upmost power, look around you. The more skulls that lie in my throne room the more powerful I become. Soon people will tremble to my reign." Skarbrand slammed down the skull goblet on the arm of his throne, blood sloshing out of the cup and covering the surrounding area. "I meant no insult to you my lord." Sayl was quick to reassure his position in the room, the last thing he wanted was his own skull joining those less fortunate than himself. Sayl needed access to those crystals though and he needed Skarbrand to lead him there. "What I meant my lord, the crystals are rumoured to hold great power, that means it's going to attract greater enemies from afar. Think of the spoils of war we…YOU…could take if we were there to cut everyone off…."