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  1. 4 Spots left for anyone else interested?
  2. Episode 23 - Facehammer GT 2017

    Cheers hope you enjoyed!
  3. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Definitely 3. It's a up to 24" move for each model in the unit like any other move you do in the movement phase but you've just got to go towards the unit/terrain you've snagged.
  4. Episode 23 - Facehammer GT 2017

    Welcome to episode 23 of the Tales of Sigmar, a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. In this episode Chalmers goes over his games at the Facehammer GT at the fantastic Element Games. With a Triple Chicken List (Kairos & Two Lord of Change) could he find any success? We also cover our hobby progress with Steve's one Plaguebearer in three weeks and Chalmers finally making some progress on his Pirate Orruk Kharadron Overlords for Realms at War 17. As always you can email us - talesofsigmar@gmail.com Or find us on Twitter; @talesofsigmar @hobgoblinsteve Get the episode here.
  5. Are we getting to read these before the event @Jimbo? Looking forward to reading everyone's lore
  6. Story wrote and emailed through
  7. Where can I buy brets

    Do they have to be official Bret models? If not have a look at Fireforge Games, they do great alternative plastic models that would work great for Brets.
  8. Snap. Time to get some paint onto my models sharpish!!!!
  9. Yeah I found when looking through the campaign books there's a lot of factions that are lacking in any battalions. Death especially outside of FEC
  10. yeah there's both sides to the coin if allowing custom battalions. Think you'd need to rule it that they're submitted way in advance for you guys to check them out and make sure their not completely and utterly broken. I've got a few ideas (wouldn't be me without flittering between 4-5 ideas at a time) one I'm thinking of was a Swamp Family, basically Troll Hag, Troggoths and their pet monster of the swamps (Dread Maw). But hey, still five months to go so I'm sure I'll change my mind way before lol
  11. Custom battalions (as long as they were okayed with okayed with TOs beforehand) could be awesome and really thematical...... Plus it would let me run a stupid list that I've always wanted to run haha.
  12. Must've missed that... Only going by what the emails originally said
  13. Humble Ramblings from the Woodland Path

    Got to admit your game against @Chris Tomlin on Sunday morning next to me and Diesel looked awesome. Probably helped with two beautifully painted armies on the table too!
  14. Incase people havent seen on Twitter, I've finally finished my Ironclad. Now to paint the whole army!
  15. don't you remember hitting reply all. You sent it to EVERYONE