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  1. Player/Community/Store/Tournament Map

    Hey there Player Location: Cologne, Germany Forum Name: Brother Captain (Pierre) Contact: PM here on TGA
  2. Lord of Plagues WIP

  3. Lord of Plagues WIP

  4. finished graveyard table

  5. finished graveyard table

  6. finished graveyard table

  7. WIP Wight King crypt

    Unfortunately not, i just built everything completely from scratch without any plans. Only thing i used were photographs from real graveyards and crypts as an inspiration.
  8. Wight King crypt

    Yeah it's pretty big Just big enough to be a centerpiece.
  9. Wight King crypt

    -- : --
  10. Graves

    exactly, the bases are some old CDs.
  11. Graves

  12. Wight King crypt

  13. Wight King crypt