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  1. Crazy. Now we just need to know when our new battletome drops lol.
  2. I sure hope so! The box feels alittle wonky though but I guess its to early to tell.
  3. Greetings painters! This is a first one! I recently acquired a box of randomly assorted models to practice painting with. Mostly odd models but I noticed there was an abundance of our ugly friends so I decided to make this! A painting blog dedicated to Ogres, Trolls and Troggoths! I'm relatively new to painting so I'm doing this to stay motivated and get better at it. I was really inspired to start this project by this: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/09/solo-warhammer-troggoth-slayersgw-homepage-post-1/ I currently have around 20+ models (plastic, resin and som
  4. I was hesitant on the SOB at first but seeing this I just have to buy at least one lol. When can we expect the SOB kit to be released?
  5. I never said his book was great, I even wrote that it should be taken with a grain of salt. But we can't overlook the fact that we can't tell more than X types of different stories, which was my point. How are you supposed to tell a fictional creation myth or the following events without taking inspiration from real life? Or other religions in this case. You even agree that religion is subjective. I would not count practicioners as the only way to measure religious influence over time. I firmly believe that most religious stories influence eachother and are older then the written versions whic
  6. This is rather off topic but I thinks it's a fun one nonetheless. It should as always be taken with a grain of salt. You think you're being all clever and original with your new storytelling. In fact, you're not. From Shakespeare to Spielberg to Soderbergh, there are really only seven different types of stories. Christopher Booker, in his book Seven Basic Plots, hypothesizes that seven archetypal themes recur in all kinds of storytelling. It should be noted that his perspective in the book is mostly directed at practical use. Making ads or telling a captivating story, not necessarily the
  7. As a concept this sounds cool but even this army sort of needs other units IMO, specifically smaller ones. Maybe the elves teamed up with the giant angel thingys lol?
  8. Yea but a giant man with a bow ain't the same as a Knight. /s I think it will be harder to introduce these kinds of models for AoS though since there is less shooting. I think it will be way harder to balance aswell. Dragons would be cool. Angels would be even better but that would make them GA Order.. ðŸ˜ī
  9. And the moon is round, what's your point? /s 😁 I wouldn't use "The Unbeatable Army" as a measuring device. Especially since we are talking about a whole army launch not just the same model again, again and again... How would everyone react to a one model army release? 😂
  10. Don't get me wrong. I want giant centerpiece models, a whole army would be even better! But I don't see it happening unless it's a Forge World model. I guess time will tell.
  11. A possibilty yes but the Knights are mostly shooting right? How would that be transferred to AoS in a reasonable way? And with the different type of army building you wouldn't just be able to include a Knight wherever you want like you do in 40K.
  12. Yea and the only reason I would ever buy one would be to paint it.
  13. As much as I would love giants I think a giant line wouldn't be fun to play, at all. I mean a list comprised of 5 minis? How would you balance that? My bet would be Elves and some of the uncatered factions like Seraphon etc. and then a FW giant centerpiece release for destruction or something like that. ðŸĪŠ
  14. It most likely won't. It's x years until we are there. They will play, like they should, but they should not expect WHFB to be coming back as it was. I think the hysteria will die somewhat as soon as people actually realize that.
  15. I think the hype train is moving very fast. Making any assumptions based on what little we know is risky.
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