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  1. I would very much prefer they they go back to the Silver Tower/AOS version and make it solo/coop.
  2. Yay, I got my Stormcast and Blades of Khorne cards I wanted! Thanks, GW!
  3. I really want Warband cards for the original Age of Sigmar starter set Stormcast and Goretide. Bloodreavers, Bloodwarriors, Liberators, Retributors and so on. Do you think its a possibility?
  4. I agree and whats more is that some people will will make these kinds of deliberately inflamitory comments as a discussion starter because its a "good" way to get people to respond to you. But really it just creates an argument instead of a discussion. (This happens on the internet in general, I'm not saying it just happens here)
  5. Wait a second. Did that Pink Horror holding the books come with your Silver Tower set? Mine came with two of the guy without the books and there were no books on the sprue. Great paint job by the way.
  6. Off the top of my head, yes pretty much any of the minions could appear on the first level. Not only that, but *spoiler alert* The monsters scale according to player count, so a 2 player game will require less monsters, I think around 4 may spawn? Personally I prefer 2 characters because the possibility of losing the level is higher and the game skews a bit easy with 4 characters. ETA, Monsters have varied weapon load-outs that add variety to the game and the rules require unique load-outs be placed for each spawning monster. I think there are 4 unique models for each class. It's a great game, I love it. I'm going to do a re-play soon.
  7. The Pink Horrors are wizards and they only cost 3 points.
  8. Great work! He does look like Doctor Doom!
  9. GW makes more than enough VS. games. They need to make more co-op. Silver Tower was a big hit and drew in new gamers.
  10. I think you could change who your general is once you add a better hero model later in the campaign. The rule says that you must have a minimum of 3 models and the general must be a hero. It doesn't say that you can't change which hero is the general from match to match.
  11. So, I am playing and loving the new skirmish rules. As I was reading the chapter "Treasures of the Katophranes" I was constantly thinking that this would make a great co-op board game in the style of Silver Tower. Lots of traps, random dungeons and treasure (special shadeglass items). And it has a built in excuse for why there would be lots of random factions in the area searching for treasure. Come on, GW give us another co-op AOS game!
  12. So, are these miss-prints or intentional? 1. Clash at Dawn - isn't it probably supposed to be 1,2,3,4 on the table quarters and not 1,2,2,4? They only mention 5,6 results as being able to place units where you want, a 3 result is never mentioned. 2. Kairic Acolytes & Tzaangors have a minimum unit size of 10 even though page 34 clearly says that "You may ignore minimum unit size... ...all count as having a minimum unit size of 1". FAQ coming soon from GW?
  13. But, they are treated as individuals. There are no cohesive units in skirmish.
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