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  1. Great suggestions, unfortunately, they all depend on being able to get a unit up the field in a position that it can draw line of sight. Which was impossible given his deployment. The only way to make a gap big enough to summon a herald in LOS would be to kill a big chunk of his army first.
  2. They disagree with your position. Thus it is irrelevant to them. They believe that first sentence only applies to how to "gain" control and has nothing to do with losing it. I agree with you, it is pretty obvious it isn't but they simply don't care. They see it the other way. Thus a ruling is needed by an authority. (aka GW). (and if you google around there are dozens of reddit threads and such arguing for pages and pages about it, its not like its one person)
  3. Yup, 100% agree with you. But rules lawyers don't care about fluff text and the actual rules are vague enough for them to feel like they have a case so really this is a situation where GW just needs to come out with an explicit ruling.
  4. So I'm not trying to get into the argument of whether a hero "can" move off a point of power and retain control of it when he is killed or not. I've spent the last hour or so reading threads where people argued both sides like crazy. Clearly the community is split on that one. (though it seems most players agree its silly that you can run up, tag the point of power then scurry to a corner and hide) I played a game yesterday where the opponent claimed GW FAQed it someplace confirming that "yes" you can tag a point of power then run off. The only way to get it back is kill the hero so I'm trying to find evidence of that and google hasn't really helped. I played a rather frustrating game where I felt I had lost before I even started to play as his heroes were faster so could tag all 3 pts of power then they all just ran off hiding behind walls for the rest of the game while playing ring around the rosie with my shooting/magic. I eventually killed them all but after a few turns of "cumulative" objective scoring he was too far ahead to be caught. So ya, just hoping he was wrong about the official ruling and was wondering if anyone has seen evidence of that anywhere? I'm not overly enthusiastic about playing that mission in the future if thats the case.
  5. Wow so many replies so fast, thanks for all the thoughts. I considered the changeling in future matchups but the odds of changeling revealing itself and 1 shotting the guy is so low. Especially if the banner is planted on turn 1. And changeling is unlikely to get a second shot before he is torn to pieces. As for flying units and summoning, the problem is he had so much chaffe that the "must finish movement 3" away rule prevented me from getting past his line. Until I thinned out the chaffe I didn't really have way to get any ranged anywhere near his bloodsecrator. I quickly mocked up his deployment just to give an idea (See attachment) Basically the red dots are his units, boxes are scenery, and the big red circle is the aura from the bloodsecrator. As you can see his deployment is completely full of models. So there is no spot to land, or summon a model that can actually "see" his bloodsecrator. Then he just moved the whole horde up being careful that it was "thick" enough that nothing with 16" movement could fly over it while still being 3" past it on the other side. I eventually cut his army down but not before he had too many objective points to be caught since I couldn't really stand up to him in close combat (naturally), By the end of the game he had 1 model with 1 wound left and I had 1/3 of my army but I was down by so many objective points there was nothing I could do. The bloodsecrator's +1 attack and immune to battleshock just make his models so hearty and Tzeentch MW style play isn't very good at thinning hordes especially when it is vastly deminished due to the aura. (also note: all his units were in units of 10 to maximize his bloodtithe and minimize my gaunt summoner)
  6. So I had a game tonight and lost by a super narrow margin which was fun, but the bloodsecrator gave me huge troubles. My opponent basically deployed it right behind LoS blocking cover so that it was out of LoS of everything, then packed the entire board with loosely spread blood reavers. Because of the 3" rule I couldn't get any shooting or magic both within LoS of him and also in range until late in the game but his huge range on his aura (thanks to many slaughter priests) meant his whole army was immune to battleshock and the re-roll successful casting neutered my magic effectiveness. I feel like I would have certainly "had" the game if I had an answer to the bloodsecrator that was holding his entire battleline together. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how I may counter this as DoT as they are pretty dependant on drawing line of sight to threaten anything. Thanks for any help!
  7. So came into an interesting contradiction and was wondering what everyone thought? A Gaunt Summoner's familiars must remain within 1" of him at all time but if he summons a vortex it states that no models can be within 3" of the vortex. Which rule take precedence? Or would this mean a Gaunt Summoner with Familiars cannot summon a vortex? Thoughts?
  8. My 2¢ Malignants, while super cool, aren't super competitive. They are super easy to paint though. I look forward to a book for them as I think it could be really interesting. Flesh-eater courts, certainly the most "fleshed" out of the death faction at this point. (see what I did there? ;)) Personally I feel many of their models leave a lot to be desired. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see a new ghoul kit within a year or two. Imo the terrorghesit in the start collecting is gorgeous though. Skeleton horde start collecting is a really good deal. (they all are, but this one is special). The downside is black knights are pretty weak right now and the general consensus is that mortarchs aren't quite competitive when compared to things like the Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon. Certainly not terrible though, I still adore neferata and her command ability can shut down some armies. (MW on a 6+? aww too bad!) In terms of how good the deal is, retail cost to buy the contents of the start collecting boxes seperately: Skeleton Horde: $137 Flesh Eater Courts: $125 Malignants: $121 Ultimately, imo pick whichever models you like the best and if you can't decide on that then turn to things like: "which is the best deal or which is the most competitive" Also another thing to bear in mind, and other members please correct me if I am wrong, but given that several of the units in the start collecting boxes are multi-kits you should be able to build them into alternative models as the required bits should all be on the sprues. Arkhan can also be Neferata or Manfred Black Knights can also be Hexwraiths (and vice versa) Terrorgheist can also be Zombie Dragon (with or without rider in either case)
  9. Ya, exactly, this one isn't a situation of GW writing a rule that is confusing or doesn't account for a certain situation where player must essentially "ad lib" to understand. This is a situation where on one page it says: Models with keyword X get bonus Y then on another page is also very clearly states Models with keyword A get bonus B That to me very explicitly means models with both Keyword X and A get both Bonuses Y and B. There is no text anywhere suggesting that one rule interferes with the other. TOs are certainly free to house rule how they see fit for a given event but in my mind this is absolutely a "house rule" where the TO is altering the explicit rules as written. (That said, there is no text in the LVO player pack speaking to this)
  10. Really? I've heard most tournaments still ban it because if the enemy force has no shooting it is invincible and can hold an objective forever. I don't play competitively though so have no first hand knowledge. People in my meta, though, use that as grounds to argue that its unacceptable to field one. Edit: Looking at ITC player packs it is banned for their events, for example the SoCal Open:
  11. I'd disagree, as written its pretty clear you get both. Whether GW intended that though its up for interpretation. Personally I will play the rules as written until presented with official clarification. If some tournaments override that, its up to them but they are altering the rules as written to do so. (Kinda like how many tournaments are banning the vortex)
  12. Nico is pretty similar to how I would do it, though I'd find space to sneak Glimpse the Future in there as Destiny refilling can be so nice to have. Ultimately the way I see it is that your horror hero is almost always going to be firing his own spell so the extra spell is just for that once per game when he gets to cast twice. For that reason I quite like Fold Reality on him. Tzaangor shaman's spell is kinda "meh" unless you are rocking Tzaangor (which I don't personally) so I use him to cast something like Shield of Fate or Glimpse as D3 MW is pretty low output compared to other casters. Also remember some of your casters are both Daemons AND Arcanites, they get 1 spell from each lore. And don't forget about pink horrors, if you are running them, they get a spell each too. Oh, and pro tip: Arcane transformation can be cast on ranged weapons. (Such as say doubling the number of shots from good ole Gaunt in the shooting phase)
  13. Does it have a points cost in the GH? (too lazy to go check), if it does I suspect most people would be fine with it being used. If it doesn't then, no, I'd expect it wouldn't be usable in matched play.
  14. You can find the Gaunt Summoner with Familiars rules in the PDF GW released for Silver Tower models in AoS, its downloadable on their website: His points are in the pitched battles profiles list which is in the FAQ section of the GW site. Why they didn't stick im in the DoT book is beyond me. There is also a warscroll someplace for a Gaunt on a Disc but he has a worse spell so I've never considered using him. Also if you are going chaos allegiance, you could also take a squad of chaos familiars, which is 40pts for 2 if memory serves and they have a +1 cast aura. They don't have Tzeentch keyword though so can only be used in Chaos allegiance. That would get a nice +1 onto your shaman and your gaunt with familiars would be up to +2 to cast which is pretty damn good. Personally, I feel Tzeentch allegiance would be better for you tbh. Destiny dice are so strong and the extra spells so valuable. Lord of war is certainly great but I'm unconvinced that it is better.
  15. Imo certainly make the sorcerer your general, your opponents already have enough incentive to focus that shaman down, might as well at least avoid losing your general as well when that happens. The only exception I'd say is if you want to put illusionist on your shaman to protect him. I'd also say maybe consider dropping the unit of marauders for 2 units of brimstones since you have 20pts free. That will give you more chaffe to soak up damage or camp objectives. Also have you considered 3 units of 3 skyfires instead of a single big unit? Ya, it would prevent you from being able to buff all at once with demonic power but lets be realistic. At 1000pts, 9 buffed skyfires is going to vastly overkill almost anything you aim it at. Imo you would be better off splitting em up so you can threaten different things. It also gives you more freedom to move around tactically. Plus you get 2 more skyfire champion dudes so your damage may even be a bit higher. As it stands right now you are investing 75% of your army (9 skyfires, sorc, and shaman) into a single combo. I'd agree with przenicki1987 on the overall premise that a gaunt is better than a sorcerer lord. On average a gaunt with familiars is going to bring way more pain than demonic power will add to your skyfire shots for less pts. I'd disagree on the tzaangors though, imo, while Tzaangors can bring a bit more damage chaos warriors are going to stand up to more punishment which is what their role is in this list. Also warriors are cooler.