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  1. I think they are both pretty good spells. If you have a target with really high quality attacks to put the buff on it can bring quite a bit of value, but enough to justify paying 160pts for a caddy just to do that spell? This is just a single target spell, it isn't say a re-roll 1s aura like the ones dominating the 40k meta right now, it doesn't multiply THAT much. Which, imo, most of the time isn't worth 160pts but sometimes can be clutch. Think about it this way, 5 knights + Sorcerer Buff (80% of the time) vs 10 Knights, who wins? (both worth 320pts), odds favor the 10man unit quite a bit. Same comparison with the manticore, 5 knights + Manticore lord vs 11 Knights, who wins? That one is a lot closer of a contest. Not to say its always super cut and dry but I don't think the sorcerer lord on foot is easy to justify 160pts for just for that spell. Especially when a Gaunt summoner at 40pts cheaper fills the "sorcerer" role as well and brings a huge volume of mortal wounds against most armies AND can toss a mystic shield each turn which is a 16.7% increase in durability. Based on other things in the game, I sorta feel the sorcerer lord on foot should be about 100pts, while the one on manticore should probably be about 240pts. At least in my opinion.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the points values of the normal sorcerer lord (160) vs the sorcerer lord on manticore (200) seem a bit odd? Basically paying 40pts for a behemoth for your sorcerer to ride. I'm sort of feeling the cost of the regular sorcerer lord is a bit extreme if you compare him to say a Gaunt Summoner with Familiars from Everchosen. He doesn't get +1 to cast, doesn't get a ranged attack, doesn't get to cast 2 spells. His only real strength over a gaunt is the ability make a unit re-roll saves of 1. Doesn't seem like the sorcerer lord on foot even stacks up to parity with a Gaunt summoner who is 40pts cheaper. Any thoughts on why the sorcerer lord is so expensive? Meanwhile, 200pts for a flying behemoth caster that can buff a unit to re-roll saves of 1 seems like a steal of a deal. Wondering how everyone else feels? Sorcerer Lord overpriced? Sorcerer Lord on Manticore underpriced? Is there a compelling reason to ever not just pay the extra pts for the monstrous mount other than maybe just not having the model? (Yes, I know their spells are different, but both are pretty strong spells so I'd say they balance each other out in that regard)
  3. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Been thinking more on the list and I've come up with an alternative build for it that I think might be a bit stronger. The other build felt like if each knight unit lost 1 or 2 models to shooting all of a sudden you just don't have much hitting power. New list: Slaanesh Lord on Daemonic Mount - Allure of Slaanesh - General - 140pts Slaanesh Lord on Daemonic Mount - Enrapturing Circlet - General - 140pts Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore - Slaanesh - General - 200pts Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore - Slaanesh - 200pts Gaunt Summoner with Familiars - 120pts (Allied from Everchosen) 10x Chaos Knights - Slaanesh, Glaives - 320pts 10x Chaos Knights - Slaanesh, Ensorceled Weapons - 320pts 5x Hellstriders - Enraptured Banner, Scourges - 100pts 5x Hellstriders - Enraptured Banner, Scourges - 100pts 10x Marauders - 60pts 10x Marauders - 60pts 5x Seekers of Slaanesh - 120pts 5x Seekers of Slaanesh - 120pts Total: 2000pts I feel like this new build is a bit more robust, Also I noticed for only 40pts more a sorcerer lord can ride a manticore and be way less vulnerable and a threat in the combat phase You lose the spell to get as many re-rolls on the knights but you can still dump the re-roll saves of 1 on each unit of knights from the ability. Ideally, one Sorcerer Lord would be throwing the sorcerer lord on manticore spell which actually has decent MW potential and the other using mystic shield. I added in an Allied gaunt summoner for additional mortal wound damage and the ability to chunk really big units which this army currently suffers from. Then I moved to two larger death stars of knights instead of 3 smaller ones. One has glaives and will be my hammer while the other has ensorcelled weapons and will be tasked with engaging situations where a counter charge is expected. Marauders get the job as cheap objective holders and with my last bit of points, I added in some seekers for some really fast flank harassment that can zip around, try to block counter charges or race into the back line to threaten things like war machines and buff heroes who avoid the thick of the fighting. Toying with the idea of dropping one unit of Seekers in favor of a balewind vortex for the gaunt summoner to keep him safer and increase his threat, but not sure. Another alternative build would be to drop the marauders, seekers, and Gaunt summoner for a 30 man unit of chaos warriors to just play the, "good luck" killing us game to control the board with inspiring presence on them.
  4. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Yeah, so would be more than just swapping out the slaanesh lord of demon mount for chaos lord on daemon mount. Would have to add in the slaanesh lord on foot as well. (plus the foot guy would be too slow to keep up with the army). Essentially trading 3 smaller desthstars for single mega one. I think I'd prefer the 3 smaller ones, more versatile and less eggs in one basket they can just MW spam into the ground. And yup, def aware of the -3 to hit onto my slaanesh lord ondaemonic steed Basically invincible in close combat
  5. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    I guess it depends on the situation, but really its 180pts for max 8D3 MW assuming every unit in the army charges. (or 6D3 + D6 if a big unit of knights) (About 12 MW total on average) seems steep the more I think about it, but also gotta figure in the value of fewer drops and the extra magic item I guess. Compare to say an Allied Gaunt Summoner for 120pts that against bigger units can do that many MWs per turn against big horde clumps. I'm also thinking one big weakness of the army will be chaffe, since the army is so dependant on that one mega charge, if the enemy has a front line of throwaway chaffe, the charge won't be nearly as impactful, wondering what could be done to mitigate that. Maybe swap to swords instead of glaives on the knights, less deadly charge but more potent in situations where you face inevitable counter charges.
  6. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Interesting, I do wonder if the warscroll battalion i worth the pts as well, its not a huge part of the combo and 180pts is a lot, I wonder if a coordinated charge even does enough MWs to even justify it?
  7. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Oh jeez, thats a good point. hmm, I always forget that they are technically different units. hmm, yeah perhaps il do that, though, the 12" general proximity rule makes that a bit challenging.
  8. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Hmm, interesting, how does he give the extra attack on 5/6s? Isn't that the command ability of the normal Slaanesh lord on foot? Or am I missing something? Though I am still pretty fond of the -2 to hit combo, that makes the knights pretty resilient.
  9. Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    So was thinking about the combo for Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic mount and hellstrider enrapturing banner combo to give enemies -2 to hit. The idea is to run them in little clumps like this: K K K L K K H H H H H (K being knights, L being the Lord and H being Hellstriders) This allows for anything I charge into to get -2 to hit from being near the enrapturing standard and the Lord. The Hellstriders would be given scourges so they can attack from behind the knights. Then on top of that since I have 3 generals for being slaanesh, all 3 units of knights will get to attack twice. Not to mention MW for charging thanks to the warscroll battalion List: 1x Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount - General - Allure of Slaanesh - 140 1x Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount - General - Icon of Infinite Success - 140 1x Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount - General - Enrapturing Circlet - 140 1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Mark of Slaanesh 5x Chaos Knights - Slaanesh - Chaos Glaives - 160pts 5x Chaos Knights - Slaanesh - Chaos Glaives - 160pts 5x Chaos Knights - Slaanesh - Chaos Glaives - 160pts 5x Hellstriders of Slaanesh - Scourges, Enrapturing Standard - 100pts 5x Hellstriders of Slaanesh - Scourges, Enrapturing Standard - 100pts 5x Hellstriders of Slaanesh - Scourges, Enrapturing Standard - 100pts Marauder Horsemen - Javelins - Slaanesh - Damned Icon - 90pts Marauder Horsemen - Javelins - Slaanesh - Damned Icon - 90pts Marauder Horsemen - Javelins - Slaanesh - Damned Icon - 90pts Marauder Horsemen - Javelins - Slaanesh - Damned Icon - 90pts Gorebeat Chariot - Slaanesh - 100pts Ruinbringer Warband - 180pts General idea is to use the combo above to control the board with super resilient close combat clumps, then the Horsemen race down flanks to harass and snipe out heroes. Ideally would also line up for a single glorious charge from everything to trigger ruinbringer warband and do a ton of MWs. Thoughts? Gorebeast chariot because I just really love the model hahaha.
  10. Tomb King on exalted chariot rule question

    Personally, I think its pretty clear, the rules clearly state only the general gets the inspiring presence rule. The Tomb King in Exalted Chariot doesn't give other embalmed heroes the status of "general", he only allows them to use their command abilities.
  11. Tomb King in Royal Chariot

    Technically, if your opponent is a ****** and is going to rules lawyer a clear typo then yeah, that's correct. Anyone I play with would be fine with me using it. Though given the power of some of the other command abilities in the army that one is kinda lackluster anyway.
  12. Tombkings in 2017

    The Good As mentioned already ushabti are really efficient now. Especially if you can get mystic shield on them near a necrotect. A 2+ save re-rolling ones is effectively invincibility against the vast majority of infantry in the game. The key to Ushabti is putting them up against damage 1 units. They aren't nearly as effective against monsters and such which are going to completely remove their armor in most cases. I think because chariots are deemed so nice on the surface that Skeleton Horsemen are often overlooked, they are actually really efficient for their points cost and are faster than chariots since they can run and charge. One often overlooked combo is to put necrotect movement and incantation of the dessert wind on a unit of horsemen. you now have a unit that can move 27 + D6 inches then charge 6-12". Thats a 45" threat range. 47" if you give them the tomb king command ability as well. Carrion are surprisingly good, another unit that gets sort of overlooked. They are never going to be front line workhorses but you can really abuse that flying high mechanic to get behind enemy lines. Also food for thought: Nowhere does it say an invincible unit of carrion cannot hold on objective while high in the sky. Tomb swarms are amazing speed bumps. For 80pts you get 10 wounds that if the enemy doesn't kill in one go they just burrow and pop back up again at full strength behind his line next turn. Sepulchral Stalkers are often overlooked in favour of the much harder hitting Necro Knights but for 140pts stalkers are a really good source of mortal wounds your opponent has to deal with in his back line. The Not-so-good In my opinion the warsphynx and necrosphynx are just way overcosted now. They are certainly formidable monsters in specs but at over 400pts they just don't bring enough threat considering say Khorne can bring a Bloodthirster that offers similar threat for 230pts. A standard warsphynx is ok though at 280, though nothing amazing. They used to be amazing when they halved all damage done to them, with that being nerfed to halving the damage characteristic it means they are significantly easier to kill now for way more points. Necro Knights just don't match their points value anymore, they used to rule top tables when comboed with Settra but the points nerf hit them a bit hard. A unit of 6 costing about a quarter of your army in a standard game just isn't going to bring enough threat to ever be worth those points, in my opinion. Yeah it will run over most things pretty well but just aren't worth the cost imo. Catapults got hit a little bit harshly by the GH2017 nerfs in my opinion. They already were only mediocre at 120 points with their old rules, GW, however, felt they needed a 25% pts increase along with a nerf to their rules. A single catapult only has a 33% chance of even doing damage each turn. That just isn't impressive to be paying 160pts for a unit thats likely to do almost nothing. Scorpions are unfortunately also pretty inefficient. They used to have one saving grace in that they could "deep strike" closer than anything else, but GW nerfed that for GH2017 so now its a tough sell to pay 80pts for a scorpion when you can pay 140pts for stalkers that fill the exact same role but bring triple the number of wounds and have ranged attacks meaning a 9" charge roll isn't critical.
  13. Tomb Kings vs SCE 1250 points

    Yeah, though I'm actually considering experimenting with the cloak of mists and shadows on my exalted king, it offers an interesting tactical option to jump out of combat which could put my opponent in a bad position. For example, bait a charge from a ton of units with my king, then go poof and leave combat leaving all the units stranded and vulnerable. It also gets him out of combat so he can do another charge which is where his damage really can get impressive. Risky gambit though, ring is also pretty decent now which might become important vs shooty armies. It is a real bummer that GW didn't feel models with the reanimant keyword deserved most of the buffs, Otherwise, I think Ushabti armies could be really strong, especially if Khalida could buff the shooty ones. My main issue with the Necro Knight nerf was that I never felt they were OP to begin with, the problem was when stacking several very specific buffs on them. Which means if those buffs aren't present the nerf really hurt. I sort of feel the same about sphynxes. Gh2 nerfed pretty much everything so when looking at it on that level it wasn't too too bad. I don't think TKs will see top tables anymore but are certainly totally playable in casual. And ironically, they are easily the most complete Death faction right now.
  14. Tomb Kings vs SCE 1250 points

    Yeah, unfortunately, the Tomb Blade took a bit of a beating. My goto now is cursed book, its not as good a tomb blade was but its still not horrible. I think we are unfortunately in a situation where necro knights were just too heavily nerfed to be worth fielding anymore. Though, on the flipside Ushabti feel to me like the new hotness. You were up against a relatively elite force but Ushabti with mystic shield and the necrotect's help are virtually invincible against a lot of units. Personally, I'd have advocated running your knights and ushabti in smaller units for a game this small, gives you more options that way. 6 necro knights is a lot of pts for a single unit. Though if you had a Liche Priest their damage potential is still ridiculous.
  15. Skeleton Horsemen or Black Knights?

    I have found the opposite. I recently bought a ton of used skeleton sprues for cheap and the white plastic is ridiculously brittle, I can't believe how many skeleton arms or legs snap off when I barely touch them, and its always the white plastic. Just picking up a model holding his spear has broken a few, the weight of the small plastic model has been enough to break it.