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  1. themortalgod

    AoS APP IOS is updated

    Yeah, im kinda disappointed by the Stalkers and Reapers, I kinda thought they would be more specialized. They more or less just feel like regular ghost infantry but stronger. Depending on their pts im sure they will still be decent but they just feel a bit boring. Myrmourn Banshees, however, are awesome, i love their rules.
  2. themortalgod

    AoS 2 - Soulblight Discussion

    Personally, im surprised they reprinted soulblight in LoN. They way I see it is that soulblight effectively became Legion of Blood.
  3. themortalgod

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    imo swap out something so you can run some black knights for fast moving additional -1 bravery debuff aura. It also might be worth grabbing the gnashing jaws spell for more bravery debuffing.
  4. themortalgod

    Mourngul in or out

    It really depends on his pts cost. As is, yes, the new mystic shield makes him stronger but he is still pushing the low end of threat level for his pts cost now. Compare to other monsters in the 350 pts neighborhood and the Mourngul less damage than them with a lot fewer wounds. His claim to fame is that armor save and -1 to hit modifier but I just don't think it justifies the pts cost, as is. Compare him to 9 spirit hosts (360pts): Hosts have 27 wounds with a 4+ save. Which means it takes 216 attacks with a 4+/4+ and 1 damage to kill them. Mourngul has 10 wounds with a 3+ save and -1 to be hit. Which means it takes 182 of those same attacks to kill a mourngul. Thus Hosts are tougher before you even take into account the benefits of their summonable keyword which provides them with far more self healing that the mourngul can put out. Hosts have 54 attacks that hit on 5+, MW on 6+. This leads to ~9 MW and another ~4.5 1 damage wounds at no rend. Mourngul has 8 attacks that hit on 3+ that are damage 2, 3 if you roll 6s which leads to ~2.66 wounds at 2 damage and ~0.88 wounds at 3 damage leading to an average of 7.96 damage before saving throws at rend -1. Thus, on average the hosts are bringing more damage, in the form of mortal wounds than the mourngul is bringing at -1 rend. The Mourngul's 1 benefit over the hosts is that it is twice as fast but imo there are better options for "fast" if that is what is needed. Especially taking into account the new black coach, which we don't have rules for yet but I bet it will be in a similar pts cost range with similar speed but much more powerful. I think if the Mourngul was 280pts or so he would be competitive, but as it stands, he is just outclassed.
  5. themortalgod

    Reworking my LON army based on the new rules

    Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed can. Which isn't as strong, but still damn powerful. Also I'd be willing to bet the one on foot will get a new warscroll when the battletome comes out that removes the restriction. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_knight_of_shrouds_knighthaunt_2018.pdf
  6. themortalgod

    Reworking my LON army based on the new rules

    Not sure Knight of Shrouds is worth it with only 6 Spirit hosts. I think if you want to go ham with the spirit host combo then make pts for a big unit of 9 and a Spirit of Torment. (assuming in the ~100pts range) Otherwise drop the Knight for a second necromancer. (The combo being using the Shroud's command ability 4 times in a single turn making your Spirit Host do mortal wound on 2+ re-rolling 1s thanks to the Spirit of Torment so 9 SH will deal 50+ mortal wounds) PS: Knight of Shrouds does not need to be general to use his command ability in the new edition if you use the mounted one. (though it only targets one unit instead of being an aura as the one on foot has) (his warscroll is now in the app if you want to confirm).
  7. themortalgod

    Which Lords of Sacrament allegiance to choose on 2nd edition?

    I think Sacrament can really double down on spell casting that will now be able to match or even exceed the magic that Tzeentch can put out. Its main weakness before was that necromancy lacked offensive power so it lacked hitting power. Malign Sorcery patches that hole. Lords of Sacrament + Corpse Cart with Bell makes for a ridiculous amount of casting power. Toss cogs on Arkhan and he can cast 4 spells per turn at +5 to cast and each necromancer can toss 2 spells each at +3 to cast. One could be up to 3 spells with a balewind. Also, my 2¢ is that Purple Sun is garbage that is all about luck. Most of the time it will do hardly anything, sometimes it will wreck. Personally, I feel the pendulum is the true sleeper wrecking ball of the set. Also, depending on how you angle it, you can mitigate it ever being turned back on you.
  8. themortalgod

    2e Core Rules

    Yeah, in casual I imagine we will be just like: "1 inch-ish so long as you don't have some giant gap, who cares" but it really puts me at a point where I can't justify bringing my massive 60 man zombie unit anymore. They already kinda sucked, the only thing they were good at is spreading out and being a tarpit and now even that they will be much poorer at.
  9. themortalgod

    2e Core Rules

    The big stand out I noticed was the split unit rule. We will have to be much more careful about how we make big lines of skeletons.
  10. themortalgod

    Tomb Kings?!!

    Unfortunately, its almost certain that TKs will be dropped from matched play now. Like Dark Elves, as soon as they get their "legends" release, their rules will no longer have matched play points associated with them. I also suspect that the "legends" rules will also be mothballed once they are released. I wouldn't expect any of them to ever be updated again. The only way our beloved TKs have a future is if they get brought into AoS proper like GW has done with Free Peoples (unlikely) or if they get re-created in AoS. (also unlikely but a man can dream) That said, I suspect the existing compendium rules can be considered usable in 2.0 until they are deprecated with the legends release. (though you could use them indefinitely so long as your opponent is cool with it) Also, one glimmer of hope to keep in mind is that now that Tyler Mengel (author of the "unnoficial tomb kings battletome") is doing so much work directly with/for GW, I am sure he is whispering in ears to try to convince them to bring TKs back. No one is a bigger TK proponent than Mengel and it is a source of hope that he is on the inside.
  11. themortalgod

    Death changes we'd like to see in GHB2018

    For me it is: - Blood knight pts reduction. - Warscroll update so Neferata can actually benefit from her Legion's benefit. (just like the other mortarchs). - Felbat pts decrease. - Pts reduction on Coven Throne and Bloodseeker Palanquin. - Zombie pts reduction.
  12. themortalgod

    LoS VS Aelfs

    Oh, right, he only gets to pick 1, thats my bad. I'd then go with Transference on Prince and Harvest on Arkhan.
  13. themortalgod

    LoS VS Aelfs

    Personally, I'm not a fan of Spectral Grasp, it seems cool in theory but I find that it is too situational. Imo Soul Harvest is a better choice as a 9" Soul Harvest can do a lot of damage if placed well and the healing is great. Between Transference, Harvest, Feaster of Souls, and Mortis Engine, your opponent pretty much needs to 1 shot Arkhan or he will be back to near full wounds. Plus the MW Generation of Harvest + Transference + Curse of Years is actually pretty formidable. Another option you might find good is drop the Cairn Wraith in favor of a corpse cart with the Lodestone. Since your army is putting out 8 spells per turn that additional +1 to cast bubble actually increases your throughput quite a bit. Also Locus of Undeath is great too for keeping that tarpit alive. (+3 to cast (LoS, Mortis Engine, Lodestone) makes a difficulty 7 spell over 90% chance to succeed and Arkhan as +5 to cast is guaranteed to cast everything) Imo you probably wont get much mileage out of the azyrbane standard. If your Necromancer is close enough for it to do anything then you are probably doing something wrong. Imo, against elves and all their shooting, you are much better off with Shroud of Darkness.
  14. themortalgod

    Tomb Kings?!!

    The only exception being if Nagash demands Settra serve him or be destroyed (as he did before), thus leading to Settra perhaps saying "yes" this time with the intention of destroying Nagash from within. aka the enemy pretending to be an ally or the enemy forced to serve due to no alternative.
  15. themortalgod

    Tomb Kings?!!

    Exactly, also I doubt GW wants to return to the old exaggerated proportion skeletons. I could see the sphynx and snake sculpts repurposed with new crew/riders maybe, but I think at that point GW would just start over with the range. As for Tomb Guard, even though they were pretty awesome for their time, the proportion problem means they likely won't ever return outside of maybe MTO. Personally, I doubt GW will be releasing many hand sculpted anything again in the future outside of specialist ranges and FW. AoS and 40K's future is digitally sculpted to be 3D printed for casting which is why the quality has jumped so much in recent years. As for made to order, as of yet, GW hasn't done a MTO run of any plastic models so I wouldn't hold my breath. If I had to guess, we will see a legends release for TKs featuring all the old metal characters and maybe Ushabti and Tomb Scorpions. I'd LOVE to see the plastic kits in a legends release as I missed out on all the modern ones as I was on a hiatus from wargaming when they came out so never picked them up but I just don't see it happening as plastic runs are much more expensive so would need much higher volume to be worthwhile. (probably why we haven't seen any yet)