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  1. 2000 Blood Knights Newbie

    Thats true, though, a Necromancer can do that easily enough. The main thing you will struggle with is ranged armies that can pump out MWs, they will chew through knights like butter which a necromancer can also help with a bit depending on what spells you give him. I'd recommend dropping the battalion, prince, and 1 unit of black knights. That buys you 860pts. Drop in 2 necros and a second VLoZD and that leaves you with 200pts to do with what you'd like. One option would be a winged vampire on foot with Amaranthine Orb to fly down flanks and get orb shots and harass lone characters then with the last 60pts dro in 10 zombies just to tank wounds for the necromancers but up to you.
  2. 2000 Blood Knights Newbie

    In my opinion, unless you are set on the Blood Keep warscroll Prince Vhordrai is simply not a good choice in Legion of Blood. He doesn't have the "Vampire Lord" keyword so doesn't benefit from the +1 attack to all melee weapons meaning that you are paying more points for a weaker VLoZD. Imo a VLoZD with Aura of Dark Majesty and Orb of Enchantment makes for an incredibly powerful general in legion of Blood that can take on any big monster in the game. Especially with Amethystine Pinions so he can be where you need him to be very quickly.
  3. Is everything still the same for TK?

    As far as I know, TKs haven't had a presence in tournaments since before GH 2017. The updated rules were just too much of a nerf. The points costs are just too restrictive for the power you get, at this point. Perhaps maybe a list built around abusing Necro Knights or Ushabti could do ok but the rest of TKs simply aren't competitive. Whenever I field my TKs I feel like the army is simply outclassed and I'm never really playing against lists that are very strong.
  4. Manfred - too easy to kill ?

    If only there was a spell that let you jump up on a tornado like a thing that doubles your casting range. Also, LoS blocking terrain is your friend. If your table is nearly wide open, yeah, the gun line is going to have a field day. Everyone has figured it out in 40k, gun lines have a huge advantage when cover is few and far between. Invest in some larger buildings or rocks or whatever. The game is more fun and it vastly diminishes the chance at alpha striking. On any table I regularly play on it is very difficult to bring so much fire to bear on a single model like that, even big ones, on a single turn unless it is deployed poorly. You could also consider house ruling to just not play with double turn mechanics if you find double turns are often ruining your games. (Though this isn't, by any means, critical to making something like a Mortarch playable) My group does that often now as we don't feel the double turn adds anything to the game other than a single dice roll with the potential of giving a single player a massive advantage. (plus it's not really fun to sit there and twiddle your thumbs while a gun line takes two turns in a row). But like I also said, if you are looking to be top tier competitive, Mortarchs aren't going to do it for you. If you are playing casual games and your opponent is showing up with 9 skyfires + shaman then have a chat with them. That's like joining a beer baseball league and the other team shows up with a bench full of elite athletes or showing up to a casual Magic, the Gathering game with a $5,000 vintage deck. This sort of thing is never a problem with people who I play with because we TALK before the game about how powerful we want our lists to be so we can craft a relatively balanced game. If I'm going to come with my changehost then I let my opponent know to expect a pounding and to come prepared to pound back. Meanwhile, if I'm bringing my Slaanesh I tell my opponent I'm going to be bringing a low tier force and if he shows up with a ridiculously powerful army the game will be over in 2 turns. Sometimes we get it wrong, but most of the time we simply focus on bringing fun and interesting lists that will make the game fun for BOTH players. It would be nice if the game was perfectly balanced but that simply isn't realistic for all units in all armies. Mortarchs are about mid-tier power, which is fine by me. I fully intend to play with them and have a blast.
  5. Manfred - too easy to kill ?

    To be fair, 9 skyfires + a shaman is a 780pts investment. It SHOULD be significantly more powerful than something worth about half of that. Which you can really neuter pretty harshly with some well placed debuffs from necromancers.
  6. Blood Knights Playable?

    They are certainly still playable, though I'd argue only really in legion of blood, as Elmir mentioned. The loss of the banner regen was a pretty hefty nerf with very little compensation in all other death allegiances. However, in Legion of Blood the +1 attack to all their melee weapons coupled with them now causing -2 bravery to the unit they charge makes for an incredibly potent charge from them. You certainly need to play them differently now, though. They are no longer a juggernaut-like unit designed to just tear down the centre of the battle. Rather, they are now fast moving shock troops that need to slam into a target and be free of that target immediately. As soon as they get tarpitted, you lose their impact and they will go down to weight in numbers. While they aren't the toughest unit out there, they also aren't full glass canon, 3 wounds per model at 4+ (3+ against no rend) makes them reasonably resilient against many targets. Especially if you dump mystic shield on them. Don't expect them to play anvil duty very well but they also aren't paper. I think one key to them being effective is proper screen with other fast moving units so that you can block things from charging them. Dire wolves play this role well and are cheap. Fel bats also can, but you pay a lot more for them. Overall I like Blood Knights better now because they feel like a more tactical unit that when used well has a bigger impact but if used poorly will struggle. Though I think, at 260pts, they may be a tad overpointed to be used competitively. Compare to say 5 chaos knights at 160pts I don't think Blood Knights his so much harder that they are worth 100pts more. (And its not like Chaos Knights are regarded to be all that efficient either)
  7. Manfred - too easy to kill ?

    Most big monster heroes in this game die very easily to focused enemy fire. (I've seen Glottkin or Nagash go down on turn 1 before so hard to expect Mannfred to stand a chance to really focused fire) You need to plan for this and mitigate it. They need proper screens and there are tons of great defensive debuffs in the new lore that can be used to lower enemy threat. The other big one is that you kinda need multiple threats, if someone like Mannfred is your only big threat, then the enemy will put all their resources into him. If you have 2 or 3 big threats then they have a much harder choice to make with their resources. Also, remember that most enemies ranged threat is a reasonably limited, this isn't 40k where most ranged threats are 24-48" in range. In AoS most threats are going to be in the 18" neighborhood with a few exceptions being longer range. Plan for this. Mannfred has a 16 + 2D6" threat bubble to charge. 21+2D6 with Amethystine Pinions. You can easily start a turn out of range of most enemy threats and engage them in combat that turn. On top of that, you can also leverage bat swarms to further help reduce incoming ranged damage. As for melee threats. Again, Mannfred's speed is key. Something like blight kings should never really threaten him since he is so much faster. Don't let your opponent bait you into taking a counter charge. Mannfred is no Archaon, he isn't built to erase units in a single swing. He does good damage but he needs support. All it takes is screening the counter charge with say dire wolves and all of a sudden he is a lot less vulnerable. (That said, he is pretty squishy, against a strong gunline like Tzeentch, he is going to really struggle. I think this new book has some competitive options, without a doubt. Mannfred isn't one of them)
  8. Nulahmia Seductress themed Legion of Blood

    Thats awesome, I have some of Jeremy's models from when he was "Ultraforge Miniatures" including the original tree-woman but I haven't bought anything since he started Creature Caster. I want so many of those sculpts but the price would put me in the poor house. And that hilarious! Love it. Dragon with strep throat
  9. So was wondering about how range increases are calculated? Google hasn't been helpful and I can't find any rules or FAQ ruling one way or the other. Take, for example a situation where a model, under the influence of Arkhan's command ability (+6" range to spells) jumps up on a Balewind vortex (double range) Which is it? range = baseRange + 6 * 2 range = (baseRange + 6) * 2 range = baseRange*2 + 6 thanks! cheers
  10. Nulahmia Seductress themed Legion of Blood

    Nice, yeah, that dragon is pretty nice too. There are so many great dragons out there, the reason I went with creature caster is because they have a howdah instead of a saddle so I don't have to model the rider to have her legs around the dragon's neck. (though I wish the wings were spread on it, but thats a minor gripe) Its a bummer GW doesn't have a better one though. I really like their model but I feel like it looks way better as a Terrorgheist, I've never felt it looks like a dragon. (Will probably get one at some point for maybe a variation of this list designed to really abuse the bravery debuffing) Bummer about the book, I buy all ebooks now personally to avoid that issue. (And having to store them all)
  11. Legion of Blood Dragon Theme

    I considered Vhordrai but he just doesn't feel worth it since he doesn't have the "vampire lord" keyword so doesn't get the +1 attack on all melee weapons from the allegiance ability meaning a standard VLoZD is actually significantly stronger for fewer points. I also feel the Necromancers are pretty important for their defensive spells.
  12. Nulahmia Seductress themed Legion of Blood

    Currently working on building/painting a themed list based on the concept of a Nulahmia themed army of seductress vampires. Naturally, the list will be Legion of Blood led by Nef herself. My plan is to use Raging Heroes elves as my other vampires. The Vestal Riders will make perfect Blood Knights while some of the Elf heroes will be perfect as Lahmian Vampires. Here is the list: 1 Neferata General, Soul Harvest 400 1 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Orb of Enchantment, Amaranthine Orb 440 1 Blood Seeker Palanquin Blades of Shyish, Amulet of Screams 320 1 Vampire Lord Vile Transference, Wings 140 1 Necromancer Overwhelming Dread 110 5 Dire Wolves 60 5 Dire Wolves 60 5 Dire Wolves 60 1 Tomb Banshee 80 5 Blood Knights 260 + Court of Nulahmia (70pts) Comes to an even 2000pts The list won't be super competitive but I feel it will be pretty fun and still be able to hold its own and a casual meta. - Overwhelming dread + Nef command ability can make for some pretty good defence. - Love the Orb of Enchantment for goeing toe to toe with other super powerful enemy monsters. Plus it feels like it fits the theme perfect that the enemy is seduced into doing nothing. - The bravery debuffs this army makes are pretty strong so with the last 80pts I tossed in the tomb banshee. An enemy unit near the blood knights with Overwhelming dread will be at -3 bravery. - The Dire wolves feel more versatile than infantry, though will largely play the role of speedbumps - Warscroll Battalion makes the army surprisingly fast and keeps the drop count pretty low. 70pts for the warscroll battalion seems like a steal. - Not 100% sold on Amulet of Screams. Situationally super useful, but more just not a fan of any of the other legion of blood items. I'd love any feedback, I love how low the model count (and more importantly lots of fun stuff to paint with very little repetitive painting of rank and file) as it means I actually may get it all painted sometime this century. I have every model in the list accounted for except the Necromancer. Anyone got any ideas? I'd like to keep with the female theme but don't want the Necromancer to be "sexy" like the vampires. Perhaps some sort of old crone type model? If you are curious about the models I'm planning to use: - Normal Nef model. - Old goblin wolf rider wolves as Dire Wolves (since I already have a bunch and prefer them to the current dire wolves, I always preferred dire wolves as jet black creatures of the night instead of zombie wolves) - GW Banshee - Necro TBD. - Arkiish on the Creature Caster Zombie Dragon as Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon https://www.ragingheroes.com/products/arkiish-de-f https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0229/8431/products/zom2_1100x.jpg?v=1484278001 - Shiveryah on the GW Mortis Engine Model as the Blood Seeker https://www.ragingheroes.com/products/shiveryah-de-f - Kashala as the Vampire Lord on Foot with Wings (probably use some chaos fury wings that I have in my bits box) https://www.ragingheroes.com/products/lady-kashala-de-f - Vestal Riders as Blood Knights (no idea what I will do with the other infantry girls in the set but they don't sell the riders seperately) https://www.ragingheroes.com/products/crimsonraiders-de-f
  13. Legion of Blood Dragon Theme

    So was thinking about a fun potential army that is based around a flock of zombie dragons and their riders. With the allegiance ability buffing the melee attacks on zombie dragons the potential for damage is ridiculously good. Thoughts? Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - 440pts - General - Aura of Dark Majesty, Amethystine Pinions Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - 440pts - Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - 440pts - Vile Transference, Orb of Enchantment Necromancer - 110pts - Overwhelming Dread Necromancer - 110pts - Fading Vigour 10 Dire Wolves - 120pts 5 Dire Wolves - 60pts 40 Skeletons - 280pts Pretty straightforward. 3 super aggressive dragon riders charge out and wreak havoc. The General would look to control the center of the board granting inspiring presence to the skeletons to make them a resilient tar pit that just clutters up the middle of the battle. The Orb of Enchantment dude would be tasked with hunting out any super powerful enemy mega heroes who he can do heavy damage to during that first round of the fighting by forcing them to not attack. Meanwhile the third would be looking to secure the flank and line up powerful Orb shots. The Dire wolves would just tear up the flanks and try to grab objectives or screen the dragons from getting charged. Meanwhile, the Necromancers would try to be disruptive.
  14. 2k Legion of Sacrament Crazy Resilient + Mega Caster Force.

    Yeah, certainly at a competitive level but I think GW generally intends for most casual players to be running something big. I remember back in the day when an opponent had a dragon rider on a 50mm base that was pretty cool, big mega heroes just weren't common. And the dragon rider really didn't do that much damage and was super vulnerable to combat resolution. Nothing like the heroes of AoS.
  15. 2k Legion of Sacrament Crazy Resilient + Mega Caster Force.

    Well, I didn't say mega heroes were optimal, but never before has warhammer seen a mega centrepiece monster/hero that is 25%-50% of a 2000pt game in almost every single army before. The game is certainly ver hero hammer focused these days.