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  1. Sell me on Slaughterpriests ?

    I think its important to remember that its basically a spell that can't be denied and doesn't require LoS, that makes for a pretty damn scary threat since your opponent has no way of stopping it (short of avoiding getting within their threat range). Also the gorepilgrim battalion makes it damn reliable. I play against Khorne regularly and those damn slaughterpriests are my nemesis since they can hide behind LoS blocking scenery and provide a scary level of zone control over a big area of the board.
  2. The changeling punish misdirection ruling, /faq

    The text capitalizes the word "Move", this means they are referring to specifically the "Move" characteristic on the warscroll, not any sort of "movement".
  3. God Mode Exalted Keeper Slaanesh 2K Army

    That may be true, but I generally am not a fan of building strategies around the ignorance of your opponent as it will only really help against opponents you already have an advantage over and also generally only once. I have a feeling that once the slaanesh battletome eventually shows up though Slaanesh chariots are going to get a big boost. (as will the Keeper as she is very weak in comparison to say a Lord of Change at similar points) Also, I think an argument could be made for the herald on chariot, for 20pts more you get more combat potential as well as better defense and a higher wound body to keep a herald near your seekers and nettes for locus buff.
  4. Tzeetch 2k game on Sunday

    Aura of Mutability is amazing for the second slot. Just keep the fella within 3" of your units of Skyfires and their odds of wounding get a nice bump. (translates to about a 15% bump) Combo this with perhaps Treacherous Bond that you bond with Marauders and now you don't need to worry about the shaman being out in the open doing double aura duty on the skyfires. (Statistically, it basically translates to +25 wounds that cost a marauder per wound) Alternatively, Souldraught is a good option as it can be a great way to ensure a clutch Fold Reality comes through when one of your big units is in tatters. Personally, I've always been split on windthief charm, Its rare that a shaman wants to boogie that far on his own in a single turn. The only real use case I've seen is to go grab a last turn objective cross board, which can be game-winning, but in an army already built to be highly mobile that situation isn't very common.
  5. Tzeetch 2k game on Sunday

    Unfortunately, you cannot take a spell from both lores on both casters even though the Shamans have both the keyword Daemon and Mortal. It often is overlooked as the descriptions of the lores on the pages of the lores themselves are pretty vague. However, on page 73, under "spell lores" it clearly states that wizards gain a spell from "one of two" lores. They also confirm this in the FAQ. As for the rest of your list: - I'm not overly in love with Magical supremacy on Shamans as they don't get any help dispelling. Its amazing on a LoC because he gets two unbind attempts that are super charged, but spending your entire command trait on an extra 9" to unbind on a sub 50/50 just feels lackluster to me. Personally, I'm rather fond of Illusionist because Tzaangor Shamans tend to be bullet magnets. Nexus of Fate is always also really good, it basically translates to getting an extra 1-2 destiny dice per game that are guaranteed to be really good rolls. - 9 enlightened feels like such a huge unit to me, given the size of each individual model, do you not find that half the unit spends a ton of time twiddling their thumbs unable to get into combat? Personally, I feel like going down to 6 would be more efficient and opens up room for another caster such as a Gaunt Summoner who brings in a tool to combat giant units which is something your current force would struggle with a bit.
  6. God Mode Exalted Keeper Slaanesh 2K Army

    Interesting, didn't think of that. Though, tbh, I kinda feel like all 6 slaanesh items are really crappy. Figured that one was the best as it had a decent use case. I suspect if something can stand up to two full rounds of swings against the keeper, there won't be much left of them to retreat. Maybe just go for the crown... idk, I wish we had some better options for weapons.
  7. God Mode Exalted Keeper Slaanesh 2K Army

    Personally, I rate the value of the 20man unit bonus as pretty trivial. If 15 nettes get into range to swing (about as many as you can ever really hope for at once), that results in 5 extra attacks at 4+/4+ which results in all of 1.25 extra wounds. Just not worth investing in imo and I find 30 man units become pretty unwieldy for a force that thrives on agility. I have come to like 20 because it gives you that nice front rank of 10-15 to fight with and a few extra bodies to absorb wounds but it isn't this giant blob that struggles to maneuver. Imo its one of the most lackluster big unit bonuses in the entire game. I've always been torn on the chariots, they are cool models. (well the chariots are, not a fan of modern daemonettes at all) but they don't really bring much in terms of tactical diversity. They are just more: "lots of low quality attacks" that most everything in slaanesh brings but consolidated into fewer wounds per point spent. For example if you compare an Exalted Chariot to 5x Seekers, the Seekers cost 20pts less, have 1 more wound, can regain slain models, have more rider attacks, more steed attacks, and are faster. The chariot just gets a 50/50 shot at doing a couple mortal wounds on the charge in comparison. Doesn't seem worth it.
  8. God Mode Exalted Keeper Slaanesh 2K Army

    So toying with a list concept that is designed around supporting an Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh and buffing her to ridiculous levels of power. This is what I've come up with: Allegiance Slaanesh - Pretenders Exalted Keeper of Secrets - 500pts, General, Allure of Slaanesh, Supremely Vain, Breathtaker Chaos Sorcerer Lord - 160px, Slaanesh, Horse 5x Hellstriders - Both Banners - 100pts 5x Hellstriders - Both Banners - 100pts 20 Daemonettes - 200pts 20 Daemonettes - 200pts 20 Daemonettes - 200pts 5x Marauder Horsemen - 90pts Javelins, Slaanesh 5x Marauder Horsemen - 90pts Javelins, Slaanesh 5x Marauder Horsemen - 90pts Javelins, Slaanesh Total: 2000pts So basically the idea is to get that Exalted Keeper as ridiculously strong as possible. With Allure and Hellstriders nearby she is -2 to be hit with +1 to cast Mystic shield thanks to being Supremely Vain which means a 2+ save that re-rolls 1s thanks to the sorcerer lord. On the off chance she is facing something that actually threatens her breathtaker means she guarantees she gets her full complement of attacks against it 2/3 of the time before it gets to swing. Then in terms of combat power, she is rocking 7x 2+/3+ (re-rolling 1s on both) -1 rend 2 damage attacks and 2x 3+/2+ and 4x 3+/2+ attacks at -2 rend and 3 damage each. (Also re-rolling 1s to hit and wound). Then if thats not enough she can command ability herself to attack twice. Big investment but a ridiculously resilient model. Her only major weakness is mortal wound spam. Then to support her I tossed in 3 reasonable blocks of daemonettes to control space and take objectives while a triad of javelin marauder horsemen units get tasked with rushing up and trying to snipe squishy casters who would be a mortal wound threat to the big lady while being a general nuisance. Thoughts? Opinions? Cheers!
  9. That model is pretty amazing, good find, not seeing it in their store though and that article was from over a year ago. Was she ever available retail? or just for their kickstarter?
  10. One really nice Slaanesh combo is: 10 Chaos Knights 5 Hellstriders (with enraptured banner) 1x Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount - With Allure of Slaanesh and is the General what you get is Chaos knights inside a -2 to hit bubble (-1 for hellstrider banner, -1 for lord aura) that get to attack twice in each combat phase (lord's command ability) along with a near unkillable general in close combat (-3 to hit thanks to allure on top of the auras) and the hellstriders have enough range if you give them scourges to attack from behind the knights. Add in a sorcerer lord's buff if you want to make em even tougher. I think building an army around that is a really solid start. The Slaanesh trait to have 3 generals is amazing and allows you to run 3x command abilities for double attacks. (Either daemons (Keeper) or from the Mortal lord as above) Daemonettes are decent chaffe but don't expect them to hit super hard. I also prefer them in smaller units as their big unit buff is quite weak so might as well mitigate battleshock as much as possible. Seekers, however, are amazing. They don't hit very hard but their speed lets them be a threat in a way that offers huge tactical advantages. Don't use them as a screen or to charge headlong into strong enemies. They are a finesse unit and you need to leverage their speed to maximize them. If you get a Keeper don't overestimate her combat power, it isn't very good. This isn't a bloodthirster. (though, personally, I wouldn't recommend spending money on the existing keeper model) Sorcerer Lord on Manticore is VERY points efficient for what you get. His spell isn't great but if you give him the role of Mystic shield caddy you get a pretty impressive monster + sorcerer buff + mystic shield for only 200pts. All that said, compared to Tzeentch, Slaanesh is definitely pretty weak. Not unplayable by any means but Tz is near the top of the meta so if your goal is to be as strong as possible I'd say go with Tzeentch. Personally, I love them both which is why I have each as a separate army. They play very differently though and Tz offers much more tactical variety.
  11. Mannfred 1k list.

    Unless FAQed otherwise it would be the minimum number. In order to achieve the higher number the casting roll has to be higher than 10. There was no casting roll, thus the condition was not met. The sword is replacing the need for a casting roll, so thus it is impossible to meet the condition of rolling higher than 10.
  12. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    The warshrine is ok if you are running a massive blob of marauders as you can make them immune to battleshock if they are Slaanesh. Otherwise I don't really think its worth the points. Though if you love the model, I'd say go for it. Also, as a note, I'd suggest building the chariots as Gorebeat chariots when you get the box. In my opinion, for 20pts more per chariot they are a superior option than the horse drawn ones.
  13. Balewind Vortex for 1000pts?

    You can, but thats a pretty big investment for just a single cast of infernal flames per turn since you are giving up the gaunt's second spell just to keep him alive. I guess it depends on your meta though if you commonly are facing really big units I guess it can pay off. In my meta everyone is MSU so my infernal flames really only does 5 or so wounds per turn to chafe or less to smaller elite units.
  14. Balewind Vortex for 1000pts?

    In my experience, balewind for gaunt summoner isn't very strong unless you are up against all melee armies. I find I'm basically paying 220 points for a single turn of super long ranged magic that promptly gets shot down immediately since now anything can draw line of sight to him and he isn't exactly "tough", I prefer that my gaunt hide in cover and survive much longer.
  15. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    I'd suggest choosing a chaos god allegiance and going that direction. (Though you wouldn't be using all the models) My recommendation is Slaanesh, their allegiance trait to have 3 generals is very powerful with the Lord of Chaos on Daemonic Steed (Old Archaon model) and Boobsnake (Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount). Also Hellstriders are incredibly strong as an addition to the models you already have. Their big 8" aura of -1 to hit coupled with sorcerer buffs and the natural resilience of mortals, to begin with makes for a really potent combo. Not to mention boobsnake dude also has a -1 to hit aura which can start to get ridiculous on the invincibility level. For example, lets say you have the unit of chaos warriors, surrounding a boobsnake general escorted by some hellstriders. If you mystic shield and sorcerer buff the warriors they will have a 3+ save re-rolling 1s, be at -2 to hit with a 5+ save against mortal wounds. The boobnsake can take allure of slaanesh so he will be -3 to be hit in close combat. AND thanks to boobsnake's command ability your entire unit will be activating twice in close combat re-rolling 1s for both attacks and wounds. A very solid core anvil. (I know you aren't super well versed on rules yet, but things like -2 and -3 to hit are ridiculously powerful) The Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore model is one of the more points efficient models in the game right now, in my opinion, as you get a strong caster on a behemoth for only 200pts. His spell isn't exception but he makes for a great mystic shield caddy that actually can hold his own in close combat Also Sigvald is now just "Lord of Slaanesh" which in my opinion isn't very strong compared to the mounted lord options.