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  1. One option is to stop the vortex to begin with. I can't remember what the item is called but Khorne has an item that gives you a single automatic dispel. That will stop the first vortex attempt which gives you a chance to get some blood tithe. Then from there on out so long as you can get 2 blood tithe per turn his only chance at casting the vortex is with a double turn. (which you can lower the odds of by making a 1 drop army, forcing him to go first, then not taking double turn if you win the roll off) Without the Vortex, Kroak is both vulnerable and massively less threatening. Another option that can help is that bloodsecrator and slaughterpriests battalion that gets you up to like a 36" re-roll successful casting attempts aura. Really puts a wrench in caster heavy armies. (and the 36" immune to battleshock is also pretty narly)
  2. Personally, I feel a big part of the problem is summoning became a lot less thematic in AoS. Forgetting about summoning by other armies for a moment, Death used to be about, as others have mentioned, bringing corpses back from death. Not about summoning any unit imaginable. The theme was about an endless shambling horde of death. In my opinion, the rules for banners bringing models back fill this theme superior to how summoning ever did. It creates this idea of a horde of the dead that keeps coming back to life. It makes more sense that existing units would be bolstered by its own dead than a random unit popping up on the other side of the field of any type. That said it misses the thematic mark of bringing the ENEMY's units back to life to fight. Which brings me to my idea on how death summoning could work in a more interesting way. Have a system where each time an enemy non-hero infantry or cavalry unit is wiped out put a token down where the last model fell. (sorta like blood tithe but instead of a collection they are markers on the field). The death player can then summon 10 zombies, ghouls, or skeletons or 2 spirit host within 6" of a marker without paying reinforcement points. That ways its nothing too powerful, its more like a few newly risen chafe from the corpses of your enemies. (The token would be consumed in the process thus vastly limiting the amount of summoning possible) On top of that we could add a rule where any "graveyard" terrain starts the game with 2 counters on it and death players can purchase graveyard terrain for X pts each the same way Sylvaneth can bring wildwoods. Other than that leave the rest of summoning as it is now with reinforcement points making it more of a deep strike mechanic than anything else. Because really its not like thematically the necromancer is "raising" a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon that happens to be around. Its more like they are opening a dark portal that brings that hero from another location to join the fight so it fits that that sort of summoning uses reinforcement points. On top of that, I think reinforcement pts need to be scrapped for effects that bring stuff into play as a byproduct. For example who is ever going to save reinforcement pts for the off chance that Neferata's dagger happens to make a Vampire Lord mid battle? Those sorts of effects should be taken into account when pointing the models that have the ability rather than as reinforcement pts. (And the points of such abilities should be significantly lower than the reinforcement point cost would have been to represent the significant loss of control and reliability relative to just summoning or fielding said unit as normal) And finally, for items, (such as the ring), I think GW made a mistake tying those to warscroll battalions and making them free. Instead, they should just assign pts to them and be done with it. The ring, for free, before reinforcement pts was OP, the ring after reinforcement pts is useless. But say the ring at the cost of 50 or 75pts would be reasonable. It would also allow for all items to be more relevant as they would be costed according to their impact on the game. As it stands right now players just run the most powerful items and ignore the rest.
  3. The kit also comes with a "sheathed" version of the sword so if you want to be perfectly WYSIWYG imo have him holding the staff with the sword in sheath
  4. A second deathless save is pretty damn good. Imo his banner effect is much better than the Tomb Herald banner in comparison. If your army is mostly single wound death models the banner is basically an aura the reduces all damage by 16.7%, coupled with the existing deathless save and standard bearer revive that makes your chafe remarkably sturdy. Also remember, if you are taking a lot of wounds, each model it saves is basically saving 2 as you would have lost another one to battleshock. For example, lets say your unit of big skeletons is facing 40 wounds at no rend. 5+ save brings that down to 26.6 wounds. 6+ deathless brings that down to 22.2 wounds 6+ banner brings that down to 18.5 wounds The banner just saved ~4 skeletons directly and another ~4 to battle shock. Thats just one unit, in one turn. Pretty good, also it could be the difference between the unit getting obliterated in the battle shock phase or not, which means it is indirectly responsible for any models recovered via the standard bearer in subsequent turns. That said, his effectiveness goes down considerably if your army is mostly multi wound models.
  5. So been thinking about another way to run TKs that offers a different playstyle than typical TK play which has mostly been Settra launching some sort of super powered unit like Necro Knights. I doubt this list will be highly powerful but I'm hoping it can give most casual opponents and interesting run for their money. High Queen Khalida (120) - General Necrotect (100) Tomb Herald (100) - Artefact: Cursed Book 20 x Skeleton Archers (200) 20 x Skeleton Archers (200) 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) - Ancient Spears and Tomb Shields 5 x Skeleton Horse Archers (140) 5 x Skeleton Horse Archers (140) 3 x Skeleton Chariots (140) 2 x Tomb Scorpions (160) 3 x Ushabti (120) -Ritual Blade Stave 5 x Skeleton Horsemen (100) 2 x Tomb Swarm (80) 2 x Tomb Swarm (80) Screaming Skull Catapult (120) Screaming Skull Catapult (120) Basically, the idea is to use the Catapults, units of archers, horse archers, and chariots to rain shooting down onto the opponent as much as possible while the rest of the units are being used as distraction pulling the enemy in multiple directions. Swarms acting as speed bumps that all of a sudden disappear only to re-appear elsewhere if the opponent can't kill them fast enough, Tomb Scorpions that show up on the back line threatening deep objectives and loan heroes, horseman kiting and shooting, etc. Ushabti will be tasked with protecting the catapults as they will be quite the tarpit close to the necrotect. I'm unsure if its worth keeping the herald or not. Considering swapping him out for Carrion or 10 more skeletons. His banner ability likely isn't going to be of huge help but it can be nice to bring back chariots and horsemen. I'd mostly be fielding him as a boost to Khalida's toughness, though since her command ability doesn't have a limit on its range I figure she can probably huddle behind some LOS blocking terrain and just play ring around the rosie if she has to. Her main threat will be mobile shooting or shooting that doesn't require LoS. Thoughts? Opinions? Note: presumably the two units of archers will become a single massive one in GH2.0 when there is incentive to max out units but for now units of 20 is more versatile I think.
  6. 480 Also, pro tip, if you are ever curious about the pts cost of something but don't have your handbook handy, just go to warscroll builder and add it to a list quickly. Every unit in the game is in that thing.
  7. The RAW state that they cannot be affected by attacks or abilities of any kind. It isn't just a restriction on targeting. Thus AOE style effects still wouldn't impact them.
  8. So ultimately, RAW its totally legal. (but obviously super poor sportsmanship)
  9. LOL! I'm really surprised GW didn't FAQ them saying they can't hold objectives while high in the sky, seems like something top tier competitives might run in the sideboard or summoning pool so for a near auto win on that mission.
  10. I was reading the rules for carrion today and realized there is nothing in their rules that says that can't hold or deny an objective while still high in the skies. Which suggests to me that for scenarios where all you need is a model within 6" of it to deny your opponent the objective. (Such as in gift from the heavens) a unit of carrion could fly over the battlefield and just hover over the objective, completely invincible from any enemy attacks making it impossible for the opponent to gain VPs from their objective. Seems like pretty brutal cheese to me, but was wondering if I was correct in my interpretation?
  11. Ya, thats more or less what I've found. I have seen that unofficial tomb in my google searches, I doubt my play group would ever consider it. I think the casket could have potential if we had a way of debuffing bravery. It wouldn't be OP by any stretch but at least it could be more potent. Was hoping maybe there was something I'd overlooked. Unfortunately, GW seems pretty set on avoiding radical changes to warscrolls in general, especially in regard to compendium lists. So I suspect it won't ever be changing at this point. Though I suppose there is a pts cost that would make it viable if it got cheap enough.
  12. Yup, but the purpose of experimental is to test, not to define the finished product. Those pts costs were created with the meta 7-8 months ago in mind. So I'd say we have an idea of what the cost "may" be, but def don't know for sure.
  13. As far as I know, we do not know that. All we know is that a 300pt experimental pts cost was published months ago. (Feb 7, before the meta had a chance to shift under the weight of all the battletomes since then, many of which have proven to be more powerful than anything death brings) Whether or not that pts cost is making it into the final version of GH2.0 is anyone's guess. In the GH2.0 tab of warscroll builder, it is still listed as 220pts so it's really hard to guess at this time. I suspect it will go up in pts, how much, only GW knows. It's not like VLoAT is rocking its way through competitive play in a dominating fashion.
  14. So I've always loved the Casket in terms of fluff and visual appeal. Its just plain cool. Only problem is it feels pretty weak atm. It sucks up a precious hero slot and really isn't going to do that many mortal wounds unless the enemy really foolishly clumps AND you get lucky. I had originally planned to use catapult debuff to make it more effective until I realized that there is never a moment when you are firing the cask when an enemy can actually be under the catapult debuff. I was wondering if anyone else knew of any ways to debuff Bravery in the hero phase? I can't think of any. It's amazing how often I'm facing enemies that are 1 bravery too high to activate the D6 MWs. Thoughts?
  15. new player

    My 2¢ is that BCR simply isn't fun to play against which means your opponents will have less fun. For me, that is what would make the decision if I was completely split on the two as making sure both players have fun improves the overall experience. I think BCR are def cheaper though, you can get away with like 7 models or something like that at 2k pts. Flesh eater courts is probably easier to paint. Most of the army is just diseased flesh which can be done just layering some shades. General's Handbook 2.0 is hitting in a few weeks and its going to change things considerably in terms of pts and power levels. Though I'd still recommend choosing your first army on what you are most interested in playing, regardless of its performance in the current meta.