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  1. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I went with Gore Pilgrimsand Khorgoraths! Bottom table learnings of FacehammerGT2017 for make benefit glorious armies of Khorne! 3 Slaughterpriests all with Blood Sacrifice 1 Bloodsecrator with the Brazen Rune 10 Reavers 2 x 5 Blood Warriors 1 LoK on Jugger with the Blade of Endless Bloodshed & Violent Urgency 1 Bloodstoker 5 Skullreapers 6 Khorgorath 5 Blood warriors 3 Skullcrushers Thought I would max out bloodsacrifice in an attempt to get some early game schenanegans on the go with blood tithe points. Khorgoraths in one unit to get max benefit from being whipped and using BT points. Disclaimer- I had only played 1 game from the battleplans in ghb17 pre event. This was my first time playing with skullcrushers. I only finished painting them the night before. So a lot of theoreticals about the be put to the test. I had 4 fun objectives to achieve: Get all 6 khorgoraths into combat with a single unit and roll a fist full of dice Use Brazen Rune to dispel a Balewind Make at least one kill of significance with the new LoK on Jugger Use Bloodbind Game 1 - Knife to the Heart vs Tzeentch (2 x LoC, Kairos, the changling, a gaunt summoner and lots of Horrors) destiny dice contained 3 x 6s at least 1 x 1. More drops than me I finished deploying first, took first turn. Successfully loaded up with 3 bloodtithe points from sacrifices. Khorgoraths where whipped and ran forward. The hunt for skulls began! Burned the three BT points at the start of his T1. Khorgoraths charged straight into the line of horrors. There was only one way not to get a major loss and that was to grind through pinks, blues and brimstones. I had pinned a loc in combat, but stupidly allocated wounds to the khorgi on the end. he died, releasing the LoC Casting roll for a balewind was a fail. Yay. but Boo because I didnt get to use brazen rune. Skyfires zipped forwards, burning all 3 DD 6's to mortal wound off my bloodsecrator. 3 Slaughterpriests returned the favour by boiling their blood leaving one left on a couple of wounds Lok on Jugger charged in and finished the job by taking his first ever skull. (dramatic improvement over his debut where I literally rolled two dice; one for deployment and one for his armour save before he was relegated to the dead pile thanks to a damage roll of 6 on a Venators Star-Fated Arrow) I was down to 4 Khorgoraths, maybe took 9/10 wounds, but two models got taken off. Kairos intervened on subsequent battleshock roll, the last two fled. Plop. Kairos and the LoC cohort made their way slowly around the board edge zapping units relatively unchallenged. My skullcrushers skirted round the opposite board edge. We ultimately both ended up in a position where we could stop each other controlling our own objective but lacked 5 models to claim them for ourselves. Fun game, but I lost on kill points. Result: Minor Loss Game 2 - Duality of Death vs Skaven Pestilens (2 x Plague Furness and a boat load of rats) more drops than 8. Like being hit by a freight train. I got first turn, move forwards but hadnt really factored in how far across the board a move + good charge roll would propel the rats. He got the double turn and steamrolled across my line. Khorgoraths got pinned at the side as part of the sweeping horde leaving 3 unable return attack in combat. There wasn't much I could do by this point. He just ground my remaining troops to a pulp. First time I have been well and truly tabelled. My tactics for Duality of Death need a major overhaul. Result: Major Loss Game 3 - Total Conquest vs Khorne (Gore Pilgrims almost mirror match- 2 x units chaos horsemen 2 x units marauder horsemen)(more drops than me, or equal but I had first drop) I deployed quite conservatively and had completely the wrong tactics in mind. Totally didnt see this coming, but my khorgoraths got hit with bloodbind, where drawn forwards and subsequently penned into a massive scrum. Completely outnumbered. They survived quite a few turns. Should have played much more aggressively with the rest of the army. Well deserved win for my opponent. Result: Major Loss Game 4 - Battle for the Pass vs Fyreslayers (Runefather on Magmadroth, Runeson on Magmadroth, 2 x Runsmiter, Battlesmith, 2 x 30 + 1x 10 vulkites, 30 hearthguard)(fewer drops) Fyreslayers finished deployment first, took first turn. 2 massive units of 30 popped up from tunnels, successfully charged and pinned me in my deployment zone. Pretty sure he could have done something even nastier with their drop. RR saves + Ward save made them all but impossible to shift quickly. After finally breaking through the vulkites the characters are a lot squishier, but I couldnt make up the objective point deficit at that point. LoK on Jugger and a single remaining skullcrusher got successively good murderous charge rolls and took the remaining 3 unmounted heros off turn after turn after turn. If I had a second go at this I may have tried a ballsy move with a slaughterpriest to bloodbind the battlesmith into bloodboil reach, but this mission vs that army is a big ask if you dont get first turn and dont have a ranged attack. Result: Major Loss Game 5 - Starstrike vs Nurgle (Plague Touched Warband: Glottkin, Bloab, Horticulus, Harbinger of Decay, Lord of Plagues, Chaos Sorcerer Lord, 3 x 5 Blightkings, 10 Plague Bearers) fewer drops (min 3 or upto 9?) he finished first and took first turn. Rolling for terrain left us with a deadly wood in the middle surrounded by at least 4 mystical scenery pieces. He deployed mainly offset to the middle/left. I deployed offset to the right, taking a a gamble on rolling for objectives. T1 we each buffed up but made minimal movement. T2 first objective rolled as a 1/2 right on the side of the board he was covering he claimed it straight away. Bloab was just in range of the slaughterpriests- I could have used bloodbind to have him march through the deadly forrest, but opted for bloodboil. I think i managed to cause 11 wounds on him. He was finished off next turn and Horticulus followed suit. T3 both of the t3 objectives landed right on the opposite side 5/6's. At this point there was only a unit of plague bearers in the way of me taking the other two objectives. I charged and took them all off despite a really good set of save rolls. From this point on I just needed to hold up the Nurgle units for the win. T4/5 The dice didnt do my opponent any favours, the highlight being in last turn when he really needed to cover some ground across the board he rolled 2 1's for mystical. That definitely sealed the deal. Overall: Out of 5 successfull rolls for blood boil I must have managed 3x 6s and 1x 5 for mortal wounds- pretty brutal. Result: Major Win Event Overall- it was fantastic, well organised, really nice opponents. Element Games as a venue gets a really good write up, and yes, its awesome. Future Revisions: Need 3 x 10 reavers or 1x10 & 1x20 as a board wide screen to prevent popup attacks. Or at least as a delay so mlok can get his charge buff on and counter strike charge off. Drop 1 x blood sacrifice for +1 to hit. help to guard against debuffs rather than an aggressive weapon, but it does go well with skull reapers. its going to reduce the odds of a turn 1 charge from BT points, but maybe chucking 1 unit of reavers out in the open early might make up the difference. Drop 1/2 x khorgoraths and 1x5 blood warriors for extra 1x10 reavers and I'm eyeing up either a slaughterbrute, soulgrinder or warshrine. Maybe put brazen rune on a slaughterpriest instead of bloodsecrator. He only ever seems to get shot off, not magic'd off so spread the redundancy. Not sure what is better for the army dynamic- blade of endless bloodshed or talisman of burning blood. In hindsight- using 5 bloodtithe points on your opponents turn could be a game changer you are hitting the prebuffed units like a torpedo in the deathstars exhaust vent. a couple of examples being: Pertilens wouldnt have their plague furness' rabit fever Fyreslayers wouldnt have their battlesmith rr saves Khorne wont have Brazenrune blessing If youre playing a Phoenix it wont have all the +'s to its armour save pre spell casting.
  2. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Don't let him get on there in the first place. Gorepilgrims: plant your banner and with 36' range, make him reroll the cast Brazen rune - auto dispel 2 tithe points: spell eater curse - another autodispel Any hero with a dispel, but maybe Karanak would be more fun to cause some wounds back if you're successful
  3. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Yes, hence khorne marked chaos warriors, not blood warriors
  4. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Allies and allegiance + factions in relation to khorne, BoK, StD and everchosen still giving me a headache. I'm possibly missing something obvious or just overthinking it and confusing myself. I probably need to spend some time looking over other threads on my laptop instead of browsing on my phone.. Anywho, Sayl- is he still a thing? As a concept for a 2k list with khorne allegiance could you have: Bloodmarked warband (battalion) Unit of khorne marked chaos warriors Bloodstoker Mlok w/ Violent Urgency (Other stuff with khorne keyword to meet battalion requirements) Allies: Sayl, 10 ungor raiders, unmarked chaos sorcerer If you get traitors mist off on the chaos warriors, you could theoretically be charging in to combat on a 5+ (+3 for being whipped, +1 unit hornblower) from 3 dice (mlok command ability) with a reroll (if in range of command trait)
  5. Let's chat : Khorne!

    @RuneBrush I think you mentioned ungor raiders in prev post, but I can't find it to quote. I would say yes, a great idea for allies. They would add a load of tactical options. A topical one might be their pregame move- given the review murderhost gets at Blackout they could be a screen of fodder to mitigate a turn 1 loss in a certain scenario. Or they sit behind your army and add a second layer of damage output beyond melee. or up front + out wide on a flank to force a choice for your opponent between playing for an objective or committing a turn to taking them out.
  6. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Any one think there should be an faq sticker pack? All the updated/edited ability txts in a perfect size to peel off and stick over the originals with a seamlessly matched background
  7. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Your faction would be Slave to Darkness because that's the pitched battle profile list where you've picked your main army list from. Bloodsecrator would be from your allies from Blades of Khorne. You could choose Chaos, Slaves to Darkness, or Khorne (if they are all marked Khorne) as your allegiance
  8. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Is there any ruling stopping the use of Blood Bind (slaughter priest prayer to force an enemy unit to run in the hero phase) on the same unit multiple times in the same hero phase?
  9. Let's chat : Khorne!

    In an awesome plot twist, leaders are technically 'units'. So you basically have to take 1 hero unit, but you could have upto 6* in total in the battalion. (edit: *assuming we are talking about 2k matched play TM games)
  10. Let's chat : Khorne!

    It a toughie, you must take 9 units You want to max out leaders You have to have 3 battleline You probably also want another unit (khorgorath/skullreapers/wrathmongers) otherwise the list doesn't quite feel there. But getting all that doesn't equate to 1 drop
  11. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Haven't had a chance to double check, but you may find that it's khorne mortals only in the battalion and you'll have to take the khorgoraths outside it as they don't have that keyword Pre BoK I was running Bloodmarked warband with 3 x 40 reavers. Looks awesome on the table It's back breaking Battleshock hurts if you get shot on turn 1 without a planted banner A4 sized plasticard is an appropriate sized movement tray Defo need two bloodstokers
  12. Let's chat : Khorne!

    It may be prudent to wait until all the Battleplans are out there before casting judgement on whether the point changes are going to work for Khorne or not. As it stands the list I'm currently running is now too many points and I'm not sure what to cut. Back to the drawing board I guess. Do any units that fit into the massive regiment/horde bracket have more than 1 inch range on melee weapons except for chaos warriors with halberds? Gorepilgrims @180 ouch Eyeing up the chaos sorcerer lord on manticore for 200
  13. Let's chat : Khorne!

    You also need skullreapers in it. Hero dies, skullreaper becomes a hero, single unit, gains an attack, so their rr to hit and rr to wound ability kicks in quicker!
  14. Let's chat : Khorne!

    It's absolutely fantastic for 3 places of power. And if you want to have a minimal drop army then you can use this to deploy hero's in one chunk. However, it's allegiance is 'everchosen' not khorne, which is a bit of a bummer
  15. Let's chat : Khorne!

    yes, exacly this! but I still havent figured out how to get that last tithe point yet. and like all good Death Stars there is an exaust vent, in this case there could be a couple: when you face rend -2 in combat.. and its not like you see Kurnoth hunters with scythes much these days.. when you get shot to pieces in turn one before you can power Brazen up or plant a banner and battleshock becomes a genuine shock once your buffing heros start to die Im going to a tournament in a couple of weeks. My intended list is: Not sure how effective it will be at straight up smashing, but it may be able to dish out a disruptive counter punch. However I still have 30 blood warriors to paint and Wrathmongers dont appear to be in stock atm.