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  1. It may be prudent to wait until all the Battleplans are out there before casting judgement on whether the point changes are going to work for Khorne or not. As it stands the list I'm currently running is now too many points and I'm not sure what to cut. Back to the drawing board I guess. Do any units that fit into the massive regiment/horde bracket have more than 1 inch range on melee weapons except for chaos warriors with halberds? Gorepilgrims @180 ouch Eyeing up the chaos sorcerer lord on manticore for 200
  2. You also need skullreapers in it. Hero dies, skullreaper becomes a hero, single unit, gains an attack, so their rr to hit and rr to wound ability kicks in quicker!
  3. It's absolutely fantastic for 3 places of power. And if you want to have a minimal drop army then you can use this to deploy hero's in one chunk. However, it's allegiance is 'everchosen' not khorne, which is a bit of a bummer
  4. yes, exacly this! but I still havent figured out how to get that last tithe point yet. and like all good Death Stars there is an exaust vent, in this case there could be a couple: when you face rend -2 in combat.. and its not like you see Kurnoth hunters with scythes much these days.. when you get shot to pieces in turn one before you can power Brazen up or plant a banner and battleshock becomes a genuine shock once your buffing heros start to die Im going to a tournament in a couple of weeks. My intended list is: Not sure how effective it will be at straight up smashing, but it may be able to dish out a disruptive counter punch. However I still have 30 blood warriors to paint and Wrathmongers dont appear to be in stock atm.
  5. What's Changed: Skulltake Edition I have just spotted an additional line at the bottom of the 'reaping strikes' ability in the skulltake battallion. Must have skim read it first time through the book. If you take max units everyone (of your units in range rolling 6's to wound) gets +1 damage, not just the skullreapers. No idea why, it was in my head that it was just a range increase with max units. Anywho, Boom! damage 3 khorgoraths It doesn't say it's just the combat phase, so potential damage 2 from them shooting also >>> In other breaking news: Juggerlord just got promoted to my next purchase
  6. you could summon beyond your behemoth or leader limit
  7. Im on board with this battallion (in combo with gore pilgrims) Its definately one to make your opponent think in a different way about how they play and when they would engage in combat. The battallion buffs arent dependent on the survivability of any single character, every unit gets it. Big tick in the box. Ignoring rend is great, but its only for combat The big thing to factor in is that the your trying to roll 6's at the start of your hero phase. No murderlust tricks to get you in in your turn and then triggering it. If youre against a gunline you may find your opponent continually letting you charge and subsequently retreating in with a skirmish screen in their turn to keep you at bay while pumping you full of shots. If not, youve had to survive a round of combat with blood warriors in your opponents turn- theres going to be some careful picking of models for casualty removal either to pile in + attack vs having positon for max coverage of 3" You will probably even see your opponent taking away their front line instead of rear ranks. Bigger impact with good dice rolling against smaller elite units, fewer dice to roll though If this principle rule of AoS is to have fun, this is that!
  8. Not really, but I have a 100% better record of using Blood Tithe points than remembering about Unpredicatable Destruction
  9. ok lets change the conversation then:
  10. Case closed on my Q then. A. No
  11. thus is the ambigiuty around some of these new rules that one could easily say 'that in this instance, we dont just have two doors open to one sun, its more like having two suns.'
  12. Does the sylvaneth faq imply it's a moot point- as both khorne mortal and khorne bloodbound both fall under the khorne allegiance. So you can still operate with the blood tithe point system for both. It would only be an issue if you also rolled with a Chaos only unit. Outside any battallion structure Which would then turn you from khorne allegiance to Chaos allegience. I do have a q though- if you are khorne allegience can you choose the chaos command abilities? Eg some of the mew battallions and then take 'cunning deceiver?'
  13. So blood tithe points- Thinking how to accrue 3 points to fly across the board with Murderlust in turn 1 (or fallback position of having two in the bank to auto unbind). Probably going with Gorepilgrims (with 3 slaughter priests) and Bloodforged battallions + a blood secrator. Unit of 10 Reavers- but then only deploy one model. If two Slaughter priests have blood sacrifice and you can get both off (with reroll). You get two points for the 1 model Reaver unit. Sacrifice +1 & unit wiped out +1 . And 1 point from the other priests sacrifice. But is there a way of getting 3 tithe points if just one priest has blood sacrifice. Say the other 2 have 'bronzed flesh prayer'. The intention being to get a 20 blood warrior unit either into combat on my opponents 12" or create a pinning line thereabouts. That's blood warriors with a 2+ save who ignore rend -1 and rr 1s to wound and are immune to battleshock btw. Ideas how to get the that extra tithe point welcome I doubt I'll be in combat, blood boil won't be in range. If I drop the stoker for a 4th priest I don't get the rr on prayers for him and don't get the stokers +3 to the bloodwarriors run , then charge/run.
  14. Scyla was never a hero. My favourite trick- taking him in the (everchosen) bloodmarked warband then promoting him to a hero when another dies. +1a on his melee weapons, great! In hindsight I unknowingly cheated at 3 places of power the first time I used him not realising he lacked hero status. Moot point- I still got tabled by some orruks and lost.
  15. Some thoughts after having more of a read through the book: Skulltake Battallion - now with the additional 0-2 battleline options would work well at 1k points. Just maybe not for 3 places of power. Murderhost Battlalion - looks awesome, but totally reliant on your bloodletter hero not popping his clogs Gorepilgrim Battallion- if youre going to jump on the prayer bandwagon with both feet this is the way to go. It will be pretty annoying if prayers later get hit with a 'rule of one' though. Bloodforged Battallion - ooo looks like fun. not sure how well it would do on the table though. What counts as within? is it any bit of the base within 3 (lets take measuring base to base as a given) or would the entire base need to be within 3? Dark Feast Battallion - wording hasnt changed- still some ambiguity over +1a being a cumulative stack per combat round or only +1 Variety of prayers and artifacts is great, you could take the exact same list but with different selections run it in a completely different way Using prayers to buff the save on a exhaulted deathbringer could make some interesting outcomes with a skullgouger Assuming there is actually no problem with taking a goretide/skullfiend battallion and 'may include 3-7 battallions..' doesnt get tweaked. ie this is going to be a 2k staple.. whats peoples thoughts on models having to have the correct colour scheme?