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  1. I heard the last time he dropped some dice a necroquake happened
  2. Not sure if there still is or not. It was on a tweet from Ben C a while back, but not seen anything since. Its a good venue, worth going to! Sold out pretty quickly last year, so keep an eye for when tickets go on sale
  3. Mr Brush, thanks for the heads up. Decided im not going to Blackout this year. Still trying to goto an event only once. At least until ive run out of good ones within a reasonable distance of home or my parents house. plan for this year looking like: SCGT (late april) - booked BOBO (mid may) - booked Essex GT (early July) - booked Bad dice GT (suggestion it would be June ish, havent seen any further details since)
  4. Soo the weather.. Didnt someone breakout the countrysize pot of valhallan blizzard about this time last year aswell? @Chrisdanish i saw their facebook posts the other day. Would love to but wife is out all day on the 16th so its a disappointing no from me. The greenstuff join of the jugger head onto the eel body looks ****** up close, hopefully paint will help mask that. The bloodletter riders fit really well and look a lot like jockeys Loving the azyrite ruins set! Would recommend! Apart from there being about as much moldlineage as bloodletters have. Probably going butcher up another kit and rebase the fleshhounds (..again) but with them jumping over bits of ruins.
  5. @RuneBrush no worries, hope this weekend is good. No doubt social media will once again be lit up with hobby stuff! @Chrisdanish boom! The 10th? I can be free 'Idoneth DeepKhorne' so far:
  6. A single 2k list of khorne daemons is all im planning on painting + playing with until ghb '19 appears.
  7. Oh, looks like ive been gazumped then. Anyone else fancy a 2k game? If not ill bring a box of toys and do whatever
  8. Also count me in. What time do they start on that sunday? if there is a plan for the 6th happy to follow suit, if not:@Searlero 2k vs some daemons?
  9. Id be ok with sunday 6th. Doubt ill be able to double up and make the 5th too though.
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