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  1. I am running this list with skinks and heartrenders
  2. When he is within 10” of a enemy unit you get re roll 1s against that unit
  3. If you get knight azyeos with them to re rolling 1s makes them bit more reliable
  4. I think with the battalion only certain armies will be able to make them lower drop and still be competitive, mayb it’s a way of balancing the game?
  5. Cool thank you just found it in the app it’s free to see there
  6. Sorry if sounds dumb question but where do I find the skyborne slayers battalion and what is it?
  7. You could use the 6” move to move backwards possibly bait them?
  8. Mean most of the scenarios you are only deployed 18” away from enemy
  9. I have looked st running a list like this tbh with lot deployment being 18” away 10”” plus the 6 from astral giving giving 28” threat range with the charge wasn’t sure if heraldor was an auto include ?
  10. Cool thank you was thinking the shaman tbh mayb him and some goblins for numbers ? Like the look of the endless spell to tbh
  11. Any thoughts on a new battletome ? Are ogors consider good allies?
  12. Thinking about starting a bcr army . Any essential advise? Useful allies mayb?
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