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  1. I plan on running the epitome. A daemon prince of khorne would also be a good allied choice ( activation wars and half rate run and charge will hurt some of the meta armies.)
  2. Random question, does the black shard war host effect disappear if you move in the move phase, or if you move at all (charging, piling in etc) What about in the opponents turn?
  3. Archaon + reapers + 'secrator+ bloodstoker is cool. Piling in 6" with the bloodthirster of unfettered fury command ability twice is amazing as well!
  4. I've had great fun running 40 marauders + blood forged for ages. Even without the immunity to battleshock, whipping them blessing them and tossing them onto an objective is quite tricky to shift! I'm trying to get a list I like with brass despoilers to work atm, as I'd like to take it to the GT in Nottingham in Jan. I currently have 100pts spare, should I take a Slaughterpriest with killing frenzy? Or farm cps and blood tithe off of a unit of gor?
  5. I'm looking at using the tempest's eye allegiance, probably gonna use a city generated from the tables on the community site. being 5+ save on 25mm bases, I've been thinking of converting some Dark elf corsairs into elf pirates with pistols, probably some flintlocks or revolvers from a 25mm company (for those dainty elven hands!) for the skyhooks, I was thinking of using stormcaller staves from Warmachine (I have about 12 gathering dust in a drawer) and having the ranged attack represent them calling down thunderbolts. Lots of work, but should look ace on the tabletop!
  6. I keep thinking about swapping the 30 Swordmasters and one of my 3 units of Reavers For 30 arkanoughts and an aether chemist. I guess this is the wrong thread to consider it in, but that amount of shooting feels like it'd do more than the Swordmasters would before they explode in cc. Especially with one or two of the firestorm City allegiances.
  7. I'm looking to try a unit of 4 tuskor chariots next time I run brass despoilers. Mainly because they drop to 50pts each then. For the same price as a ghorghon, you get 28 wounds with a 4+ save, in built reroll charges and extra attacks on the charge. I think they could roll a whole flank on their own if they hit something of equivalent cost.
  8. It'd make a great "distraction carnifex" use it like a super chariot to get our cav and elite infantry out of grindy fights with hordes. The ranged attack is cool, but the lack of rend might be an issue vs anything but chaff/hordes
  9. Thanks for the input for competitive play I've got a massive khorne list with deamons, std, bloodbound and BoC as my main army, and I have even messed about putting archaon on the table and buffing him to the heavens and smashing face. Tbh, I've had my high elves since 7th Ed fantasy and wanted to play with them again, so if it's less competitive I look forward to the challenge! If we do get a battle tome I'll be happy, but I think the list has some tools to do OK in the 2019 meta (depending on the July faq ofc)
  10. Sweet. Teleporting hero hunter is still an option then thanks a million.
  11. Hi all, been reading the thread and I was thinking of rebasing my old high elf army and running something like this: Allegiance: Order Dragonlord (380) - Shield & Dragon Blade Archmage on Dragon (320) General - strategic genius (+1cp) - Magestaff, book. Archmage (100) Tenebrael Shard (120) -Blade of Judgement 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 10 x Dragon Blades (240) 30 x Swordmasters (380) Quicksilver Swords (30) Malevolent Maelstrom (10) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 118 One of my gamer friends hinted that the must weaver and tenebrael shard no longer have matched play points. I don't have my copy of ghb 2019 yet, but can anyone confirm this?
  12. Super random question, has anyone considered using the chaos GA general trait to give out a bubble of battleshock immunity? I'm pondering it in a khorne list that uses more std and beasts than bloodbound and deamons, so the slaughterhosts lose some of their value.
  13. I use ghyr strike with hew the foe quite often on the DP It does surprising amounts of damage! I have looked at both sword of judgement and jade wound thorn on him, but haven't gotten round to enough games with him.
  14. Archaon is a very all or nothing list. Buff him up, shove him forward and your opponent can either deal with him using the reapers of vengeance to fight twice or they can't. I often pair him with the blood forged batallion and goretide for extra rerolls and fight twice wrath mongers. With the price drops in ghb 2019 I'm tempted to try this list out: Allegiance: KhorneDaemon Prince of Khorne (160)- Artefact: Ghyrstrike Doombull of Khorne (120)Skullgrinder (80)- General- Trait: Violent Urgency Slaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzyBloodsecrator (140)- Banner of Khorne (Artefact): Banner of Rage10 x Gors of Khorne (70)10 x Gors of Khorne (70)10 x Gors of Khorne (70)10 x Bestigors of Khorne (120)10 x Bestigors of Khorne (120)6 x Bullgors of Khorne (320)4 x Tuskgor Chariots of Khorne (200)Ghorgon of Khorne (200)Brass Despoilers (190)Hexgorger Skulls (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 144 Not sure how the chariots will do, but as a self contained threat they could do work. That or run around supporting the dp.
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